American Idol – Group Love on Hollywood Week

Yes, I know this is late. My apologies. It’s been written, but now it’s posted. 

Ok so tonight was to be the start of my favorite of nights in the American Idol Live Show Lead Up!


But first, we had to go through another round or two of the 10 and a time contestants. I’m not going to talk about everyone from this round but there are a few people I feel I should mention.

I guess I can’t be mad they kept “forget your lyrics” Gabby, since they also kept my girl Shannon who I’m casually rooting for (not Gabby. Shannon).

The only person who really caught my eye in this portion was Katherine Winston. Probably because she sang Wild Horses. That’s one of my favorite songs in the history of song writing. My friend Rachel used to slay the song in karaoke and it always makes me think of her. The other thing is that she sang it SO WELL! I mean way to not miss a beat Katherine!

I also thought Alexis Gomez did as well as she did in her first performance. She’s still not a favorite and I don’t think I’d totally care if she made it or not, but I mean, I’m fine with her being there. I think I’ll add Cody Fry and Qaasim Middleton, to that list as well. I’m still quasi-on the fence about Maddie Walker. Vocally she’s there 110%, but I care even less about her. She just looks too Hollywood for me. She’s prepared to be a star but is she prepared to be a singer?

And then there was Andrew Annello. How did they let 2 “Sal”-type characters to this show? At least now we’re down to only one of them. Definitely 100% my least favorite of the night and that includes the montage of actually bad singers.

Now lets talk about some lovehates (I’ve made it into one word because it’s often wrapped up into single contestants).

I have to say I was a little taken aback but in a good way, with Loren Lott. She was a love/hate wrapped into one contestant. Her confidence and attitude toward the competition, is something to take note of.

“I’m gonna bring Idol a lot of money”

“I’m gonna bring Idol a lot of money”

Well girl, you’re speaking the producers language! And she’s not bad so I think her confidence isn’t unwarranted. Her scream at the end though… I didn’t need that part.

Is it just me or does her excitement seem like, false in some way?

Is it just me or does her excitement seem like, false in some way?

Then there’s Shi. The only thing I have to say about Shi, is that shi is annoying. Don’t make me like her just because she’s from Maryland. That’s not enough. My home state loyalty only goes so far. Luckily, a love was right after her!

I swear I really thought I saw Rayvon on Day 1 of Hollywood week and was really surprised to see him. Maybe I was just sure he was in Day 1 because he was so good, how could he not have been? I think he definitely proved he should’ve been performing on Day 1 with that Day 2 performance. It was everything and more than what it needed to be. He’s the best! He still stands as one of my Top 2 favorites! I mean straight up panty-melter. I love him. I’m ready to buy everything he wants to sell me! Where should I throw my money? I’m already stalking his website.

Final love/hate: Love: Clark Beckham. Hate: Daniel Seavey (but maybe I love him?). The thing is, Daniel probably wants to be considered sexy… Clark, dude, for a name like Clark, you’re pretty hot. And with a name like Clark, you’re in good company (I mean, Superman, Mr.Griswold… what else do you need in life?). And really I only hate that Daniel can’t control his hornball emotions because to be perfectly honest, I do want him to be on the show. I like him! I don’t want to. It almost hurts me to like someone so young who I don’t think is ready, but I do!! GAH! It’s just something I’ll have to talk about in therapy one day. And maybe he’ll become like any other young contestant and I will end up actually hating him come time for the live show… if he makes it that far.

And finally we’re to group night, where it’s been shown once again that the crazy cat girl is still in the competition. Her Jeopardy answer would be “Who are, contestants we won’t see after this round?”  That said, the groups are looking good. It seems like there are at least one or two promising groups (Sals group not being one of them. How does he get a whole little singing segment? How much vomiting do you want me to do, Idol?).

Hollywood02 - doublestuff
Team Double Stuff – Signed Sealed Delivered
(Clark Beckham, Jesse Cline, J. None and David Oliver Willis)

While I don’t think Jesse should’ve made it through with another group, I’m fine with it at this point because it was a good single performance. Honestly the only person I see going through here, is Clark and maybe David – but I think we all know I don’t support “multiple year contestants” which David might hold the title for.

Hollywood02 - sheba
Sheba Squared – PYT
(Andrew Bloom, Adam Ezegelian, Big Ron Shi Scott)

This performance made me not totally hate Shi, but I did think it helped Adam E. showed much improvement from his Day 1 Hollywood performance. Also PYT is one of my favorite MJ songs, and I also loved it when Artie sang it on Glee. Poor Andrew, but I agree. Big Ron seems pretty upset (but something tells me we won’t see him by the live show anyway)

Hollywood02 - dreamteam
The Dream Team – I Want You Back (I think?)
(Maddy Hudson, Tyanna Jones, Steffi Ledbetter and Reno)

Ok well clearly the person to compliment in this group is Tyanna’s mom! And I love how great her mom is! It just makes me like Tyanna even more. That was kind of a disaster of a performance though, no? I’m pretty sure they should’ve only kept Tyanna, but it’s cool.

Hollywood02 - dimples
Team Dimples – Rude
(Nick Fradiani, Hunter Larsen, Jaq MacKenzie, and Michael Simeone)

This group was certainly adorable, quite possibly because of the dimples. Who knows. What are these songs that the groups are picking though? I think this is the first team to pick a song from this decade, no? I wasn’t a big fan of this performance and of this group the only one I would really like to see go through is Hunter. But I do think Michael Simeone has a big future in a boy band or possibly as a performer on some kind of Disney show.

Finally, as far as groups are concerned, I don’t know how Jax wound up as part of “Sals Gals” but if he jeopardizes Jax getting into the next round, I will never forgive him. Or whoever helped Jax to decide she should be on his team, because that was a clearly terrible idea. My only hope is that she’s the only one that makes it through of this bunch. The panic attack folks are never ready!

Hollywood02 - jaxim

Finally, in the “other news” department… I would be remiss if we didn’t talk about Qaasim and Jax. Look Qaasim, you may leave without a victory, but you may also leave without your virginity if you play your cards right. I mean, when a leader of the competition as it stands now, shows she’s interested, go for it brotha! But also, wasn’t this kid the one from Nickelodeon or something and is already kind of famous? Maybe? Yes?

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