American Idol – Last Call for Hollywood!

Ok so just a couple of points before we get into the show…

I was going to say that with the start of this episode, I was going to bring fresh eyes and forget past performances, and base everything as if tonight was the first time I was seeing these kids. Then I decided that’s impossible for this round. So, instead I decided to do that for this coming weeks episodes at the House of Blues. It’ll be their first time singing in front of a live audience, so I think I’ll try watching with fresh eyes in these coming episodes, and not with this episode.

Let’s talk about my Top 5 from tonights roughly 18 performances**

Hollywood - ClarkBeckhamClark Beckham – Try a Little Tenderness

I knew Clark was probably going to be good when they gave him an interview clip. I think they’re doing interviews for people they want us to like more. Well, just so you know Idol, it’s necessary. I’m all in on Clark Beckham. I mean, look at the long history of famous Clarks and tell me he’s not worthy of their company?

Hollywood - Clarks

I like him more, every single time I hear him sing (and the piano/Billy Joel feel this time didn’t hurt)

Hollywood - DanielSeaveyDaniel Seavey – I See Fire

This kid. It’s the same way every time (this performance was where I decided I can’t make un-opinionated remarks). Whether this was the first time or the 10th, I hate that he’s competing this year. I just really think he’s SOO young! I think if he’d waited two years his odds would be so much more promising. But mostly,


I love how adorable he is, and for 15 he has fantastic musicality. I fucking love him and I hate myself for it.

Hollywood - LorenLott
Loren Lott – Skyfall

If I were watching Loren for the first time, I’d consider her a serious contender. Having seen her a few times, my opinion has been that she’s a person trying to be an actress who was trying to be a singer. If she can just try to seem a little more genuine and a little less Kenya Moore, it would be appreciated.

Hollywood - QuentinAlexander
Quinten Alexander – Riptide

Loved it. I love him and I loved his performance (and intro with the coat) so more power to ya, Quinten! You have style and personality for days along with a great voice that I can’t wait to hear more of!

Hollywood - JaxJax – Let it Be

I thought it was a little weird how she was singing to her parents. I genuinely think this girl is a straight up front runner. I just don’t know if she’s in my top anymore. I’m more on the fence about her than I was at her first performance (mostly due to her off stage antics/friendships). She definitely deserves to live show-it, though!

Then there were the folks I’m genuinely still on the fence about.

Shi Scott – All I Can Do is Try
I like Shi when she sings with a group, I don’t know how I feel about her on her own. I’m definitely liking her more than I used to but I still feel a bit on the fence. I definitely worry about her song choice for the show (it’s important, to me), and I worry about her nerves more than anything. She’s also another one whose attitude I’m not totally sure about. Like the whole “genuine-ness”. I just don’t know if she’s presenting who she really is, up there.

Nick Frandiani – Babylon
This performance actually made me like this kid a little more. I didn’t like him in his original performance (enough to keep him anyway) but he’s seriously growing on me. I’d also like to know for sure if he’s still with his girlfriend, which I’ve been suspecting he’s not.

Mark Andrew – Skinny Love
I definitely still like Mark. I’m glad they let him go through for sure. Harry clearly wasn’t impressed though. Gotta watch out for that.

Joey Cook – Across the Universe
I would like Joey so much more if I stayed looking at my computer. I definitely think she’ll be the weird one that makes it. Well, her and Quentin, but he doesn’t even seem that weird. He’s just hip. There’s a big difference.

Maddie Walker – Don’t Ya and Trevor Douglas – Unsure…
I thought both Maddie and Trevor had good performances. Maddie is growing on me a little but Trevor is still definitely not anywhere near my top picks. I was more mad that Ryan’s voiceover is just like – and more  two more through are Maddie and Trevor, before they even started singing. I suppose it was fine since they were through.

Michael Simeon – Try
I didn’t really love this song, but his voice isn’t bad. I’ll be pretty surprised if he cracks the Top 24, but I think he deserves the Top 48.

I also officially have someone I really don’t like that made it through, and thy name is Big Ron (Let’s Get it On). I mean, he’s definitely a good singer, but is he right for the competition? I’m gonna say no… mores because of his attitude with Ricky Minor. And then post-finish, you’re hating on him again? “That short man thing” – who are you Ron? A nobody. Who is Ricky Minor? The best band leader on television. That’s who. I hope Ricky sabotages that guy. Gah. I’m just totally over him.

what is your problem

Adam Lasher – Free Fallin’
I really like Adam. But he’s freaking related to Santana, and while I don’t think you should use famous connections to get places in life if you’re not talented, when you are talented, why wouldn’t you do that? I hope he’s just doing this to spark some interest and then he can move up the ladder with the help of Santana.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.22.30 PM

Katherine “Cat Lady” Skinner – Alone
Man how am I supposed to hate her when she starts off talking about how her cat just died? I mean sure… I don’t like her, but I’m not HEARTLESS. But really, you let her screw up 3 times already? Or was that the 3rd? It doesn’t matter. She shouldn’t have made it out of the first hollywood round.

Things that really bothered me tonight:

A. **It should be noted that I didn’t feel fair picking either Tyanna Jones (Try) and Rayvon Owen (Try a Little Tenderness) as my favorites because they got mashed together with a third (Lovey James – You Light Up My Life)in a little one minute montage. Whomp Whomp. I wanted to see what seemed like clearly amazing performances by Rayvon and Tyanna! At least we’ll get to see them again, next week! I’m sure they were amazing and worthy of my top picks. #teamrayvon #teamtyanna

B. If you’re doing interviews with the judges, show all of them. Why was the first interview we were seeing, the 5th performance of the night? That kind of bothered me. But I did like the interviews we saw, but I want more of that. Maybe they’re saving that for the House of Blues nights?

C. And what happened to that line up of 10? Find a format and stick to it. “Well, first we’re gonna show you some folks and have them come out in a group of 10 so we can choose. Then we’re gonna have people come out individually and tell you who makes it as they go, and maybe once in the hour we’ll show a single interview, maybe two if you’re lucky. And now we’re gonna go back to rows of 10, just for shits and giggles.”

So, just for shits and giggles, I’ll let you know my favorite of the groups we saw, to see go through was the group had Shannon Berthiaume, Alexis Gomez, Clark Beckham, Mark Andrew, and Katherine Winston (I think that’s about everyone I recognized).  The only thing that made me mad was that we only got to see 2 of these performances. What an excellent little set of musicians. The only person I noticed that went home (Naomi) was fine with me.

D. Letting people through that keep forgetting the lyrics. I know there’s a lot of pressure here but it’s getting old for me.

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