American Idol – Home of the HCJ!

So Harry wanted his hometown to showoff! I mean to be perfectly honest, I wanted that too. Who doesn’t want a night of stellar contestants? Especially after last nights debacle in Minneapolis! Harry clearly cares SO much for his city. And I feel like he has so much more passion for his city than Keith and Jennifer do. In fact, I feel like anyone who’s lived in New Orleans has a distinct love for it unlike any other place people are from. I loved seeing him visit the kids at the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music. There’s a passion for local artists and I genuinely appreciate that passion. Kids need to experience the arts! The thing is though, while I know they’re a musical town, I don’t associate them with singers, just musicians (and famous actors). They can play the instruments all day… vocally, maybe not so much. And starting off the episode with all the horribles was making me fear this would be Minneapolis all over again. Are all the good singers already in big cities? I mean, no city has been as good as NYC this season. I feel like usually that’s not the case… but it’s definitely shaping up to be that way this season. I mean, it’s just a higher concentration of people trying to make it there.

That said, I think there were definitely one or two that I could see in the Top 24 so that was refreshing. I would say there 4 of the 13 we saw get tickets, that at least have a chance at the live shows! This was also the first time this season I really thought they’d give someone a ticket, that they overlooked (don’t worry, I’ll talk about it)

Audition6 - areyoujealous

ok so anyway, lets talk about the faves!

Audition6 - JellyJoseph
Angelica “Jelly”  Joseph – Almost Had it All

Did Harry call her Jelly? Did she tell people she goes by Jelly? Is that a good nickname for Angelica? I can’t decide. I guess if you can pull it off? Ok either way, this was a great performance. Different enough from Adele to be really good and not need to compare the two. I feel like she gave me hints of Fantasia Barrino’s audition/performances (which is most definitely a compliment, and I’m glad she doesn’t have the same speaking voice).

Audition6 - QuentinAlexanderQuentin Alexander – Royals

When JLo says you look “Half tribal/Half pilgrim” and your response is “YOU GOT IT!” well, it confuses me a little. But I appreciate the look. I was just #metrostalking a girl the other day and I thought her look was like, pilgrim meets Annie Hall. I loved it! But anyway… let me get back to Quentin  The thing I always feel guilty about, is that I hate Lorde so much (for an inexplicable reason, too. I genuinely do not know why I don’t like her). I always like her songs, I just don’t like her singing them. I think the only reason they critiqued him as much as they did, was because they want this kid to succeed. He wasn’t bad, I mean clearly I thought he was one of the best of the night being in my Top 4 and all, but I think their critiques were there for a reason, so that he will do better when he gets to Hollywood. I mean, to me as long as he doesn’t do worse, he’s in for me.

Audition6 - MikeyDuranMikey Duran – My Demise

This was one of my favorite original songs (Hollywood’s is still my favorite, and honestly I had a different favorite at the end of the night). I did think he had a weirdly nasaly voice (and I wasn’t alone), but not like a girls nasal. Sorry ladies but I feel like you’re more inclined to be nasaly than guys are. This was a way more unique voice than others I’ve heard. I like him! Hopefully we’ll see him one more time at least 🙂

Audition6 - AdamLasher
Adam “Jimmy Fallon” Lasher – These Shoes

I heard a relative of Santana would be on the show at some point so I guess this is the kid. And honestly, if you’re related to Santana well, that’s a good start, right off the bat! I mean, how bad can you be if you’re playing on stage with Santana? Really. And speaking of how Mikey didn’t have my favorite original song by the end of the night… maybe this was just a night of good original songs because I really liked this one too, lets call these two a tie as far as songwriting is concerned. I don’t really think one is better than the other though. I think they’re both great. And THANK YOU JLo for calling out the Jimmy Fallon similarities. I was thinking exactly the same thing! I even think there are 2 particular Jimmy Fallons that combined, are the perfect Adam Lasher comparison. That would be “Gibb Brother Fallon” and “Springsteen Fallon”

Audition6 - JimmyFallon

 And realistically, if you’re “kind of silly like Jimmy Fallon” like you allege, then I hope you’re around for a good long while! Or at least on Jimmy Fallons show at some point!

Now, as for the rest of the folks (and I’m actually going to talk about 2 people who didn’t make it in, as well, because well, I wanna talk about them dammit)!

First of all, the weird guy who desecrated P.Y.T. – I don’t think you realized the real reason it was important for you to be shown. It definitely wasn’t your atrocious performance. It was because that through you, I found out Ryan and Harry love cookie cake! I LOVE COOKIE CAKE! What’s not to love about celebrities eating?

Audition6 - celebrities eating

Secondly I’d also like to mention a one Sarah Quintana. Reasons I liked her? She looked like Susan Sarandon [currently]. Second, when she said “I appreciate your honesty but I still wanna go to LA”. Well Sarah, I appreciate YOUR honesty! And although your dreams weren’t fulfilled this time (and I have to assume looks wise, that you’re at the age limit), at least you got to live the dream of playing with Harry, and I hope maybe one day you will be able to again!

ok so as for people who actually got tickets:

Tiffany Stringer – Want You Back (by Cher Lloyd)
Wow. Talk about a hyper hypo.  I think she’s got what JLo would call a “pop voice” because she definitely didn’t really sing that song. I agreed with Harry that it wasn’t vocally strong enough. And honestly, while I hadn’t seen Sarah yet, I was ultimately very bitty that they’d give this chick a ticket, and not Sarah. I mean, come on. Keith, you really let me down on this one. I blame you having daughters! haha. Although wait, Harry has all daughters too and he said no. So ok, now I’m just mad at you.


Greyson Turner – Chasing Shadows
Aw, a little zit faced Phillip Phillips. I don’t know how much I liked him singing the song he wrote. But the things is, I liked him, I liked his voice, and I liked the song lyrics. It’s just the way he moved his mouth and whatnot… it was kind of weird, no? I do always give more credit to people who write their own songs and they’re actually good.

Of the three montage girls, Nalani Quintello (Counting Stars), Tori Martin (something) and Hope Windel (Stupid Boy)  I only really liked the second girl’s voice, but I HATED her look. God please do something about that kitschy terribleness. and while I can see why Tori made it through, it doesn’t make me happy about it. Also, I hate that name Tori – blame Tori Spelling – and this girl was such a perfect “Tori” for me to hate. The name makes me think of the Heathers. I don’t even know how the Tan Mom of contestants made it through. And as for Hope, I liked her look and her voice wasn’t terrible by any means, I just think that she was a little overwhelmed by the situation (to quote JLo) and needed another year or two under her belt. She’s only 16, the girls got time.

Ricky Dale Hendricks – Thunder Rolls
Why didn’t he just say “I’m from West Monroe, where the Duck Dyansty guys are from” – it must be because it’s not a Fox show? If that’s where I was from I’d probably wear a shirt saying something to that effect. Anyway, so remember how I said that Jelly did good because she was different enough for me to not compare her Adele? The opposite is true for Ricky. I was 100% comparing this to Garth and it DID NOT hold up for me. Was he bad? No. Definitely not. But he’s not Garth Brooks. I hope he picks some better songs for Hollywood, which is probably going to be the last place we see him, if we even see him there. I think Harry was foreboding asking how he’d do in a ring with Mike Tyson…

Dakota “Bianca Jade” Suarez – Dog Days are Over
Ok here’s the thing with Dakota – actually – this is just my thing with drag queens. It drives me crazy that a lot of them CAN sing, and yet, they ALWAYS lip sync to the songs. As for Dakota, I wouldn’t have put him through, but he’s definitely good enough to sing in a drag show, FOR SURE. At least he got the right door to leave out of. It’s a step in the right direction. Literally. In true dragulousness, I loved how he left us “You better watch out because Dakota is in the house, and Imma step on people “ and I also LOVED Savion’s response:

Audition6 - DakotaSavion

Erica Washington – Halo
Erica was fine. She has a good tone, she picked a great song, and she’s really pretty. That said, something tells me we won’t see her past Hollywood week.

Now finally, in case you were wondering who the worlds favorites are right now, here’s a look at the contestants from this week!

 Audition56 - MyPicks1

Audition56 - AllPicks1

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