American Idol – Back Tonight! And why I’ll still watch…

Well folks, I know I’ve been pretty dormant the last few months but if anything can bring me out from under my rock, it’s a new season of Idol! It’s crazy, I know. How can I still be obsessed with this show? Well, they’ve done a couple of things that have me pretty jazzed.


After years of begging and pleading, and one season of the worst career move of the century (who on earth thought Randy Jackson could mentor ANYBODY??) they’ve let him out to pasture. Hopefully to never be seen again, at least on this show. I’ll always miss Jimmy Iovine. He was just the best. I really hope he left the show and wasn’t fired because I just don’t understand how he could lose a job he did so well, to a guy who’s main critique is “that’s a little pitchy dawg”. So now that he’s gone, we welcome Mr. Scott Borchetta.


This new mentor seems to have some cred and a pretty solid resume. Most notably to me, he discovered Taylor Swift! Although he looks like a super creep in most pictures he’s taken with her.

49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Red Carpet

He’s also a mostly country guy, which may or may not bode well for the non-country acts on idol, but at the same time Taylor Swift is most certainly a crossover talent, so if he can discover/mentor her, then I think it’s safe to say we’re safe in his hands. Only time will tell. I’m sure I’ll have some immediate impressions of him once we start seeing him on the live shows, but honestly, who could be worse than Randy Jackson? Hopefully I don’t eat my words. If anything he’ll just be equally as bad, but I hope he’s not.


I’m always excited for the new songs people will try out with/sing on the show. I often listen to songs and think how I’d like them to be covered. Sometimes I just look up youtube covers (here’s a sample and here’s another) to see what’s going on in the world of rising musicians. Personally, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Ed Sheeran (the first person to sing Thinking Out Loud well, will probably be my instant favorite), Sam Smith, Taylor (obviously), and of course Let It Go.  I mean, I think we’re naive to think that won’t be the number one audition song of the season. I’m almost positive we’ll see troubadour versions of All About that Base, and probably Fancy while they’re at it (and dare we see an Anaconda? Haha. I can’t imagine). I’d say Ed Sheeran too, but he’s practically a troubadour as it is, so we’ll just stick with covers of his songs. The twist will probably be that it’ll be women singing them.

I’ve also been trying to listen to a lot of new music lately. I felt so out of the loop last year watching the show and all the people singing songs I had never heard of (who was Avicii?). The most streamed song on Vevo was actually one I’d never heard. Ever heard of Rather Be by Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne? Me neither, but it’s a good song!


Finally, there’s the change in format. From what I hear, when the live performances start, they’re slimming back to one night a week! I’m thrilled. I’ve thought for a while now that Idol is just too long. It’s too much of a time commitment. And when someone who genuinely likes the show is saying that, you know it’s bad. You just can’t commit that much time of your life to a single show (unless it’s LOST) I’m not entirely sure how that’ll work with the voting off of contestants. I have to assume they’ll just start voting people off first thing. That’s my hope anyway. I know Dancing With the Stars changed their format in the same way but they don’t announce who goes home until the end which is infuriating. You shouldn’t have to perform another night if it’s already known you won’t be on the show (by the producers anyway).

So there you have it. As always, I come to this new season bright eyed and bushy tailed and home I don’t become crestfallen. But you know a good contestant will keep me going for a long time!


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