American Idol – Last Chance for Hollywood

Sorry, when I went to post the post for today, I realized I never posted the one from last Friday! Whoops. So here it is! Sorry about that 🙂 

Both literally and figuratively, ey? Sorry I’ve been reading about how terrible it is in Canada right now and it must be rubbing off on me. It’s certainly not terrible in Hollywood though! (I should also add that I spent a solid 20 minutes being reminded how hot Jason Momoa is. Thanks Buzzfeed!

Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful.

Ok so back to the Hollywood Week/House of Blues finale! It was quite a night (and felt substantially longer and more filled, than Wednesday night). There were a few surprises and a few times where I wish I’d been surprised but I just know the producers too well!


But I do tire of shows that don’t surprise me/leave me hanging on a moment of “will they/won’t they” where I don’t already know the answer. For instance, I think we all knew Hollywood wasn’t going to make it through. We knew that from his Adele cover. I don’t know why they thought we would think they might let him through last night. I personally knew that was the end of his road. That said, I did think he had a good House of Blues performance and I thought he was very gracious when he was given the news, which is always nice to see. It made me like him a lot more for sure, and I do hope he goes on and continues to write music because he did have a great song. While I’m mentioning the folks we saw not make it through, I should throw out that the only one I was kind of miffed about seeing go, was Hunter Larsen. I really grew to like her on group night and thought she would’ve been a good addition to the group. Alas. As for Maddy, Jaq and Emily, better luck next time. I definitely think this won’t be the last we’ve seen of Emily!

Now lets talk about the folks who made it through. I’ll just talk about them in order tonight. So we’ll start with Joey Cook.

Joey “Kiwifruit” Cook – Sweet Pea

I like her performances for the most part, but I kind of hate how nervous/cry-ey she always is.


Get yourself together, girl! Luckily she still has a good stage performance and doesn’t let her nerves show there which will hopefully help her out for the live shows. I could kind of see her being one of the first to go home in the live shows. I loved Harry calling her the kiwi of the bunch. I thought that was really cute and an excellent way to relate to her as a contestant. She’s definitely a kiwi. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with her bird jumper.

Katherine Winston – Rhiannon


This girl has kind of been middle of the road for me, but I really loved her House of Blues performance, and I loved her Wild Horses performance from earlier in Hollywood week so I’m definitely glad she’s through. She kind of gives me vibes of Mama Sox and Haley Reinhart, so I’m both really excited and kind of nervous for her. I really hope JLo doesn’t hate on her throughout the season. I definitely think she’s in my Top 5 of the Top 24 now (she can replace Rocky since he’s no longer in the competition)

Alexis Gomez – Better Dig Two

Am I the only one who has a hard time not calling her Alexis Grace? Remember her? Anyway, I really need to remember Alexis as her real name because I’m really liking her and her song choices. I love The Band Perry and doing the little partial Spanish part, it was perfect. I was worried when they showed Quentin going through before her. I thought that meant she was done. I was really happy when I was wrong! Although she’s still a middle-of-the-pack-er to me.

Quentin Alexander – Youth

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Quentin and Qaasim are fighting for the same votes. Have we ever had a real “Lenny Kravitz” style of contestant? Quentin is so much more than a lot of people that have been on this show, as far as artistry. He’s almost like a completely different version of Adam Lambert that is equally good at putting on a show? Does that make sense? I so believe he’s worthy to be on this show.

Savion Wright – I Don’t Trust Myself

I think I’ve finally let go of being mad that Savion didn’t make it through last year because he’s so much more together this year and I think he really shows he’s worked hard and deserves this time on Idol. I hope he does the most with it!

Mark Andrew – Take Me to Church


I’m so over this song and it makes me like Mark less than I did. He’s never been my favorite but he’s more towards the lower part of the pack than the higher.

Trevor Douglas – Burning Love
i didnt enjoy it

If Mark is close to the bottom of my list, Trevor is most certainly down near the bottom. I just don’t like the guy. I wish it had something to do with his singing but it’s really just him. I just don’t like him. If he’d pulled out some great song that I love, it might’ve been fine and maybe I’d like him more… but he didn’t, so he is still at the bottom for me (along with Michael Simeon and Adam Ezegelian).

Nick Frandiani – Drops of Jupiter

Nick is pretty much dead center for me as far as my opinions of the Top 24. I don’t love him but I definitely don’t hate him. I did notice that his “girlfriend” wasn’t there when he was talking to Ryan with his mom which I think solidifies for me that they broke up.

Sarina Joi Crowe – Big White Room

I honestly thought this was going to be another let down for Sarina. While I’ve liked her a lot in past performances this season, her last performance didn’t leave me wanting more. I genuinely thought she’d be walking out the door upset, yet again. I guess the judges decided to finally let her through and let the world decide if she deserves to be there.

Qaasim Middleton – Satisfaction

this concerns me

I’m still on the fence about Qaasim due to the fact that he’s kind of already famous. I think to be fair, he’s a good performer but I mean, he’s already been paid for being a performer. On TV. Does he really need Idol? I just don’t know.

Riley Bria – Love This Pain

Ok here’s the thing with Riley and whoever that other guy was. Ricky Dale? Oh right, the guy from the same town as the Duck Dynasty guys. Just like yesterday, since we hadn’t really heard of Ricky since his first performance, I was now certain that Riley would make it through if for no other reason than his affiliation with Keith. Luckily this time, I did think Riley had the clearly better performance.

Shi Scott – Higher Ground

Finally, this was a pairing I really wasn’t sure about. The first two were obvious but Jelly vs. Shi? We’ve seen both of them a fair amount (Shi more than Jelly). My gut said it would be Shi but I think Jelly was the better performer. She’s real. Michael Slezak and his partner in crime, Melinda Doolittle, both think Shi is more of a copycat than a real performer, and while it never really bothered me, per se… seeing them perform, it does make me think that Jelly should’ve been the one going through. Not to say Shi was bad, but she really doesn’t do anything unique with her performances like a lot of the other contestants do. And she’s a touch too quirky for me (but with time that part could grow on me. I guess we’ll see now!). I am glad Jelly had such optimism and I really hope we see her again!

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