American Idol – Bus Tour Candidates

So, first I would like to talk about something that has always bothered me on American Idol, and then talk about how I may’ve changed my mind. I want to talk about the people who are now trying out for their 3rd or 4th times. It’s always bothered me and to some extent, I kind of always hoped they’d just give up, or get discovered by some other avenue. I mean, I completely understand trying out a second time. But the 3rd and 4th just befuddle me. Do you just want to be on TV that badly? Especially when it’s the same judges. Then, I was watching Wolf Blitzer on WWHL and they were talking about who would run for president, and Wolf said it wouldn’t surprise him to see Mitt run for a 3rd time, to which Andy Cohen asked why he would even try for a 3rd. Wolf responded that Reagan won on his 3rd attempt at running so nothing is out of the realm of possibility. So, I’ve changed my mind. Go ahead and run a 3rd time. I’m still against a 4th attempt or anything more than that. And also, in case you were wondering, Eugene V. Debs ran the most times. 5. And he never won. So just remember candidates on Idol, do you really want to be known as the Eugene V. Debs of American Idol? Also if you really want to nerd out politically, here’s a great article.

*** Nerd rant trying to correlate American Idol to the Presidential Electoral Process, OVER***

I genuinely couldn’t decide if tonight was fun, or annoying. I lean towards fun. It walked a very fine line. If Fun/Annoying was a pro-con list, it would look like this:

Audition3 - Fun-Annoying

That’s basically it. I think. Overall I think there were more times I had fun, than times I was annoyed. I was happy to see that in a single hour we saw 11 people get a golden ticket, as opposed to only 6 last Wednesday night. As per the usual. I have a solid Top 3 from tonight.

Audition3 - JoeyCook
Joey Cook – King of Spain

I’m not gonna lie, this girl was giving me some mad Kezban vibes. I don’t say that as an insult or a compliment, but I think, as a warning. I LOVED Kezban’s audition, but by group night, her weirdness was too overwhelming and she couldn’t hang (and her voice suffered – and I think Kezbans voice was better than this girl). I fear this will most likely happen to Ms. Cook as well, but time will tell.

Audition3 - YouinDangerGirl


Side note, I did like her line about her “voice box” not being connected to her “squeeze box” or something to that effect.

Alexis Gomez – Little White Church

I hated Alexis’ package, but I loved her performance. The way she said “actually” when talking about how her grandparents still live in Mexico… so that makes her more Mexican and less country…? I’m not sure what she was trying to show there? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she was the one who Keith said just didn’t live up to the other country singers they’ve seen and that she has a tough road to climb… I think that was her, if not, that’s still how I feel about her. That said, I definitely think she deserved a ticket more than a few other country crooners on tonight who also got tickets.

Audition3 - AntonBushner
Anton Bushner – Tonight I Wanna Cry

The lone gentleman in my top 3, and a gentleman he was! What a great guy. I loved everything about his voice (speaking and singing), his grace towards the judges, his smile, but I’m nervous about his nerves! I really hope he can hold it together and make it to the live show, and I really hope I don’t regret saying that.

Honorable Mention – Ellen Peterson – I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart

I think Ellen, while not my personal favorite, has a lot of potential to be Top 24 material. She’s got a fantastic (albeit shy) voice, and she’s got experience in her family bluegrass band so that should hopefully help any nerves she might get. I think there are probably a lot of people that liked her more than I did. Which is not to say I didn’t like her, but I think she’s one of the ones that could use another year. I hope I’m wrong though. That said, she’s one of the people that, because she got a ticket, I think Alexis deserved her ticket (same for our girl Stephanie).

And now for the rest of the contestants!

Big Ron – Let’s Get it On

I really liked this guy when he walked in singing Jenny from the Block. I didn’t like when he sang Let’s Get it On, as his actual song. It just drove me crazy how Harry and Keith just talked over it the whole time. I find that so annoying when the person isn’t terrible. I get it when the kid doesn’t even have a chance, but this guy wasn’t bad. It’s just more proof the show feels like the judges are more important than the contestants, to let this happen. That said, I’m glad they at least let him through, and that Big Ron acknowledged that the judges were being rude. Way to have the balls to day it, buddy.


How I assume the contestants feel…

Stephanie Gummelt – Original Song

Stephanie… darling, you’re adorable. Your voice gives me little chills from it’s weird squeaking pitch, but your singing voice was actually quite different and very enjoyable, albeit incredibly subtle. I liked her song a lot, but like Harry, I think she could use a little more experience, both with singing and with living. I did love her obsession with Steve Perry though. And I’m glad she acknowledges that he’s entirely too old for her.

Kholton Pascal – Original Song

Here’s the thing with this guy. He’s got a lot not going for him already and I think Hollywood week will literally be throwing him to the wolves. His voice is ok. His story is definitely sad. But he’s in no way Top 24 material. He’s what we in the group chat I have during Idol, “Bus 1 material” – you’ll recall last year all the sad folks that got sent home on Bus 1 before they even made it off the taramac. It was sad. And if they do it again, it’s going to happen to Kholton.

And as always there was a montage of Ashley Lusk (Boondocks), Josh Sanders (Washed Away by the Water) and Casey Thrasher (Who I Am With You), who I definitely remember from last year (he was with Dexter and Ben Briley on Group Night)! Josh’s name kind of sounds familiar too but I don’t recognize his face (yup, he was on for Heejun’s season! And he was in group night with Caleb Johnson one of the years he tried out before last year). I did think all 3 sounded worthy of their golden ticket, I just don’t think I heard enough of any of them to call them a favorite of the night. And to add to the montage paragraph, there was also the “pre-post commercial break guy”, Cedric. I was sure he wouldn’t make it, but Zack was positive he would. Then rubbed it in my face when he was right… but we’ll see if we see him at all after this. I mean, they didn’t even give the guy a last name.

Final side note of the night, what did you all think about Ashley Stehle? The girl with the deaf parents whose dad could finally hear her sing, and subsequently hear her go home? Ugh… this is why you shouldn’t bring people in the room with you (unless you’re blind).

Also in case you were wondering, I like to check out this poll Michael Slezak does after all his articles to see who everyone is favoriting. First, my picks:

Audition3 - MyPick

And then what the masses think:

Audition3 - AllPicks

Seems America mostly agrees with me, minus the Emily Peterson thing, but she’d probably be in my Top 3 if I didn’t think Alexis was just a little more mature and ready for the competition.

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