American Idol – You’re Good but You’re Crazy.

I had a really good feeling about tonight (and this weeks) auditions. First off, I haven’t seen anyone to date that I really think could be “The One” this season. I haven’t even really fell in love with anyone this season… though Jax does still stick out in my mind. Secondly, this was one of the few cities they are spending 2 nights on (though they’re both one hour episodes) which I felt meant there’d be a little more talent to go around. Plus, but the looks of it, the big cities seem to be where all the talent is this season, so it stands to reason this would be a good episode.

Audition7 - AboutTime

Well folks, I was not let down. And I finally had 2 people that I feel like I know will make it to the Top 24. That said, everyone that got a ticket tonight, I genuinely think, deserved one (except maybe that Bloom guy. I get giving a chick a ticket because she killed a bear and could be violent, but you don’t need to give a kid a ticket so you can meet his hot Olympian friend). I mean, I know most of these folks won’t make it through Hollywood week, but based on past auditions this season, I definitely think most deserved their ticket tonight. As such, I’m just going to talk about the contestants in the order we saw them. So, lets get started!

Audition7 - PsychicCatKatherine Skinner – Shake it Off

Here’s the thing with Katherine. You all know I love a crazy contestant. They never get too far, which is why I’m not gonna flip out too much on this girl (plus she was like, kind of yelling through part of that audition), but she was totes better than I thought she’d be. I mean, psychic cat, I’ll take it allll day! And they do, more often than not, turn out to be relatively decent singers, as Katherine was. Do I think she’ll make it past Hollywood? No. No I don’t. They never do. Big Crazy Barb was an anomaly. But Katherine was if nothing else, definitely worth seeing today! And JLo, you hit the nail on the head. “You’re talented, but you’re craaayzzaay”. Also, I know she was going, or at least I think she was going for a Florence and the Machine vibe, but to me all I was thinking was Macklemore.

Audition7 - macklemore

Next were our montage contestants who I usually lump into a paragraph because we never really see enough of them for me to really give an opinion, and I pretty much just assume they’re all in anyway. And for Erica David, besides noting that she looked a little like a grown up version of Kourtney Kardashians daughter Penelope, I don’t feel like I need to say anything about her. Now, Chandler and Ryan, you guys deserve your own paragraph!

So, as for Chander Leighton (Meester) who sang New York State of Mind – I like her look, her tone was lovely and just her whole essence impressed me. I really liked her song choice, too. I think if she can escape Hollywood week unscathed, she’ll definitely be one to watch! Then we had Ryan Pinkston, singing As. I know this may come as a shocker, but I’m not a huge Stevie Wonder fan as far as Idol auditions go. It’s just not my wheelhouse, but Ryan didn’t even have me wondering who sang his song. I just wanted to hear him sing more! I’m with Harry too, what a lovely smile and by my ear, pitch perfect. Something tells me I won’t see him past Hollywood. I worry he’ll get lost in the shuffle, but I REALLY hope I see him again! Like, really.


Audition7 - RyanBailey
Andrew Bloom – Too Close

I honestly want him to be good because of the movie big fish. Edward Bloom. Edward Bloom is pretty much my favorite fictional character ever. Unfortunately Andrew was not that guy. He wasn’t what I needed him to be. Besides having a super hot Olympian as a friend, which is all I will ever stand to remember about you.

Kellyeanne Rodgers – A Song for You

I feel as though I have seen this girl before, for sure. Yes? No? Maybe she just looks like someone who tried out because I can’t find anything about her in any of my notes. Oh well. I do wish we’d seen more of her because she seemed really talented but all I remember was her having trouble finding the exit. Hopefully she won’t need to look for it in the near future and I’ll be able to see her once or twice more before she’s gone?

Reno Anoa’i – I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Ok quick story before we talk about Reno. It’s why I love Samoans. So when I went to see The Price is Right a few (ok maybe 10) years ago, back when Bob Barker was still the host, he told this story about how every time he has a Samoan guest on, if they win, they always get so excited that they either pick him up and hug him, or attempt to.

Audition7 - Samoans

So now I love Samoans. And I really wanted Reno to run over and try to pick up Harry or something, but I suppose it’s good he contained himself since he’s kind of small compared to Harry. Maybe he could get Keith. I’m sure JLo wouldn’t allow such things. Ok sorry… so, for Reno. I thought he was good. I wouldn’t go beyond “good” but he was definitely good. I hate to say I think this is the last we’ll see of the young lad, but I’m glad we got a look at him. I just don’t think he’s quite ready. He certainly wouldn’t take rejection well.

Audition7 - RayvonOwenTweet

And can we just all take a moment to thank whoever spoke up to say “We should have a pianist in the room for auditions?” because god damn.

And now, for my Top 2. The final 2. Man did they close this show with a bang. Two bangs.

Audition7 - RayvonOwen
ayvon Owen – Wide Awake

Ok so first off, he’s from Virginia. Always a plus to see a local boy. Then there was his Katy Perry cover. I mean, I like Katy Perry, but I’d pay for Rayvons version of this song, before I’d pay for Katys. That says a lot to me. He completely sucked me in to his performance. It was just dripping with the good stuff. The only thing I’d change him about him was that hat. Otherwise, I loved everything about him, and if I can call it early, I think him and my other favorite are well on their way to the live shows! I hope they can stick it out. Oh, and I know Keith was somewhat put off by how he was smiling the whole time, but I loved it. I get what Keith is saying, but I still love it.

Audition7 - MaddyHudson

“You are cheerful!” “Thank you! It’s a full time job.”

Maddy Hudson – Resentment

Here’s the thing, if Katherine Skinner was a better singer/performer, she’d be Maddy Hudson. I mean, Maddy does seem like a bit of an odd bird, but she carries it so much better. I think her makeup is too old for her, but I loved the song. She did a fantastic job. I agreed with JLo though. I felt her performance. I also really loved what Keith said, how he loved everything on the outside but “especially what’s on the inside”. What a compliment. I think that means a lot. I do wish she’d gone second to last, and not last in the competition because I think she was definitely the second best audition of the night! Also I wish she hadn’t even been shown without her lipstick because she looked so much better. #teamnolipstick

Also, I’d like to just take a moment to acknowledge JLo’s hair tonight. I don’t know who does her hair but tonight it was giving me life! That womans hair stylist, I mean, I’m sure he or she makes quite a bit of money, but they deserve every penny because her hair is flawless. And you should probably follow her on Instagram.

Audition7 - JloHair2 Audition7 - JloHair


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