American Idol – Here Comes Hollywood!

Well folks, the auditions are over. Hollywood Week starts tonight! And I hear this is where those “changes” we were hearing about, will finally be seen. Well, shortly after Hollywood Week. What’s that? You haven’t heard about any changes to the show? I can’t say I heard much about any changes to the season until I was watching the judges on Ellen (which I can’t find an exact clip of, unfortunately). Luckily, my girl MJ (great Idol reviews if you’ve never read) gave a good synopsis of all the changes, if you feel like checking it out, you can find it HERE. She has a spoiler heaving website so just watch out if you don’t want spoilers. I try to steer clear of that stuff.

PreHollywoodWeek - 2

The thing I think I’m looking forward to is the Judges Showcase Shows. From what I hear, they’ll have the Top 24 (maybe 48? That part I can’t figure out but based on what it is I have to imagine it’s 24) go to the House of Blues to play some tunes, and I guess there’s a portion where the judges meet the contestants one on three to get to know them a little more. I like the showcase idea, I don’t love the “judges get to know you idea”. The only reason is that I don’t want them playing favorites, which they already do, bad enough.

So anyway, I thought I’d talk a little bit about who I really want to see move on.  Looking back, I had about 24 favorites, so I could say I want all of them to make it to the Top 24. But, I’m realistic. There are already people that I don’t feel like I want to see make it, from my Top 24. And I’m sure once Hollywood Week is over, I’ll hate more than half of them. That’s why I’ve picked a short list that I think will hopefully hold on strong, as to who I want to see move forward. And because Idol is basically Game of Thrones, I’m trying not to get too attached this early because anyone could die get cut at this point.

PreHollywoodWeek - 1

So, before I think about them leaving the show before Hollywood Week has even started, let’s chat about my Top 5. At this exact moment, they include:

Audition8 - RockyPeter


Rocky Peter (San Francisco Audition)

Audition8 - TyanaJones

Tyanna Jones (San Francisco Audition, and dopelganger to my friend Carmen)

Audition7 - RayvonOwen
Rayvon Owen (San Francisco Audition)

Audition4 - Jax

Jax (New York Audition)Audition2 - SAVIONWRIGHT TW

Savion Wright (Nashville and last year Auditions)

Now, of the 5, I don’t really have a favorite… if I had to pick one it would either be Savion or Rayvon, but don’t make me pick between those two. I genuinely can’t. I’ve been sitting here trying to decide, I re-listened to both auditions, and really I just hope they both make it to the final 2 and the world decides their favorite. I’m sure that won’t happen, that’s just what I want at this moment.

As for the remaining 19 favorites I once had… well, maybe they’ll be back at the top of the list one day, but as of this moment, this is my Top 5, and I’m sticking to it! I just hope we get to see them again and they aren’t tossed to the curb without explanation! That would cause me to be just a little bit pissed off. Not surprised, but pissed off.

So, lets see what happens tonight! Happy watching!


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