American Idol – Nashville Auditions

Well folks, with the first episode of Idol in the books, we have officially started Season 14! Let’s get into talking about tonights performers.


I’ll say that vocally, I didn’t have a favorite. No one really WOWed me tonight. Which is a little unfortunate. Was it just me or was it a little lacking in the talent department? I wouldn’t say I didn’t see any “Top 24” folks, but I didn’t see any winners in this bunch. Tonight is 2 glorious hours (whether we like it or not) so maybe they saved these folks for tonight? You’ve gotta have some stellar performances to keep me around for 2 hours.

Let’s start with the folks I liked (in show order, not in order of my love for them), and then we’ll talk about the folks I’m ambivalent about (I won’t say they were bad because I don’t think anyone that got a ticket had a truly bad performance tonight).

Audition1 - RileyBriaRiley Bria – Georgia Woods

I mean, of course you’re going to sing a Keith Urban song (I assumed this is a Keith Urban song… thanks for the confirmation Google). Nice that Keith actually remembered him. I mean, if you’re going to a Grammy summer camp, you can’t be that bad, right? And he wasn’t. I really enjoyed his performance, more at the end than the beginning but there’s nothing wrong with that. He was by far the best performer of the night, and a good enough singer to definitely warrant the ticket.

Audition1 - PriscillaBarker
Priscilla Barker – Delta Dawn

Here’s the thing with Priscilla. I loved her. I thought she was 15 or something but then it pops up that she’s 19! Her voice certainly sounds more like the 19 year old. Her personality won me over almost immediately. Honestly though, I think even if she was terrible I’d have given her the golden ticket for having to sit through Harry Connick Jrs Sasquatch impersonation, alone. #dadjokes

Audition1 - KoryWheeler
Kory Wheeler – I Can’t Make You Love Me

You know how sometimes you like or hate people because they look like someone you like or hate? No? Just me (I do it with names too, not just looks. Sorry anyone named Jonathan)? Well for better or worse, this happened to Kory. Actually for him it was good because he looks like a friend of mine from high school that I like, so that translated well for Kory. I don’t like the Kardashian spelling of his name, but I’m sure there’ll be worse names for me to pour over as the auditions wear on, and if that’s the only bad thing I have to say about him, he’s probably going somewhere. Hopefully past Hollywood week. I will say I liked his style of singing, more than his actual singing, but if he goes back and works on it, I think he’s got some potential.

Audition1 - MichaelSimeon
Michael Simeon – Stay With Me

Well it looks like the first of what I think will be the overplayed songs of the season, came with Michaels’ Sam Smith performance. But do I even remember his performance, frankly no. For me, and probably the rest of the world, his performance started with the slow dance between him and JLo while Keith and Harry were on instruments in the background. I wonder if Harry and Keith have ever thought about touring together because that would probably be a good show! I will say that he clearly has a girlfriend though, and if I were her, I’d be pretty pissed about that whole JLo dance thing.

Audition1 - EmilyBrooke
Emily Brooke – Blown Away

The final, and for me, I think the best performance of the night. If I had to pick between her and Priscilla (which someone will have to do eventually), I’d go with Emily. She’s got drive, she’s got a great voice, and she knows how to put in the hard work from the sound of it. I mean, to perform a Carrie Underwood song and not immediately think “Carrie sang that better” is a huge compliment to her talents.

Now lets talk about the others…

Audition1 - CameronBidell
Cameron Bedell – You Are the Best Thing

I could’ve sworn I’d seen Cameron before. I looked left and right trying to figure out if he’d been on any other reality TV but I couldn’t find anything, so maybe he just looks like someone else. His voice definitely didn’t sound familiar (his weird baby speaking voice that is). He just seemed like a kid that’s pretty good, but that I’m probably never going to see again. He’s got a beautiful smile though, and he can sing in my coffee shop, anytime.

Audition1 - AmberKelechiWalker
Amber Kelechi (Walker) – Heartbreak Hotel

Amber Amber Amber. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times.


That said, Amber is of the “I think you could benefit from a year or two more of experience”. I understand JLo wanting to get her out of the hood, or however she phrased it. That said, you can tell her she did a good job but needs a little more training. You’re just giving her a ticket to Hollywood so you can say no in the next round, and what does that help her? No bueno.

Best convo of the night:

Keith – “She doesn’t sound safe at all”   Priscilla – “No she’s safe, we’ve trained her”
You’ve trained her? Is she a German Shepherd?

Best Instagram picture:

Hey dreamboat! Where were you on my television? God Bless an Instagram filter!

Audition1 - KoryWheeler

Best thing I found when doing some digging on the contestants:
While doing a little online looking at Cameron, I did see he’s clearly won something before, for something related to music, so he can’t be that bad, right?

Audition1 - CameronMoney

GIF that explains my feelings towards this episode: 



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