American Idol – Welcome to New York, I’ve Been Waiting for You!

This was a great night of music. There was so much talent, it really gave me hope for this season! And it was fun! It was a fun night. I felt like not having Keith there, kind of kept Harry in check a little bit. His jokes were funny without being annoying/over the top. Adam was great (I’ll talk about him more later)

I dare say that they were a little too heavy handed with their golden tickets tonight, which surprised me because I really thought Adam would be (and to some extent he was) more critical than Keith is. I think they could’ve given out about 5 less than they actually did, but nevertheless, I’m happy all the folks I really liked got one. And if that means some bad apples singers made it in, well, so be it.

So, lets start with my favorites! I couldn’t pick a total favorite, as all of my favorite contestants were pretty great! So lets just go with how they appeared on the show!

Audition4 - Jax
Jax – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

So everyone I watched this with was ready to give this girl her ticket the second they heard her fathers story. I waited until I saw her sitting at the piano to declare my fondness for her. This performance reminded me a lot of a one Kurt Hummel.

God damn that episode was a tear jerker! #gleememories

I do agree with JLo regarding Jax’ shy confidence. I think that’s an excellent quality. WE WANT MORE!

Audition4 - NajahLewis
Najah Lewis – Payphone

When I hear someone is going to sing Payphone, I’m always hoping it’s the Gaga/Beyonce one, and not the Maroon 5 one. I’m just not a fan. Give me Moves Like Jagger any day! That said, if Payphone sounded like Najah’s version…

Audition4 - Get it Girl

Adam Lambert – Bohemian Rhapsody

YES! Can we pick Adam Lambert again? Is that an option? Please? And as for Adam Lambert on the show in general… how much did I love him?


I absolutely LOVED his audition and was mad he doesn’t intend to compete all over again. I mean, he’s a shoo-in this season! Don’t get me wrong, I was team Kris Allen when he won, but I always thought Adam would win. What are the odds I could get an “American Idol: All-Stars competition” for all the folks who didn’t win? I mean, Adam would totally win that. I also think that in a hypothetical world where this new mentor is terrible and I hate him, I’d like to petition Adam Lambert to be a new mentor on the show. I just need to see more of him on my television, basically.

Audition4 - TravisFinlayTravis Finlay – Stay

My opinion before he started singing: Ok ok, so you got into Berkelee, lovely. Say that after your song.
My opinion while he was singing…

little rascals

Well helloooo Travis… blink blink…. Swoon!

Audition4 - HollywoodAnderson
Hollywood Anderson – Original Song (My Best Friend)

This guy was hitting on all fronts tonight. I love a (good) original song and this is one I feel like I’d download immediately upon availability (and I’ve got a $25 itunes gift card just burning a hole in my pocket). I’m also pretty much SUPER jealous of his girlfriend. PLEASE make it to the live shows buddy! I need more of you in my life. I think we were all JLo during this audition. The only thing I felt bad about was how he kind of left his mentor hanging. At least they hugged it out as they left the room. Maybe he was my real favorite. I feel like more emotions come to mind talking about him, than anyone we’ve talked about this season.

Now, as for the rest of the folks:

J. None (and Mr. Crispy) – My Perogative

I actually really liked this kid. Great song choice, lovely voice and a cute little story (I too still have my childhood stuffed animal, and while I don’t carry him around on the reg, I do appreciate the attachment). I hope this guy doesn’t fall through the cracks, as he doesn’t seem like an “out there” personality. Side note – I’d like to know how he got his name.

Tion Phillips – If I Was Your Man

I have to say that a good song goes a long way in an audition, and Tion definitely picked the right song, for me. And then he brings JLo a flower – come on. Adorable.

Shi Scott – Valerie

All I could think of when she kept saying she pronounced her name “she” was –

Ok so anyway, Shi. Here’s the thing, you had a great song. You’ve got that bluesy tone down PAT. But girl, get it together my love. Off the bat you’re talking about how you don’t have a lot of experience singing in front of people. Then you kind of almost freak out right before you perform, and then during your performance, you seemed just as nervous. The thing is, you’re only 19. Maybe practice in front of people a few more times and try out next year? You weren’t bad, you just need more experience.

this concerns me

Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke

Oh Qaasim. I’m SOO happy they gave you a ticket. Not because of your voice, but because if they showed my mother talking about how I was still a virgin, on a huge TV show, I better at least get a ticket! I do find it someone ironic that apparently this kid actually appeared on a show called “The Naked Brothers Band”. Then I realized it was a Nickelodeon show… and I’m only more confused. He was also on an HBO Documentary called “The Music in Me” and already has a Wikipedia page. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you made it once Wikipedia knew who you were, no? Long story short, I’m a fan.

Adam Ezegelian – Fake Chris Sligh – Born to be Wild; I’m Yours

All we hear (the group I watch Idol with) is Jack Black from Kung Fu Panda. However, I still loved him. I mean, I love singing Jack Black, so why can’t I love singing Fake Chris Sligh?

Audition4 - AdamEChris

L: Chris S. – R: Alex E.

Nick Fradiani – In Your Eyes

So, since his girlfriend (I believe probably ex-girlfriend at this point) didn’t make it, is he going to get those pity points from the swaybots that control the live shows? If he makes it that far, sure. I actually thought both he and his (possibly ex-) girlfriend, should’ve made it through. Sorry Yanni.

Blonde Ambition

Of the trio of blondes, I feel like the only one worth keeping was Maddie Walker (Suitcase). As for Courtney Zahn (Classic) and Jackie Ness (Born This Way)… I’ve already forgotten them. But congrats on the ticket. Jackie, consider yourself on that list of folks I’m surprised got tickets. I also added Katherine Winton (If I Didn’t Know Better) because she’s blonde, and I didn’t really write anything about her because I thought she was a no along with the montage folks.

Now, as promised, the folks I was shocked and dismayed to see get tickets, but who I will tolerate because something tells me this’ll be the last I see of them…

Sal, the New Yorker – Fly Me to the Moon

Why he shouldn’t have got the ticket: He’s fine, he has a nice voice. But he’ll never make it, and if he did make it, he’d just be another Taylor Hicks. He can make a lot of money in Italian restaurants around NYC and I think that is probably where he should fit into the music scene.  How did this kid get a ticket, and how is he only 19?

James Killian Dunn – Latch

I did not like this. Plain and simple. Having he and Tion go together I only feared they were both no’s. It was a touch unfortunate that they were both yeses but I stand by my previous statement. I’ll take James if that means I get Tion.

Eric Lopez – The Show Must Go On

My only note:  what just happened

Michael Slezak’s only note:

Audition4 - EricLopezSlezak

And because this post just isn’t quite long enough, I just wanted to throw this little tid bit in there:

(during J. None) I thought the best line from this audition would come from Harry, asking “Ever thought your asthma is from that dirty bear?” but it was actually from Adam, who when told by the bear/Harry “Adam Lambert is handsome” and he retorts “I’m not into bears” – I definitely laughed out loud at that one. Runner up for funniest quote – “That’s so weird” “I’m not the one that brought the bear in”.

And wit that, we look forward to next week and the northern land of Minneapolis, MN!


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