American Idol – Hollywood Week Begins!

Hollywood01 - BestofTimes

I had what I’ll call a love hate relationship with last nights episode. It was really frustrating. It was like a back and forth internal monologue throughout the show.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit01


I saw all my Top 5 in the first group. Nice to know they’ve made it through Round 1 with flying colors, at least of the 4 that we saw singing. I assume Rocky was great as well.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit01


That people who clearly sucked from that first group, still got the benefit of the doubt and were allowed through

Hollywood01 - ImWatchingYou

Shannon, I loved it, and I’m glad you got a second chance, but I’m watching you!


That people I wanted to go through but had a bad performance, will get a second chance.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit02a


Some of the new arrangements. In this case I’m looking at Jax and Hollywood. I liked Jax’ performance a lot more than Hollywoods, but I still hated both arrangements, and thus, both performances. I mean, I do like originality and mixing up a familiar song to make it your own, but I can’t promise I’m going to like your specific arrangement more than the original.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit03


Seeing Garrett Miles again! I forgot how much I liked this kid. I’m going to put it out there that he belongs in my Top 10. He’s the only one I saw tonight that I thought was worthy of a top spot that I didn’t give one to yesterday.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit03

Hate (no “d” required because I still hate it):

Sal. I didn’t think he should’ve been allowed through to Hollywood and I stand by my previous statement that he belongs in NYC restaurants singing for tips, not on a stage on TV. He got about 30 more minutes of stage time than I needed to see. He was like herpes all over this episode. Just popping in to bother everyone.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit04


TYANNA! My girl brought it! And while I like to compare her to my favorite from last year, Malaya, I have to say that at least this performance, was way better than Malaya at this point in the competition. I see big things for this girl! Bigger than when I was just hoping she got through because she looked fun to hang out with and like the clone of my friend Carmen.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit04


How many short performances we saw. I think we only saw maybe 3-4 full performances, and a lot of other great people we only heard a single line from. I’m ok with this as long as they continue to go through, but if they get cut without me seeing at least one more solid performance, I’ll be a sad panda.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit05


Sorry, I’m out of these. Let me think.

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!


Seeing Amber Kalechi break down. It was HEARTBREAKING! And SUPER uncomfortable. I totally get her not wanting to go back to the ghetto. To protect her family. But her performance wasn’t good. This is why I don’t really want to hear her story. Especially if she doesn’t make it past Hollywood week (and I have a feeling she won’t). See, now that I know her story even more, and her fear of her neighborhood, I feel bad she won’t move on. But does she deserve to move on? Not really. Can Ellen Degeneres step in and just help this little girl? That way I don’t have to feel bad? Thanks!


Loved (I thought of another one!):

 I loved that all the people I really liked, and even most of the people I only kind of liked, I didn’t see go home. Sure there were a lot I just didn’t see, so maybe they went home, but I mean, in that regard I’ve probably already forgotten about them.

And with that, I think I’ll end on that “loved it” note. Pretty pumped about tomorrow and as always I’m pumped about group night, whenever that starts! #bestpartofidol

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