American Idol – Hollywood Groups

Ok so as you know I was a little late on this weeks episodes. I mean I’d like to say I watched but lets be real, I was talking and hanging with cute little boys that I haven’t seen in far too long. So I just decided to re-watch.

Also I decided to sort my blog by how much I liked each group.


BLVD – Since U Been Gone
Cody Fry, Rayvon Owen, Piper Jones and Kelleyann Rogers

So I am aware of this little Belmont group because Melinda Doolittle was tweeting about them. She went to the school and is familiar with most of the contestants from there (at least Cody and Rayvon) But I mean, if you’re going to root for anyone, this was definitely the group to root for. I loved them! I did have a “flip it and reverse it” situation slightly with this group because Cody is starting to grow on me, and that high note that Rayvon attempted was…


But it was just a slightly bad moment in an overall amazing performance. They were definitely my favorite for the group rounds. And a walking advertisement for that school, no?


LKYCO (Please) – Story of My Life
Trevor Douglas, Qaasim MiddletonDaniel SeaveySavion Wright

This was a really smart group. I mean it’s definitely 4 of the folks the judges seem to favorite. The only one in this group I’m still on the fence about is Trevor. I definitely like Savion and Qaasim (although I still feel like he was already famous). And there’s still my remaining love/hate for Daniel. It was a great group though and worthy of the all through.


Jess Lambs Group? – All About That Bass
Carla Davis, Lovey James, Jess Lamb and Kory Wheeler

I thought this was a really great take on All About that Bass. At least when they were all singing together, the individual parts were pretty good though. I was only hoping to see Jess go through, of that group. Lovey was pretty good too, so I was fine with that.


Sal’s Gals – Drive By
(Jax, Sal Valentinetti, Alexis Granville, Kelley Kime and someone else)

Obviously from my last post I saw enough to see that Sal was going home. And while I’m not sad to Sal be going home, I’m really surprised Alexis isn’t with him. There’s no way she’s making it through that next round. Definitely glad to see Jax go through but I’m now definitely questioning her judgment as far as who she’s calling her friend. At least it’s all individual stuff for her after this round.


3 – 1 Brunette – A Little Help From My Friends
(Emily Brooke, Riley Bria, Some guy, Kerry Lynne Roach)

I thought this group was definitely middle of the pack, of the groups of 4 all going through to Hollywood.


Katherine and Marks Group – A Little Help From My Friends
Katherine Winston, Mark Andrew, Vanessa Andrea and Alex Shier.  

I like Katherine Winston more when she has a guitar in front of her, but it’s nice to see her without it to make sure it’s not a crutch for her. Especially so early on. I really liked the entire group, but if two had to make it through I was glad it was them.


Violet Vixens – Somebody to Love
Joey Cook, Krista BettevyShannon Berthiaume and Naomi Tatsuoka

I felt bad for Joey a little bit for not being able to remember words… until I heard the song. Then I was just mad at her. Of these ladies I just wanted to see Shannon go through. She reminds me of Pennsatucky from OITNB (post-teeth fixing). Also Joeys teeth were really starting to bother me. That red lipstick is not flattering.

Soul Connection – Grenade
Sarina-Joi Crowe, Erika David, Adriana Simon and Heatherle Spires

I know Heatherle was cry-ey and terrible but she actually wasn’t bad. I was a little surprised she didn’t make it through. I didn’t even recognize Sarina with her new look. She is a master of disguise. She’s definitely a performer though. I think she should’ve probably been the only one to have gone through.

Vital Signs – I Want You Back
Adanna Duru, Camille Peruto Denise Natoli and Cindy Maslov

The only person who should go through here is Adanna. I didn’t think the rest of the girls needed to go through. I guess the two big personalities both make it through. They still look like they hate each other.

Team Rocky’s Crew – Come and Get It 
Tanya MacKenna, Rocky Peters and other guys

Poor Rocky. I don’t even know what else to say. I hope Ryan can do something for him… I feel so bad for him. So much for seeing him and Rayvon in the final two 😦

Garrett’s Girls – Done
Garrett Miles and 3 Girls

Sad to see Garrett not go through with the rest of his team, but I felt like all the talking his dad was doing, he wouldn’t make it through. I feel like they should’ve let all of them go through though, personally.

Team No Sleep – Grenade
Hollywood AndersonLaurel Taylor TauntonAmber Kelechi, Monica? and another girl 

I hate this entire group and I want none of them through. And that tall girl was terrifying. Surprised to see even Hollywood make it through. Also not 100% sure which one is Monica.

Side notes: 

We also saw Alexis Gomez, Loren Lotts (She is the Kenya Moore of this show, you watch) and Quentin Alexander make it through, who knows about the rest of their group. I didn’t recognize anyone in particular.

By Maddie’s group (45 minutes in and the 4th time?) I had officially decided I didn’t want to hear Grenade anymore. And yet I do like hearing everyone sing the same song, just to really prove someone’s chops. I never know what I want. What can I say?

Do you think they just showed that thing with JLo to see her bra?


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