American Idol – A Joyful Joyful Time in San Francisco

Well folks, it finally happened. It took 8 episodes and the final episode of auditions, for me to find the one. Actually, the 2. A male and female basket that I can dump all my eggs into. I thought last night was where they would be but lo and behold, the producers held out all the way until the final final episode. I’m ok with that though, because at least they were there, leaving me with some hope for the upcoming Hollywood Weeks! And I can’t even wait to talk about them so lets just start this out right and go straight to my favorites!



While last night I was talking about the importance of the piano accompaniment, tonight, what drew me in was what I’ll call the importance of a infectious smile. World, if you didn’t watch Idol last night, let me introduce you to my two favorites tonight, Tyanna Jones and Rocky Peter!

Audition8 - RockyPeter
Rocky Peter – Original Song – Wrong Places

I don’t know why but for some reason, I’m ok with this guy telling his story. Maybe because it’s more original than some of the other “stories” we hear. Those are the stories I don’t mind hearing. And as always, as long as you have a good voice and are a shoo-in anyway, I don’t mind the story that goes with it. I also have a history of loving people from Nigeria. I thought his song was amazing and his voice when he hit that long beautiful falsetto – I mean come on. Rocky, welcome to my list of favorites for this season! I not only hope I’ll see you in the Top 24, I hope I’m seeing you if nothing else, in the Top 12! I just hope he doesn’t have trouble learning lyrics to the popular songs, or even difficulty picking songs.

Audition8 - TyanaJones
Tyanna Jones – Wings

Ok, why I like Tyanna? She looks JUST like a kid version of my friend Carmen. I mean, the similarities are amazing. Especially when she’s smiling.  She also has that kind of Janelle Monae vibe. Oh, and I LOVED Joyful Joyful from Sister Act 2, so we’re basically BFFS, me and Tyanna. I just want this girl to succeed. I love her voice. I love her look, and I love that she looks like she’s having fun and smiling. I just love her. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with how much I love Carmen, but whatever. I love Tyanna and I really want her to just soar in this competition! And I hope if she makes it to the live shows, we get a little Lauren Hill ala Sister Act 2 action.

If I could just sum up my feelings toward Tyanna in the form of a GIF or five…


um no

ryan-lochte-in love

These weren’t the only two voices I liked but they were most certainly my favorites. I think I’ll just talk about the rest in order because there weren’t really any I liked more than the others… And yes, I know I should hate Daniel Seavey being given the ticket because he’s so young, but I mean, he’s just so cute! I can’t hate him. We’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I promise.

Adanna Duru – You and I

I really liked Adannas performance. It seemed effortless. I read she tried out for Season 3 of The Voice (apparently with the same audition song) but I don’t recall her. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I would say on a night of strong contestants she was a little middle of the pack to me, but on one of the lesser nights I’m sure she would’ve been in my Top favorites.

Hunter Larsen – That’s Life

Ok first I just have to get off my chest and it’s that I hated her weird shirt/bra combo. That’s probably the only bad thing I could even think to say about Hunter. Except that I wish they’d let her sing longer. Or asked her to sing again, so that I can just hear more. Something told me she’d be the highlight of my night, and honestly I did really love her (I just loved Tyanna and Rocky more). She definitely has that Pink quality that Keith mentioned. I wasn’t thinking that but as soon as he said it, I was like – yes! Something tells me we’ll definitely be seeing more of her. Hopefully in a better top.

Tara Honda – I Feel the Earth Move

Kind of a weird name. Unless her family owns Honda in which case, more power to you. I thought she was really good. But seriously, why are they keeping good singers such short song snippets? I want to hear more! If you like it, you want more!

Daniel Seavey – Hallelujah/Straight Up

Ok seriously, Daniel is ADORABLE, for a 12 year old. How is this kid even legal? He’s like the really young Chinese gymnasts that they sneak into the Olympics. Things I like about Daniel – all the instruments he plays. His cute little face. How he was nervously shaking while talking to the judges. Things I didn’t like about Daniel – HIS AGE!! How his voice sounded like he was hitting puberty during his audition. This kid is so cute (how many times can I say that?). And he has some CLEAR talent, he just needs like, 2 years. Is that too much to ask? Harry, way to be the only one with some full grown balls in the room. He’s so cute though. I mean, it’s not going to hurt me to see more of him.

Jaq MacKenzie – Original Song – You Waste My Time

Meh. I didn’t really see what the judges saw in her. I mean, she’s fine. She isn’t a bad singer, she’s just average to me. Maybe she just needs a few more years? I don’t know. I just feel like now isn’t her time. Hopefully this will just be a nice, two week learning experience. Is it possible that this chick is less ready than Daniel because to me, it seemed that way. Although perusing social media… I’m probably the only one with that opinion.


Finally, can I just say how happy I was to see Carly Smithson?  Was it depressing to see her where she was or do you think she’s making good money doing this? Listening to the early contestants? I wonder what else she’s doing with her life. Especially after the tragic death of my favorite singing partner of hers, Michael Johns. Man they were a great pair. Let’s just end with that lovely performance. It seems like a fitting end to this post. I’ll have another one coming up about who I hope to see in Hollywood Week!


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