American Idol – Detroit City, Sans Rock.

So I thought this was a live show but was it really? Something tells me that maybe it was taped live but then edited? It had to have been, right? I know they were tweeting (the lady contestants that is) like it was live but it seemed somewhat edited to me. I’m sure Idol has the power to control twitter, right? 

LiveShow01 - Controlling

I was mostly happy with the show, and liked how filled with performances it felt, but I wish they just hadn’t let the judges critique and instead maybe let the contestants perform a little longer? I don’t wanna say the show would’ve been better if it were 30 minutes longer, but it did feel somewhat rushed. I get it though, Fox has a hit on its hands and they don’t want to cut in to that too much. Who knows where Idol would be if it wasn’t followed by Empire? Something tells me the last 10 minutes of the show are the most watched just because people are waiting to get to Empire. I know I’ve diligently watched the last few minutes of Grey’s for years while waiting for Scandal to start (when Idol isn’t running late anyway). Ok so anyway, lets get down to the contestants.

LiveShow01 - Top12Boys

With 12 contestants it was pretty easy to break it down into 4 favorites, 4 people I’m pretty sure I want to stay but would also probably be fine if they left and 4 people I want to go home like, yesterday. Ok maybe there are 5 I’d like to stay and 3 that I’m on the fence about. Either way there are definitely 4 I’m ready to be off the show.


Clark “Belt it Like” Beckham – When A Man Loves A Woman

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.29.37 PM

God damn I love this kid. I mean, do I need to say anything else? Did anyone else perform before him? because I don’t remember anyone else performing?


Me, if I were to be introduced to Clark, at this point in my life.

Rayvon Owen – Jealous

Clark is a tough act to follow. And JLo was correct that he probably should’ve brought a touch of grit to the performance. That said, I thought he was different enough to still be enjoyable (compared to Clark), and more importantly, someone people should vote for. I might only vote for people who performed after Clark. Time will tell. I’m going to pick 4 people to give my votes to, tonight. And I agreed with Harry, Rayvon really fit well in this motown vibe.

Nick Fradiani – Thinking Out Loud


This was a great song for Nick to sing, to push me over the edge and admitting I like the guy. Song choice (done well), does a lot to sway my opinions and this was a perfect example. I mean if anyone should be swooning over anyone on this show, it is 100% this guy.

Quentin Alexander – I Put a Spell on You

This was a fantastic performance. Let me get that out of the way first. I mean, this kid just oozes subtle theatricality. BUTT. I was just mesmerized by the gold squares in Quentin’s teeth! Is that permanent? Have I seen that since he’s been on stage? If I was one of the judges I’d immediately ask! I can’t move forward on this without knowing if those are stickers or what? Way to let me down Harry, JLo and Keith. You too, Ryan. Ok so I found teeth tattoos which very well could be what those are. I suppose I’m satisfied with that answer.


Adam E – I Wanna Rock

This kid just makes me wonder where Caleb Johnson is. There’s a reason I haven’t heard anything about him. It’s because this style of music just isn’t what the kids are listening to, so in what regard is this kid going to be different? Caleb won Idol and I don’t have any idea what he’s doing with his life at this point. As for Adam, he’s totally fine as a singer, I mean, nothing against him, but he’s just not for me. I almost feel guilty for not liking the guy. But unfortunately that isn’t going to make me like him any more than I do. 

Savion Wright – Soul Sister 

I’m not entirely sure how I felt about this performance. I was all in on Savion and am still mostly in at this point. There’s this thing I have about people who constantly pick Train songs… I think we’ll be ok as long as his next song isn’t Jason Mraz. I will say that his placement could’ve been totally clutch for him if he’d picked a song that he could’ve given a better performance with. Going after Michael and Adam was like giving you the performance on a silver platter and instead of doing anything with it, you handed the platter over to Clark. 

Daniel Seavey – I’m Yours

Well what do you know, couldn’t even make it to the end of the night without hearing some Mraz. Interesting how much the audience responded to Daniel. I think he and Michael will be getting a lot of votes on looks alone (probably Trevor too, for that matter). I also like how they’re trying to make him look older. Still though, so adorable. Talking about his mom being in the audience, I mean you’re the cutest 5 year old to ever be on the show. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. I love you. It’s a viscous cycle. I did hate this song choice though so you’re gonna need to step that up.  

Qaasim Middleton – Uptown Funk

LiveShow01 - virgin

Ah yes, the virgin. I hate on him because he was already famous but then I remember that and I’m like, eh, I think I’ll let the famous part slide. And I must say that I applaud he and Nick for singing songs released within the last 5 years. This kid has showmanship for days and I think that’ll carry him through maybe a little longer than necessary, but I can always appreciate a good performance over the perfect vocals as long as the vocals aren’t trash. 

And now for those final 4.

LiveShow01 - YouOut

Michael Simeon – How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

I will say Michael needs to shave his upper lip. Please and thank you, sir.Well the swaybots are back in FULL effect, swaying not even to the beat of the song… maybe they should be robots? Interesting that they have the two guys I have the exact same opinion about, up first? This guy definitely has a way with the ladies though. Even the ones on the show!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.10.43 PM

Mark Andrews – The Weight

I really don’t like this guy. There’s something about him that makes me think he doesn’t even really want this. Or like, he’s the type of guy that’s always looking for the easiest way and quits when it gets hard. That said, I know nothing about this guy, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t like this, but if he gets too complain-y, I’m going back to my original opinion.

Riley Bria – Homeboy

Well the news cut in to say we might get an inch of snow and I basically missed this entire performance. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it anyway. He probably would’ve been in my bottom 4 no matter what he performed. Sorry pal, you just aren’t my cup of tea. I think you’d be great playing back up guitar to Keith though!

Trevor Douglas – Best I Ever Had

i didnt enjoy it

Yes Trevor, you get the exact same gif as last week because I feel the EXACT same way about the performance. The pace of this song with the audience clapping was throwing me off. And was he out of breath or is that how he’s singing this because he’s super breathy and it’s pretty annoying. Either way, this wasn’t good.

LiveShow01 - LeaveNow


Ok so who did I vote for? Well I said to myself I’d only vote for 4, but there are genuinely 6 I’d like to see stay on the show, so you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.09.54 PM

Something tells me that of the 4 I want to go home, I’ll be lucky if 2 go home. And I have a sinking suspicion I’ll be using this gif when they announce who’s actually going home…


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