American Idol – House of Judgment

I was really excited about this weeks rounds, before the show started. I liked the idea of watching the contestants perform in front of an actual audience to see how they handled it. The show itself was just a little weird. I have to say it left me a little disappointed.

Hollywood05 - Disappointed


I guess I just expected it to be different from the last pre-live show rounds, than it actually was. To me it was almost identical to the other seasons, except that they were performing in front of an audience instead of just the judges. Do I think that’s important? Sure. I absolutely do. However from the whole episode, we never saw a full performance (I do understand time restraints) and most of the times they showed the performances, they were talking over them or were just using them as a background to their story.

All that said, for all that I didn’t like about the episode, I was mostly really happy with who they kept and who they dismissed.


And really they only showed a dismissal of a handful of contestants. We saw 12 go through and only 7 dismissed. But of that 7, I only knew 3 of them, so I really didn’t feel too let down. I also really wasn’t personally attached to any of the 7 they did drop, so in that regard, I’m definitely ok. The hardest to watch so far, was Rocky Peter. Every other ax that dropped, I was mostly ok with. Shoot if anything, I think I was more mad about the people they kept!

Ok so let’s talk about who I loved and who I thought should’ve got the boot. I think I can pretty much go back and forth on this so let’s try that and see if it works out.

Clark Beckham (Georgia on my Mind)

Hollywood05 - Clark

If you couldn’t tell by my posts from last week, I’m still obsessed with Clark Beckham. He slayed it once again with a KILLER vocal/performance! I mean just absolutely killer. If I could’ve crowned him the winner tonight, I wouldn’t even have thought twice about it. I’m not gonna lie, I like him 100x’s more behind a piano, but that growl… I love it. I’m almost mad I didn’t like him immediately. But I think I liked him early enough on, that I’m ok. Oh also, there’s this  BeltItLikeBeckham. ❤

Michael Simeon (Classic)

Ok first and foremost, I thought the song (which I’ve never heard before) was saying “Baby you’re so plastic” so obviously this came to mind.

Hollywood05 - Plastic

Then I realized the lyric was “Classic” and I was just ambivalent about the whole thing. Here’s the thing, I think I should feel something for the performances. When I don’t, I’m ready for the person to be gone. And while the rap didn’t hurt him, I don’t think it helped anything.

Tyanna Jones (Love on Top)

I feel like the last time we saw Tyanna perform (on group night) she was the best of a bad group, but still wasn’t her best. Tonight we saw that spark that made me like her in the first place (besides looking like my boo, Carmen). She’s another one I’m all in on. I feel so bad for all the pressure she feels for her family. I don’t want the pressure to get to her and that makes me a little nervous. That said, if all her performances go like this, she should have NOTHING to worry about. She also has a charisma that I really enjoy watching on stage.

Loren Lott (My Heart Will Go On)


Do you get my Titanic reference? Man was this bad. I mean, I saw Michael Slezak gave it a B- but I wonder if he was maybe distracted or somehow hearing something different than what I heard? I have no idea. Never sing a big diva song, if you are not a big diva. Loren, you are not, honey.

Rayvon Owen (Lay Me Down)

I’d have put him higher on the love list, but I do think I need to hear a little more of him. What I heard was great (as always) but I need more! You know what they say!


Adam Ezegelian (Here I Go Again)

He’s entertaining enough I guess, but he looks just like Chris Sligh and I think Chris was better so I just don’t really get why they’re keeping him. That said I don’t feel like I’ve heard much from him so maybe there’s something I’m missing? Much like Michael Simeon, I was just totally ambivalent about him.

Jax (You and I)

You and I is a hard shoe to fill. Luckily for her, where Loren failed big time, Jax really rose up to the challenge. This is one of those songs that I don’t even associate with Gaga, but with Haley Reinhart. It was a performance of a lifetime for Haley, but Jax did well enough for me not to totally remember how much better Haley was/maybe is. But don’t you miss Haley? I know I do. It also reminds me of the reason I hated JLo at first. And still might, come season end. I really just hated that entire judges panel. Oh also, I hated that pause thing that she did. I know she said it was for effect but maybe don’t do it ever again, ok Jax?

Lovey James (Wings), Adanna Duru (It’s a Man’s Man’s World) and Maddie Walker (Big Girls Don’t Cry)

Ok so the above 3 I didn’t like and thought didn’t really deserve their tickets. Now I’m to the point where I just didn’t care that they got tickets, and thusly, am pretty sure they probably won’t crack the top 12. I should also mention that I was relatively certain Maddie would be through when they brought her back to compete with Rachel. I mean, this was the first time I’d ever heard of Rachel and it was my probably 4th time seeing Maddie, so I was relatively certain she’d get in.I actually thought vocally that Rachel was better in round one, but they were pretty equal in round two. I just hate these sing-offs. They’re so uncomfortable for everyone involved and I don’t know why the judges don’t just stick to their decisions and live with the consequences. Maybe if they did that more often, they’d make better choices! I guess I should be glad this is the only one we’ve seen and I really hope it will be the only one we see, from now until forever.


Shannon Berhtiaume (Piece of My Heart)

I have to admit this was not Shannons best performance by a mile. She also falls into the “maybe you might not be experienced enough” category, but I like her and I’m glad she’s through. And while I think her performance could’ve been better, I think for her first time it was really good. Although it was pretty much Tyanna’s first time too and she did way better, so in that regard, something tells me Shannon won’t be long for this competition.

Cody Fry (Viva La Vida)

I’m only putting this kid in because he was one of the two I was a little surprised to see go (the other being Reno). I thought he did pretty well and the judges seemed really into him in the earlier performances. I wonder what finally turned them off? I guess it was a lack of showmanship based on the judges comments but I don’t know if for sure, that’s it. I think this guy has a future as a singer somewhere, though. Good luck Cody!

Daniel Seavey (Straight Up)


I know. I know. I love Daniel. I do. I just don’t understand why they keep him when he’s basically as many years younger than the oldest contestant, as he is to a newborn. Don’t you find that a little bizarre? I do. I can’t take away that I like the kid but his age is unnerving to me and I don’t see him in the Top 12 unless suckers like me who find him adorable, keep voting for him. I swear I’m gonna accidentally get that kid voted into the Top 2 and then be mad that he lost. I just see it happening.

So with that we wait for tonight when we see what happens to the other half. That would include to my recollection, Savion, Alexis, Sarina Joi, Shi (for better or worse), Qaasim, Quentin, and another 10 or 20 I’ve never heard of.

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