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American Idol – A Joyful Joyful Time in San Francisco

Well folks, it finally happened. It took 8 episodes and the final episode of auditions, for me to find the one. Actually, the 2. A male and female basket that I can dump all my eggs into. I thought last night was where they would be but lo and behold, the producers held out all the way until the final final episode. I’m ok with that though, because at least they were there, leaving me with some hope for the upcoming Hollywood Weeks! And I can’t even wait to talk about them so lets just start this out right and go straight to my favorites!



While last night I was talking about the importance of the piano accompaniment, tonight, what drew me in was what I’ll call the importance of a infectious smile. World, if you didn’t watch Idol last night, let me introduce you to my two favorites tonight, Tyanna Jones and Rocky Peter!

Audition8 - RockyPeter
Rocky Peter – Original Song – Wrong Places

I don’t know why but for some reason, I’m ok with this guy telling his story. Maybe because it’s more original than some of the other “stories” we hear. Those are the stories I don’t mind hearing. And as always, as long as you have a good voice and are a shoo-in anyway, I don’t mind the story that goes with it. I also have a history of loving people from Nigeria. I thought his song was amazing and his voice when he hit that long beautiful falsetto – I mean come on. Rocky, welcome to my list of favorites for this season! I not only hope I’ll see you in the Top 24, I hope I’m seeing you if nothing else, in the Top 12! I just hope he doesn’t have trouble learning lyrics to the popular songs, or even difficulty picking songs.

Audition8 - TyanaJones
Tyanna Jones – Wings

Ok, why I like Tyanna? She looks JUST like a kid version of my friend Carmen. I mean, the similarities are amazing. Especially when she’s smiling.  She also has that kind of Janelle Monae vibe. Oh, and I LOVED Joyful Joyful from Sister Act 2, so we’re basically BFFS, me and Tyanna. I just want this girl to succeed. I love her voice. I love her look, and I love that she looks like she’s having fun and smiling. I just love her. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with how much I love Carmen, but whatever. I love Tyanna and I really want her to just soar in this competition! And I hope if she makes it to the live shows, we get a little Lauren Hill ala Sister Act 2 action.

If I could just sum up my feelings toward Tyanna in the form of a GIF or five…


um no

ryan-lochte-in love

These weren’t the only two voices I liked but they were most certainly my favorites. I think I’ll just talk about the rest in order because there weren’t really any I liked more than the others… And yes, I know I should hate Daniel Seavey being given the ticket because he’s so young, but I mean, he’s just so cute! I can’t hate him. We’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I promise.

Adanna Duru – You and I

I really liked Adannas performance. It seemed effortless. I read she tried out for Season 3 of The Voice (apparently with the same audition song) but I don’t recall her. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I would say on a night of strong contestants she was a little middle of the pack to me, but on one of the lesser nights I’m sure she would’ve been in my Top favorites.

Hunter Larsen – That’s Life

Ok first I just have to get off my chest and it’s that I hated her weird shirt/bra combo. That’s probably the only bad thing I could even think to say about Hunter. Except that I wish they’d let her sing longer. Or asked her to sing again, so that I can just hear more. Something told me she’d be the highlight of my night, and honestly I did really love her (I just loved Tyanna and Rocky more). She definitely has that Pink quality that Keith mentioned. I wasn’t thinking that but as soon as he said it, I was like – yes! Something tells me we’ll definitely be seeing more of her. Hopefully in a better top.

Tara Honda – I Feel the Earth Move

Kind of a weird name. Unless her family owns Honda in which case, more power to you. I thought she was really good. But seriously, why are they keeping good singers such short song snippets? I want to hear more! If you like it, you want more!

Daniel Seavey – Hallelujah/Straight Up

Ok seriously, Daniel is ADORABLE, for a 12 year old. How is this kid even legal? He’s like the really young Chinese gymnasts that they sneak into the Olympics. Things I like about Daniel – all the instruments he plays. His cute little face. How he was nervously shaking while talking to the judges. Things I didn’t like about Daniel – HIS AGE!! How his voice sounded like he was hitting puberty during his audition. This kid is so cute (how many times can I say that?). And he has some CLEAR talent, he just needs like, 2 years. Is that too much to ask? Harry, way to be the only one with some full grown balls in the room. He’s so cute though. I mean, it’s not going to hurt me to see more of him.

Jaq MacKenzie – Original Song – You Waste My Time

Meh. I didn’t really see what the judges saw in her. I mean, she’s fine. She isn’t a bad singer, she’s just average to me. Maybe she just needs a few more years? I don’t know. I just feel like now isn’t her time. Hopefully this will just be a nice, two week learning experience. Is it possible that this chick is less ready than Daniel because to me, it seemed that way. Although perusing social media… I’m probably the only one with that opinion.


Finally, can I just say how happy I was to see Carly Smithson?  Was it depressing to see her where she was or do you think she’s making good money doing this? Listening to the early contestants? I wonder what else she’s doing with her life. Especially after the tragic death of my favorite singing partner of hers, Michael Johns. Man they were a great pair. Let’s just end with that lovely performance. It seems like a fitting end to this post. I’ll have another one coming up about who I hope to see in Hollywood Week!


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American Idol – You’re Good but You’re Crazy.

I had a really good feeling about tonight (and this weeks) auditions. First off, I haven’t seen anyone to date that I really think could be “The One” this season. I haven’t even really fell in love with anyone this season… though Jax does still stick out in my mind. Secondly, this was one of the few cities they are spending 2 nights on (though they’re both one hour episodes) which I felt meant there’d be a little more talent to go around. Plus, but the looks of it, the big cities seem to be where all the talent is this season, so it stands to reason this would be a good episode.

Audition7 - AboutTime

Well folks, I was not let down. And I finally had 2 people that I feel like I know will make it to the Top 24. That said, everyone that got a ticket tonight, I genuinely think, deserved one (except maybe that Bloom guy. I get giving a chick a ticket because she killed a bear and could be violent, but you don’t need to give a kid a ticket so you can meet his hot Olympian friend). I mean, I know most of these folks won’t make it through Hollywood week, but based on past auditions this season, I definitely think most deserved their ticket tonight. As such, I’m just going to talk about the contestants in the order we saw them. So, lets get started!

Audition7 - PsychicCatKatherine Skinner – Shake it Off

Here’s the thing with Katherine. You all know I love a crazy contestant. They never get too far, which is why I’m not gonna flip out too much on this girl (plus she was like, kind of yelling through part of that audition), but she was totes better than I thought she’d be. I mean, psychic cat, I’ll take it allll day! And they do, more often than not, turn out to be relatively decent singers, as Katherine was. Do I think she’ll make it past Hollywood? No. No I don’t. They never do. Big Crazy Barb was an anomaly. But Katherine was if nothing else, definitely worth seeing today! And JLo, you hit the nail on the head. “You’re talented, but you’re craaayzzaay”. Also, I know she was going, or at least I think she was going for a Florence and the Machine vibe, but to me all I was thinking was Macklemore.

Audition7 - macklemore

Next were our montage contestants who I usually lump into a paragraph because we never really see enough of them for me to really give an opinion, and I pretty much just assume they’re all in anyway. And for Erica David, besides noting that she looked a little like a grown up version of Kourtney Kardashians daughter Penelope, I don’t feel like I need to say anything about her. Now, Chandler and Ryan, you guys deserve your own paragraph!

So, as for Chander Leighton (Meester) who sang New York State of Mind – I like her look, her tone was lovely and just her whole essence impressed me. I really liked her song choice, too. I think if she can escape Hollywood week unscathed, she’ll definitely be one to watch! Then we had Ryan Pinkston, singing As. I know this may come as a shocker, but I’m not a huge Stevie Wonder fan as far as Idol auditions go. It’s just not my wheelhouse, but Ryan didn’t even have me wondering who sang his song. I just wanted to hear him sing more! I’m with Harry too, what a lovely smile and by my ear, pitch perfect. Something tells me I won’t see him past Hollywood. I worry he’ll get lost in the shuffle, but I REALLY hope I see him again! Like, really.


Audition7 - RyanBailey
Andrew Bloom – Too Close

I honestly want him to be good because of the movie big fish. Edward Bloom. Edward Bloom is pretty much my favorite fictional character ever. Unfortunately Andrew was not that guy. He wasn’t what I needed him to be. Besides having a super hot Olympian as a friend, which is all I will ever stand to remember about you.

Kellyeanne Rodgers – A Song for You

I feel as though I have seen this girl before, for sure. Yes? No? Maybe she just looks like someone who tried out because I can’t find anything about her in any of my notes. Oh well. I do wish we’d seen more of her because she seemed really talented but all I remember was her having trouble finding the exit. Hopefully she won’t need to look for it in the near future and I’ll be able to see her once or twice more before she’s gone?

Reno Anoa’i – I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Ok quick story before we talk about Reno. It’s why I love Samoans. So when I went to see The Price is Right a few (ok maybe 10) years ago, back when Bob Barker was still the host, he told this story about how every time he has a Samoan guest on, if they win, they always get so excited that they either pick him up and hug him, or attempt to.

Audition7 - Samoans

So now I love Samoans. And I really wanted Reno to run over and try to pick up Harry or something, but I suppose it’s good he contained himself since he’s kind of small compared to Harry. Maybe he could get Keith. I’m sure JLo wouldn’t allow such things. Ok sorry… so, for Reno. I thought he was good. I wouldn’t go beyond “good” but he was definitely good. I hate to say I think this is the last we’ll see of the young lad, but I’m glad we got a look at him. I just don’t think he’s quite ready. He certainly wouldn’t take rejection well.

Audition7 - RayvonOwenTweet

And can we just all take a moment to thank whoever spoke up to say “We should have a pianist in the room for auditions?” because god damn.

And now, for my Top 2. The final 2. Man did they close this show with a bang. Two bangs.

Audition7 - RayvonOwen
ayvon Owen – Wide Awake

Ok so first off, he’s from Virginia. Always a plus to see a local boy. Then there was his Katy Perry cover. I mean, I like Katy Perry, but I’d pay for Rayvons version of this song, before I’d pay for Katys. That says a lot to me. He completely sucked me in to his performance. It was just dripping with the good stuff. The only thing I’d change him about him was that hat. Otherwise, I loved everything about him, and if I can call it early, I think him and my other favorite are well on their way to the live shows! I hope they can stick it out. Oh, and I know Keith was somewhat put off by how he was smiling the whole time, but I loved it. I get what Keith is saying, but I still love it.

Audition7 - MaddyHudson

“You are cheerful!” “Thank you! It’s a full time job.”

Maddy Hudson – Resentment

Here’s the thing, if Katherine Skinner was a better singer/performer, she’d be Maddy Hudson. I mean, Maddy does seem like a bit of an odd bird, but she carries it so much better. I think her makeup is too old for her, but I loved the song. She did a fantastic job. I agreed with JLo though. I felt her performance. I also really loved what Keith said, how he loved everything on the outside but “especially what’s on the inside”. What a compliment. I think that means a lot. I do wish she’d gone second to last, and not last in the competition because I think she was definitely the second best audition of the night! Also I wish she hadn’t even been shown without her lipstick because she looked so much better. #teamnolipstick

Also, I’d like to just take a moment to acknowledge JLo’s hair tonight. I don’t know who does her hair but tonight it was giving me life! That womans hair stylist, I mean, I’m sure he or she makes quite a bit of money, but they deserve every penny because her hair is flawless. And you should probably follow her on Instagram.

Audition7 - JloHair2 Audition7 - JloHair


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American Idol – Home of the HCJ!

So Harry wanted his hometown to showoff! I mean to be perfectly honest, I wanted that too. Who doesn’t want a night of stellar contestants? Especially after last nights debacle in Minneapolis! Harry clearly cares SO much for his city. And I feel like he has so much more passion for his city than Keith and Jennifer do. In fact, I feel like anyone who’s lived in New Orleans has a distinct love for it unlike any other place people are from. I loved seeing him visit the kids at the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music. There’s a passion for local artists and I genuinely appreciate that passion. Kids need to experience the arts! The thing is though, while I know they’re a musical town, I don’t associate them with singers, just musicians (and famous actors). They can play the instruments all day… vocally, maybe not so much. And starting off the episode with all the horribles was making me fear this would be Minneapolis all over again. Are all the good singers already in big cities? I mean, no city has been as good as NYC this season. I feel like usually that’s not the case… but it’s definitely shaping up to be that way this season. I mean, it’s just a higher concentration of people trying to make it there.

That said, I think there were definitely one or two that I could see in the Top 24 so that was refreshing. I would say there 4 of the 13 we saw get tickets, that at least have a chance at the live shows! This was also the first time this season I really thought they’d give someone a ticket, that they overlooked (don’t worry, I’ll talk about it)

Audition6 - areyoujealous

ok so anyway, lets talk about the faves!

Audition6 - JellyJoseph
Angelica “Jelly”  Joseph – Almost Had it All

Did Harry call her Jelly? Did she tell people she goes by Jelly? Is that a good nickname for Angelica? I can’t decide. I guess if you can pull it off? Ok either way, this was a great performance. Different enough from Adele to be really good and not need to compare the two. I feel like she gave me hints of Fantasia Barrino’s audition/performances (which is most definitely a compliment, and I’m glad she doesn’t have the same speaking voice).

Audition6 - QuentinAlexanderQuentin Alexander – Royals

When JLo says you look “Half tribal/Half pilgrim” and your response is “YOU GOT IT!” well, it confuses me a little. But I appreciate the look. I was just #metrostalking a girl the other day and I thought her look was like, pilgrim meets Annie Hall. I loved it! But anyway… let me get back to Quentin  The thing I always feel guilty about, is that I hate Lorde so much (for an inexplicable reason, too. I genuinely do not know why I don’t like her). I always like her songs, I just don’t like her singing them. I think the only reason they critiqued him as much as they did, was because they want this kid to succeed. He wasn’t bad, I mean clearly I thought he was one of the best of the night being in my Top 4 and all, but I think their critiques were there for a reason, so that he will do better when he gets to Hollywood. I mean, to me as long as he doesn’t do worse, he’s in for me.

Audition6 - MikeyDuranMikey Duran – My Demise

This was one of my favorite original songs (Hollywood’s is still my favorite, and honestly I had a different favorite at the end of the night). I did think he had a weirdly nasaly voice (and I wasn’t alone), but not like a girls nasal. Sorry ladies but I feel like you’re more inclined to be nasaly than guys are. This was a way more unique voice than others I’ve heard. I like him! Hopefully we’ll see him one more time at least 🙂

Audition6 - AdamLasher
Adam “Jimmy Fallon” Lasher – These Shoes

I heard a relative of Santana would be on the show at some point so I guess this is the kid. And honestly, if you’re related to Santana well, that’s a good start, right off the bat! I mean, how bad can you be if you’re playing on stage with Santana? Really. And speaking of how Mikey didn’t have my favorite original song by the end of the night… maybe this was just a night of good original songs because I really liked this one too, lets call these two a tie as far as songwriting is concerned. I don’t really think one is better than the other though. I think they’re both great. And THANK YOU JLo for calling out the Jimmy Fallon similarities. I was thinking exactly the same thing! I even think there are 2 particular Jimmy Fallons that combined, are the perfect Adam Lasher comparison. That would be “Gibb Brother Fallon” and “Springsteen Fallon”

Audition6 - JimmyFallon

 And realistically, if you’re “kind of silly like Jimmy Fallon” like you allege, then I hope you’re around for a good long while! Or at least on Jimmy Fallons show at some point!

Now, as for the rest of the folks (and I’m actually going to talk about 2 people who didn’t make it in, as well, because well, I wanna talk about them dammit)!

First of all, the weird guy who desecrated P.Y.T. – I don’t think you realized the real reason it was important for you to be shown. It definitely wasn’t your atrocious performance. It was because that through you, I found out Ryan and Harry love cookie cake! I LOVE COOKIE CAKE! What’s not to love about celebrities eating?

Audition6 - celebrities eating

Secondly I’d also like to mention a one Sarah Quintana. Reasons I liked her? She looked like Susan Sarandon [currently]. Second, when she said “I appreciate your honesty but I still wanna go to LA”. Well Sarah, I appreciate YOUR honesty! And although your dreams weren’t fulfilled this time (and I have to assume looks wise, that you’re at the age limit), at least you got to live the dream of playing with Harry, and I hope maybe one day you will be able to again!

ok so as for people who actually got tickets:

Tiffany Stringer – Want You Back (by Cher Lloyd)
Wow. Talk about a hyper hypo.  I think she’s got what JLo would call a “pop voice” because she definitely didn’t really sing that song. I agreed with Harry that it wasn’t vocally strong enough. And honestly, while I hadn’t seen Sarah yet, I was ultimately very bitty that they’d give this chick a ticket, and not Sarah. I mean, come on. Keith, you really let me down on this one. I blame you having daughters! haha. Although wait, Harry has all daughters too and he said no. So ok, now I’m just mad at you.


Greyson Turner – Chasing Shadows
Aw, a little zit faced Phillip Phillips. I don’t know how much I liked him singing the song he wrote. But the things is, I liked him, I liked his voice, and I liked the song lyrics. It’s just the way he moved his mouth and whatnot… it was kind of weird, no? I do always give more credit to people who write their own songs and they’re actually good.

Of the three montage girls, Nalani Quintello (Counting Stars), Tori Martin (something) and Hope Windel (Stupid Boy)  I only really liked the second girl’s voice, but I HATED her look. God please do something about that kitschy terribleness. and while I can see why Tori made it through, it doesn’t make me happy about it. Also, I hate that name Tori – blame Tori Spelling – and this girl was such a perfect “Tori” for me to hate. The name makes me think of the Heathers. I don’t even know how the Tan Mom of contestants made it through. And as for Hope, I liked her look and her voice wasn’t terrible by any means, I just think that she was a little overwhelmed by the situation (to quote JLo) and needed another year or two under her belt. She’s only 16, the girls got time.

Ricky Dale Hendricks – Thunder Rolls
Why didn’t he just say “I’m from West Monroe, where the Duck Dyansty guys are from” – it must be because it’s not a Fox show? If that’s where I was from I’d probably wear a shirt saying something to that effect. Anyway, so remember how I said that Jelly did good because she was different enough for me to not compare her Adele? The opposite is true for Ricky. I was 100% comparing this to Garth and it DID NOT hold up for me. Was he bad? No. Definitely not. But he’s not Garth Brooks. I hope he picks some better songs for Hollywood, which is probably going to be the last place we see him, if we even see him there. I think Harry was foreboding asking how he’d do in a ring with Mike Tyson…

Dakota “Bianca Jade” Suarez – Dog Days are Over
Ok here’s the thing with Dakota – actually – this is just my thing with drag queens. It drives me crazy that a lot of them CAN sing, and yet, they ALWAYS lip sync to the songs. As for Dakota, I wouldn’t have put him through, but he’s definitely good enough to sing in a drag show, FOR SURE. At least he got the right door to leave out of. It’s a step in the right direction. Literally. In true dragulousness, I loved how he left us “You better watch out because Dakota is in the house, and Imma step on people “ and I also LOVED Savion’s response:

Audition6 - DakotaSavion

Erica Washington – Halo
Erica was fine. She has a good tone, she picked a great song, and she’s really pretty. That said, something tells me we won’t see her past Hollywood week.

Now finally, in case you were wondering who the worlds favorites are right now, here’s a look at the contestants from this week!

 Audition56 - MyPicks1

Audition56 - AllPicks1

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American Idol – Minneapolis Snoozefest

So did anyone else look like me last night? I dare say it was almost difficult to write this post. I was pretty Chatty Kathy while talking to some friends about the show last night, but upon trying to remember the favorites from last night I feel like I’m almost at a loss. This show was pretty much a snoozer, no?

snooze andy cohen

I remember some of the bad contestants, but really only one or two come to mind from Minneapolis, as even worth remembering. I do remember the trio of weirdly named girls (Ovens/Noe’l/Guns), and that there was a girl who shot a bear… but other than that, man was that show a drag. I think had I not been talking to my friends, I might’ve genuinely fallen asleep.

I also know that for a solid 10 minutes of the show I was waxing poetic on whether or not I like JLo. She’s always been kind of a thorn in my side on Idol (never to the extent of Randy or Mariah) but still. I never liked her. That said, I feel like her no’s this season have been just as spot on as Harry’s. The other reason, I’m sure, that influenced my change in tune was finishing my spirit animal, Andy Cohen’s book a few months ago (which I HIGHLY recommend if you love pop culture) when he talks about the first time he had her on the show and how he thought she’d be this huge diva but she was totally down to earth, and then she came back to cheer on her BFF Leah Remini and he said again, she was just Jenny from the Block. And her whole talk tonight acknowledging she isn’t the best singer? I mean, no true diva would do that. So maybe I don’t hate her? Maybe we could be cool. I mean, if Andy likes her I’m sure I would. Honestly if I ever met her I’d probably be stunned into silence by her beauty and just stare at her. That’s kind of my M.O. for meeting celebrities.


So, basically any time I go off into these dream worlds in my mind, I know the show is kind of a stinker because good TV will hold my attention. So with that lets talk about my favorites and then the rest of the show.

I’m not sure there was Top 24 talent tonight but there were definitely 2 (maybe 3 now that I’ve had a chance to re-watch the performances) that at least have a tiny chance of making it through Hollywood week.

Oh also first and foremost, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t trust people with 2 first names (but since I’m sure these aren’t their actual last names, I’m going to assume these two are fine upstanding citizens).

Vanessa Andrea – Some Kind of Wonderful

Look folks, I know I say “lead with your song” but I mean, I’m not heartless. I was totes crying when she started crying thinking about her husband. It looked to me like genuinely unexpected emotion, which I understand, and definitely have more compassion for. And, lucky for you, Vanessa, the singing was wonderful (even after just crying! I can’t wait to hear you sing when you’re in a better state of mind)! I will say her devotion to Keith creeped me out just a bit but hopefully that dies down like it did for Lauren Alaina and Steven Tyler. That still gives me the heebeejeebees. Actually that whole judging panel still gives me PTSD flashbacks.

Audition5 - MarkAndrew
Mark Andrews – Soulshine/Be Like You

I mean come on, how you gonna sing a song from the Jungle Book and have me NOT like you? I LOVE YOU! Also I thought the age cutoff was 26? Did he say he’s 29? I actually liked Soulshine more, but I like anyone that does a playful song [well]. He could be the Phillip Phillips of this season (I still swoon over his rendition of Thriller, and I forget about his southern twang. Now THAT GUY, is an Idol).

Also I’m pretty sure he was on Shakira’s team on The Voice (I like him more with the guitar).  Who knows though, he could be it. If anyone is making it to the Top 24 from tonight, I genuinely think it’ll be him.

The OK’s of Minneapolis: I’m going to just keep these folks to 140 characters.

Shannon Berthiaume – House of the Rising Sun
She was fine, and looks like a young Emma Stone, but she deserved a “Not Ready Yet” response. Three words: Control your tone.

As for the 3 weirdly named girls…

Morgan Ovens (Hand in my Pocket) I think you were good? You were certainly my favorite of the montage-d.

Gabrielle Noe’l (Lovesong) You know you took those runs from Candice Glover… but it was a spot on impersonation. I wish Jlo hadn’t been telling her story over you (not your fault. The producers just clearly need someone talking over someone else, ever night, so even when the judges aren’t talking over people, they’re montaging it so that they talk over people. Lovely).

Courtney Guns (Independence Day) I was too obsessed with your last name/song choice to really focus.

Zach Johnson – Don’t Close Your Eyes
Why are they asking you to sing w/o an accent? Keith doesn’t have a southern accent, and he sings with one! #doesntmatter #lasttimeillseeyou

Aaron Bissell – Not sure?
I don’t even know what you sang, but you sounded ok. Here’s hoping I get another listen.

Cindy Jo Scholer – Crazy
You kill a bear, You get a ticket. She’s kind of a screamer. And the beat up bear costume afterward was stupid.

Jacob Tolliver – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On/Stay With Me
Great pianist. He’d be so fun at Howl at the Moon. He would not be fun on Idol. He’s a mimick. Maybe something I’m not seeing #timewilltell

Hanna Mozrak – Somethings Got a Hold on Me
Definitely not terrible. Her voice can’t be 16. Maybe that’ll peek out later but for now I’m glad she’s in!

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American Idol – Welcome to New York, I’ve Been Waiting for You!

This was a great night of music. There was so much talent, it really gave me hope for this season! And it was fun! It was a fun night. I felt like not having Keith there, kind of kept Harry in check a little bit. His jokes were funny without being annoying/over the top. Adam was great (I’ll talk about him more later)

I dare say that they were a little too heavy handed with their golden tickets tonight, which surprised me because I really thought Adam would be (and to some extent he was) more critical than Keith is. I think they could’ve given out about 5 less than they actually did, but nevertheless, I’m happy all the folks I really liked got one. And if that means some bad apples singers made it in, well, so be it.

So, lets start with my favorites! I couldn’t pick a total favorite, as all of my favorite contestants were pretty great! So lets just go with how they appeared on the show!

Audition4 - Jax
Jax – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

So everyone I watched this with was ready to give this girl her ticket the second they heard her fathers story. I waited until I saw her sitting at the piano to declare my fondness for her. This performance reminded me a lot of a one Kurt Hummel.

God damn that episode was a tear jerker! #gleememories

I do agree with JLo regarding Jax’ shy confidence. I think that’s an excellent quality. WE WANT MORE!

Audition4 - NajahLewis
Najah Lewis – Payphone

When I hear someone is going to sing Payphone, I’m always hoping it’s the Gaga/Beyonce one, and not the Maroon 5 one. I’m just not a fan. Give me Moves Like Jagger any day! That said, if Payphone sounded like Najah’s version…

Audition4 - Get it Girl

Adam Lambert – Bohemian Rhapsody

YES! Can we pick Adam Lambert again? Is that an option? Please? And as for Adam Lambert on the show in general… how much did I love him?


I absolutely LOVED his audition and was mad he doesn’t intend to compete all over again. I mean, he’s a shoo-in this season! Don’t get me wrong, I was team Kris Allen when he won, but I always thought Adam would win. What are the odds I could get an “American Idol: All-Stars competition” for all the folks who didn’t win? I mean, Adam would totally win that. I also think that in a hypothetical world where this new mentor is terrible and I hate him, I’d like to petition Adam Lambert to be a new mentor on the show. I just need to see more of him on my television, basically.

Audition4 - TravisFinlayTravis Finlay – Stay

My opinion before he started singing: Ok ok, so you got into Berkelee, lovely. Say that after your song.
My opinion while he was singing…

little rascals

Well helloooo Travis… blink blink…. Swoon!

Audition4 - HollywoodAnderson
Hollywood Anderson – Original Song (My Best Friend)

This guy was hitting on all fronts tonight. I love a (good) original song and this is one I feel like I’d download immediately upon availability (and I’ve got a $25 itunes gift card just burning a hole in my pocket). I’m also pretty much SUPER jealous of his girlfriend. PLEASE make it to the live shows buddy! I need more of you in my life. I think we were all JLo during this audition. The only thing I felt bad about was how he kind of left his mentor hanging. At least they hugged it out as they left the room. Maybe he was my real favorite. I feel like more emotions come to mind talking about him, than anyone we’ve talked about this season.

Now, as for the rest of the folks:

J. None (and Mr. Crispy) – My Perogative

I actually really liked this kid. Great song choice, lovely voice and a cute little story (I too still have my childhood stuffed animal, and while I don’t carry him around on the reg, I do appreciate the attachment). I hope this guy doesn’t fall through the cracks, as he doesn’t seem like an “out there” personality. Side note – I’d like to know how he got his name.

Tion Phillips – If I Was Your Man

I have to say that a good song goes a long way in an audition, and Tion definitely picked the right song, for me. And then he brings JLo a flower – come on. Adorable.

Shi Scott – Valerie

All I could think of when she kept saying she pronounced her name “she” was –

Ok so anyway, Shi. Here’s the thing, you had a great song. You’ve got that bluesy tone down PAT. But girl, get it together my love. Off the bat you’re talking about how you don’t have a lot of experience singing in front of people. Then you kind of almost freak out right before you perform, and then during your performance, you seemed just as nervous. The thing is, you’re only 19. Maybe practice in front of people a few more times and try out next year? You weren’t bad, you just need more experience.

this concerns me

Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke

Oh Qaasim. I’m SOO happy they gave you a ticket. Not because of your voice, but because if they showed my mother talking about how I was still a virgin, on a huge TV show, I better at least get a ticket! I do find it someone ironic that apparently this kid actually appeared on a show called “The Naked Brothers Band”. Then I realized it was a Nickelodeon show… and I’m only more confused. He was also on an HBO Documentary called “The Music in Me” and already has a Wikipedia page. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you made it once Wikipedia knew who you were, no? Long story short, I’m a fan.

Adam Ezegelian – Fake Chris Sligh – Born to be Wild; I’m Yours

All we hear (the group I watch Idol with) is Jack Black from Kung Fu Panda. However, I still loved him. I mean, I love singing Jack Black, so why can’t I love singing Fake Chris Sligh?

Audition4 - AdamEChris

L: Chris S. – R: Alex E.

Nick Fradiani – In Your Eyes

So, since his girlfriend (I believe probably ex-girlfriend at this point) didn’t make it, is he going to get those pity points from the swaybots that control the live shows? If he makes it that far, sure. I actually thought both he and his (possibly ex-) girlfriend, should’ve made it through. Sorry Yanni.

Blonde Ambition

Of the trio of blondes, I feel like the only one worth keeping was Maddie Walker (Suitcase). As for Courtney Zahn (Classic) and Jackie Ness (Born This Way)… I’ve already forgotten them. But congrats on the ticket. Jackie, consider yourself on that list of folks I’m surprised got tickets. I also added Katherine Winton (If I Didn’t Know Better) because she’s blonde, and I didn’t really write anything about her because I thought she was a no along with the montage folks.

Now, as promised, the folks I was shocked and dismayed to see get tickets, but who I will tolerate because something tells me this’ll be the last I see of them…

Sal, the New Yorker – Fly Me to the Moon

Why he shouldn’t have got the ticket: He’s fine, he has a nice voice. But he’ll never make it, and if he did make it, he’d just be another Taylor Hicks. He can make a lot of money in Italian restaurants around NYC and I think that is probably where he should fit into the music scene.  How did this kid get a ticket, and how is he only 19?

James Killian Dunn – Latch

I did not like this. Plain and simple. Having he and Tion go together I only feared they were both no’s. It was a touch unfortunate that they were both yeses but I stand by my previous statement. I’ll take James if that means I get Tion.

Eric Lopez – The Show Must Go On

My only note:  what just happened

Michael Slezak’s only note:

Audition4 - EricLopezSlezak

And because this post just isn’t quite long enough, I just wanted to throw this little tid bit in there:

(during J. None) I thought the best line from this audition would come from Harry, asking “Ever thought your asthma is from that dirty bear?” but it was actually from Adam, who when told by the bear/Harry “Adam Lambert is handsome” and he retorts “I’m not into bears” – I definitely laughed out loud at that one. Runner up for funniest quote – “That’s so weird” “I’m not the one that brought the bear in”.

And wit that, we look forward to next week and the northern land of Minneapolis, MN!


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American Idol – Bus Tour Candidates

So, first I would like to talk about something that has always bothered me on American Idol, and then talk about how I may’ve changed my mind. I want to talk about the people who are now trying out for their 3rd or 4th times. It’s always bothered me and to some extent, I kind of always hoped they’d just give up, or get discovered by some other avenue. I mean, I completely understand trying out a second time. But the 3rd and 4th just befuddle me. Do you just want to be on TV that badly? Especially when it’s the same judges. Then, I was watching Wolf Blitzer on WWHL and they were talking about who would run for president, and Wolf said it wouldn’t surprise him to see Mitt run for a 3rd time, to which Andy Cohen asked why he would even try for a 3rd. Wolf responded that Reagan won on his 3rd attempt at running so nothing is out of the realm of possibility. So, I’ve changed my mind. Go ahead and run a 3rd time. I’m still against a 4th attempt or anything more than that. And also, in case you were wondering, Eugene V. Debs ran the most times. 5. And he never won. So just remember candidates on Idol, do you really want to be known as the Eugene V. Debs of American Idol? Also if you really want to nerd out politically, here’s a great article.

*** Nerd rant trying to correlate American Idol to the Presidential Electoral Process, OVER***

I genuinely couldn’t decide if tonight was fun, or annoying. I lean towards fun. It walked a very fine line. If Fun/Annoying was a pro-con list, it would look like this:

Audition3 - Fun-Annoying

That’s basically it. I think. Overall I think there were more times I had fun, than times I was annoyed. I was happy to see that in a single hour we saw 11 people get a golden ticket, as opposed to only 6 last Wednesday night. As per the usual. I have a solid Top 3 from tonight.

Audition3 - JoeyCook
Joey Cook – King of Spain

I’m not gonna lie, this girl was giving me some mad Kezban vibes. I don’t say that as an insult or a compliment, but I think, as a warning. I LOVED Kezban’s audition, but by group night, her weirdness was too overwhelming and she couldn’t hang (and her voice suffered – and I think Kezbans voice was better than this girl). I fear this will most likely happen to Ms. Cook as well, but time will tell.

Audition3 - YouinDangerGirl


Side note, I did like her line about her “voice box” not being connected to her “squeeze box” or something to that effect.

Alexis Gomez – Little White Church

I hated Alexis’ package, but I loved her performance. The way she said “actually” when talking about how her grandparents still live in Mexico… so that makes her more Mexican and less country…? I’m not sure what she was trying to show there? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she was the one who Keith said just didn’t live up to the other country singers they’ve seen and that she has a tough road to climb… I think that was her, if not, that’s still how I feel about her. That said, I definitely think she deserved a ticket more than a few other country crooners on tonight who also got tickets.

Audition3 - AntonBushner
Anton Bushner – Tonight I Wanna Cry

The lone gentleman in my top 3, and a gentleman he was! What a great guy. I loved everything about his voice (speaking and singing), his grace towards the judges, his smile, but I’m nervous about his nerves! I really hope he can hold it together and make it to the live show, and I really hope I don’t regret saying that.

Honorable Mention – Ellen Peterson – I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart

I think Ellen, while not my personal favorite, has a lot of potential to be Top 24 material. She’s got a fantastic (albeit shy) voice, and she’s got experience in her family bluegrass band so that should hopefully help any nerves she might get. I think there are probably a lot of people that liked her more than I did. Which is not to say I didn’t like her, but I think she’s one of the ones that could use another year. I hope I’m wrong though. That said, she’s one of the people that, because she got a ticket, I think Alexis deserved her ticket (same for our girl Stephanie).

And now for the rest of the contestants!

Big Ron – Let’s Get it On

I really liked this guy when he walked in singing Jenny from the Block. I didn’t like when he sang Let’s Get it On, as his actual song. It just drove me crazy how Harry and Keith just talked over it the whole time. I find that so annoying when the person isn’t terrible. I get it when the kid doesn’t even have a chance, but this guy wasn’t bad. It’s just more proof the show feels like the judges are more important than the contestants, to let this happen. That said, I’m glad they at least let him through, and that Big Ron acknowledged that the judges were being rude. Way to have the balls to day it, buddy.


How I assume the contestants feel…

Stephanie Gummelt – Original Song

Stephanie… darling, you’re adorable. Your voice gives me little chills from it’s weird squeaking pitch, but your singing voice was actually quite different and very enjoyable, albeit incredibly subtle. I liked her song a lot, but like Harry, I think she could use a little more experience, both with singing and with living. I did love her obsession with Steve Perry though. And I’m glad she acknowledges that he’s entirely too old for her.

Kholton Pascal – Original Song

Here’s the thing with this guy. He’s got a lot not going for him already and I think Hollywood week will literally be throwing him to the wolves. His voice is ok. His story is definitely sad. But he’s in no way Top 24 material. He’s what we in the group chat I have during Idol, “Bus 1 material” – you’ll recall last year all the sad folks that got sent home on Bus 1 before they even made it off the taramac. It was sad. And if they do it again, it’s going to happen to Kholton.

And as always there was a montage of Ashley Lusk (Boondocks), Josh Sanders (Washed Away by the Water) and Casey Thrasher (Who I Am With You), who I definitely remember from last year (he was with Dexter and Ben Briley on Group Night)! Josh’s name kind of sounds familiar too but I don’t recognize his face (yup, he was on for Heejun’s season! And he was in group night with Caleb Johnson one of the years he tried out before last year). I did think all 3 sounded worthy of their golden ticket, I just don’t think I heard enough of any of them to call them a favorite of the night. And to add to the montage paragraph, there was also the “pre-post commercial break guy”, Cedric. I was sure he wouldn’t make it, but Zack was positive he would. Then rubbed it in my face when he was right… but we’ll see if we see him at all after this. I mean, they didn’t even give the guy a last name.

Final side note of the night, what did you all think about Ashley Stehle? The girl with the deaf parents whose dad could finally hear her sing, and subsequently hear her go home? Ugh… this is why you shouldn’t bring people in the room with you (unless you’re blind).

Also in case you were wondering, I like to check out this poll Michael Slezak does after all his articles to see who everyone is favoriting. First, my picks:

Audition3 - MyPick

And then what the masses think:

Audition3 - AllPicks

Seems America mostly agrees with me, minus the Emily Peterson thing, but she’d probably be in my Top 3 if I didn’t think Alexis was just a little more mature and ready for the competition.

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American Idol – Kansas City by way of Nashville

It should be noted that I now have a hatred for a city I thought I was totally cool with, but when the O’s were swept by the Royals in the ALCS, well, things change*. As for the contestants, I was much happier to see 21 people perform. I don’t know how great I think any of them were, nobody floored me (that I haven’t seen before). That said there’s some definite talent in this group. Top 24 talent for sure!

Since there were so many contestants, I’m going to write about my Top 5 (and my favorite), and then I’ll write about the rest. So lets get this party started!

Audition2 - KellyKime T5

Hope Kime – Let It Go

Man I bet that piano player was just waiting to make some kids night. And this ever humble 4 year old was ready for it. This kid was so completely ready for Hollywood (and yet she was so humble). God love her. I’m mostly just surprised she actually knew all the words… says the girl who’s brain is 75% song lyrics…

Kelley Kime – Sunday Morning

“I was really hoping you could sing” – Harry.


Yup. I think that about sums it up for me. I actually thought she was one of the best of the night, excluding her daughters performance. I’d definitely put her in my Top 5, so here she is!

Audition2 - GarrettMiles T5

Garrett “Mr. Not Even Nervous” Miles – Proud Mary (and Como La Flor)

I was pretty glad to see he was blind, after wondering why his dad was so weirdly close to him. I really liked this kid a LOT. He was kind, fun, definitely didn’t seem to have the nerves yet (those’ll come, buddy) And then he drops some Selena! Then, I could not remember for the life of me what his name was, but I was really excited about him.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 8.59.04 PM

Welcome to my Top 5 Garrett!


I just have to say, so I don’t sound hypocritical… I know I always say, “lead with your song, not your story” (A Michael Slezak montra!). That said, as long as your song is good, I’m willing to let it slide. He was really good. I’m already worried about songs he doesn’t know, for Hollywood week. That said, I almost think he might be better at picking up songs because he learns by hearing them instead of reading them. I have to imagine that’s how he learned to play guitar. Scotty did it in Season 8, so never say it can’t be done!

Audition2 - CodyFry T5

Cody Fry – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Well Cody was lovely. I don’t remember much I didn’t like about his performance, but I also don’t remember much of it in general. My only note was about his loveliness. Mostly because I was distracted from the conversation about how his spiel sounded something like a dating service, and then thinking it would be an interesting dating service where you get to do a little interview and then they sing for you. That actually sounds like perfection. Also he looks like my friend Biscuit.

Audition2 - SarinaJoiCrowe T5

Sarina Joi Crowe (I always wanna add Shapiro… why?) – Does it Matter? 

Yup, she can sing. For the 4th time, she can sing. We all know she’s great, we’re all always surprised when she doesn’t make the live show. I wish I had more to say about her. Looking her up to see what I remembered about her in the past, I did come across Big Crazy Barb (man I miss that lady, and Nicki Minaj on Idol). Definitely Top 5, if there was any doubt.

Audition2 - JessLamb T5

Jess Lamb – Aint No Sunshine (KC Audition)

Rounding out my Top 5, you know I love a piano player. She’s clearly one of the oldest contestant and god I feel terrible saying a 28 year old looks “older” but that’s what happens when you see 15 girls before her who aren’t even 20. Either way, her soul was so evident in her music and I just freaking loved her. I don’t know how she’ll do when she isn’t sitting behind a piano, she looks the type that could be lost in Hollywood week, but I promise to keep my eyes peeled for her!

And now, my overall favorite, of the night and of the week,


SAVION WRIGHT!!! Change the World

Man, talk about a guy I really wanted to see through to the live shows! You’ll recall my outrage from last season!



That said, I think he used what he got from his critics last season and came back even stronger! Also whatever he did with his hair, well, shaved it off, that was a smart move. I just loved him, and I genuinely hope he makes it to the live show!

Audition2 - TheRest

Andrew Annello – Signed Sealed Delivered (and My Girl)

This guy… My brain went to Dexter (from last season) mixed with Jack Black, without his sense of humor. Keith calling him a caricature was a perfect analogy. He made me genuinely uncomfortable and is in no way anyone I want to see on my television. I liked him a lot more when he sang My Girl, but I really in no way thought this kid was going to get 3 yesses.

Loren Lott – Treasure (and Saving All My Love)

I don’t like to judge a book by its cover but Lauren is GORG. She has such a welcoming presence (in waves compared to the former contestant). I don’t know about the voice, but she would be great in a girl group. “You sound like an actress who is singing” – that’s the way I wanted to react to Riley, from yesterday. But, I do feel that way about Loren as well. I mean, let her go to Hollywood. It’s a cheap ticket.

 Trevor Douglas – Sing

Well the fact that he plays outside One Direction concerts shows he knows where his bread is buttered. He sings Ed Sheeran… Remember how, well I’ve said it before, how if you can remember the better version of the original performance, then this one isn’t really good. Yeah, that for this. He’s not bad, just not as good. Personally I think I would’ve just picked a different song because I don’t think he’s a bad singer, this just wasn’t his song. I’m glad the judges are letting him through to give it another shot.

 Clark Beckham – This is a Mans World

I kind of like this kid. More than the judges I suppose. In this regard I think I’m glad JLo was the yes, but if he hadn’t made it I wouldn’t have been crushed or anything. Slezak liked it so I can’t be too wrong, but I don’t think I think as highly of him. I did think he has great emotion in his voice which I do enjoy in a contestant so as long as he keeps it up he may grow on me.

Gina “Drummer Girl“ Vinier – Put Your Gun Down

Yeah. You know I love a contestant with a schtick. And by schtick I mean, plays with a piano, but I’m down for the drums as well. There was another contestant that was a big drummer but his name escapes me.

Alex Shier – I See Fire

I don’t know this guys name but I saw his face before, and knew he was in before I even heard him sing. I hate spoilers, I just saw his face on some American Idol thing I was reading. See my previous comment about Ed Sheeran songs. This one wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was more different from Ed Sheerans version, which I appreciated.

Lovey James – Break Free (KC Audition)

I like her but she has a weird way of pronouncing words. Her words seemed to hang around longer than her mouth was moving. It was bizarre.

Also hanging around was a little 3 person montage of Alison Peritikos (Cowboy Take Me Away), Jake Black (Lego House – 3rd Ed Sheeran song tonight!) and Steffi Ledbetter (Back to Black). I didn’t write anything about the 3 of them, but if they make it on TV during Hollywood Week, I promise to bring them up again. Also, if you’re looking for some other people I didn’t write about, look no further than these remaining contestants! From Nashville we had Piper Jones (Mama Knows Best), Hector Montenegro (Too Close) who is actually a phenomenal singer #thatpresentationtho… And then there were the KC folks I didn’t talk about. That’d be Zach Kaltenbach (Grenade), Naomi Tatsouka (Someone Like You) – the only note I had for her was “Tequila Tuesdays must be rough”, and Jhameel (Buy You a Drink). Again, if I see you again, I promise to write more about you!


*I don’t actually hate the Royals or the lovely people of Kansas City. How can I hate a place that Paul Rudd and Eric Stonestreet love so much? I can’t. 

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American Idol – Nashville Auditions

Well folks, with the first episode of Idol in the books, we have officially started Season 14! Let’s get into talking about tonights performers.


I’ll say that vocally, I didn’t have a favorite. No one really WOWed me tonight. Which is a little unfortunate. Was it just me or was it a little lacking in the talent department? I wouldn’t say I didn’t see any “Top 24” folks, but I didn’t see any winners in this bunch. Tonight is 2 glorious hours (whether we like it or not) so maybe they saved these folks for tonight? You’ve gotta have some stellar performances to keep me around for 2 hours.

Let’s start with the folks I liked (in show order, not in order of my love for them), and then we’ll talk about the folks I’m ambivalent about (I won’t say they were bad because I don’t think anyone that got a ticket had a truly bad performance tonight).

Audition1 - RileyBriaRiley Bria – Georgia Woods

I mean, of course you’re going to sing a Keith Urban song (I assumed this is a Keith Urban song… thanks for the confirmation Google). Nice that Keith actually remembered him. I mean, if you’re going to a Grammy summer camp, you can’t be that bad, right? And he wasn’t. I really enjoyed his performance, more at the end than the beginning but there’s nothing wrong with that. He was by far the best performer of the night, and a good enough singer to definitely warrant the ticket.

Audition1 - PriscillaBarker
Priscilla Barker – Delta Dawn

Here’s the thing with Priscilla. I loved her. I thought she was 15 or something but then it pops up that she’s 19! Her voice certainly sounds more like the 19 year old. Her personality won me over almost immediately. Honestly though, I think even if she was terrible I’d have given her the golden ticket for having to sit through Harry Connick Jrs Sasquatch impersonation, alone. #dadjokes

Audition1 - KoryWheeler
Kory Wheeler – I Can’t Make You Love Me

You know how sometimes you like or hate people because they look like someone you like or hate? No? Just me (I do it with names too, not just looks. Sorry anyone named Jonathan)? Well for better or worse, this happened to Kory. Actually for him it was good because he looks like a friend of mine from high school that I like, so that translated well for Kory. I don’t like the Kardashian spelling of his name, but I’m sure there’ll be worse names for me to pour over as the auditions wear on, and if that’s the only bad thing I have to say about him, he’s probably going somewhere. Hopefully past Hollywood week. I will say I liked his style of singing, more than his actual singing, but if he goes back and works on it, I think he’s got some potential.

Audition1 - MichaelSimeon
Michael Simeon – Stay With Me

Well it looks like the first of what I think will be the overplayed songs of the season, came with Michaels’ Sam Smith performance. But do I even remember his performance, frankly no. For me, and probably the rest of the world, his performance started with the slow dance between him and JLo while Keith and Harry were on instruments in the background. I wonder if Harry and Keith have ever thought about touring together because that would probably be a good show! I will say that he clearly has a girlfriend though, and if I were her, I’d be pretty pissed about that whole JLo dance thing.

Audition1 - EmilyBrooke
Emily Brooke – Blown Away

The final, and for me, I think the best performance of the night. If I had to pick between her and Priscilla (which someone will have to do eventually), I’d go with Emily. She’s got drive, she’s got a great voice, and she knows how to put in the hard work from the sound of it. I mean, to perform a Carrie Underwood song and not immediately think “Carrie sang that better” is a huge compliment to her talents.

Now lets talk about the others…

Audition1 - CameronBidell
Cameron Bedell – You Are the Best Thing

I could’ve sworn I’d seen Cameron before. I looked left and right trying to figure out if he’d been on any other reality TV but I couldn’t find anything, so maybe he just looks like someone else. His voice definitely didn’t sound familiar (his weird baby speaking voice that is). He just seemed like a kid that’s pretty good, but that I’m probably never going to see again. He’s got a beautiful smile though, and he can sing in my coffee shop, anytime.

Audition1 - AmberKelechiWalker
Amber Kelechi (Walker) – Heartbreak Hotel

Amber Amber Amber. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times.


That said, Amber is of the “I think you could benefit from a year or two more of experience”. I understand JLo wanting to get her out of the hood, or however she phrased it. That said, you can tell her she did a good job but needs a little more training. You’re just giving her a ticket to Hollywood so you can say no in the next round, and what does that help her? No bueno.

Best convo of the night:

Keith – “She doesn’t sound safe at all”   Priscilla – “No she’s safe, we’ve trained her”
You’ve trained her? Is she a German Shepherd?

Best Instagram picture:

Hey dreamboat! Where were you on my television? God Bless an Instagram filter!

Audition1 - KoryWheeler

Best thing I found when doing some digging on the contestants:
While doing a little online looking at Cameron, I did see he’s clearly won something before, for something related to music, so he can’t be that bad, right?

Audition1 - CameronMoney

GIF that explains my feelings towards this episode: 



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American Idol – Back Tonight! And why I’ll still watch…

Well folks, I know I’ve been pretty dormant the last few months but if anything can bring me out from under my rock, it’s a new season of Idol! It’s crazy, I know. How can I still be obsessed with this show? Well, they’ve done a couple of things that have me pretty jazzed.


After years of begging and pleading, and one season of the worst career move of the century (who on earth thought Randy Jackson could mentor ANYBODY??) they’ve let him out to pasture. Hopefully to never be seen again, at least on this show. I’ll always miss Jimmy Iovine. He was just the best. I really hope he left the show and wasn’t fired because I just don’t understand how he could lose a job he did so well, to a guy who’s main critique is “that’s a little pitchy dawg”. So now that he’s gone, we welcome Mr. Scott Borchetta.


This new mentor seems to have some cred and a pretty solid resume. Most notably to me, he discovered Taylor Swift! Although he looks like a super creep in most pictures he’s taken with her.

49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Red Carpet

He’s also a mostly country guy, which may or may not bode well for the non-country acts on idol, but at the same time Taylor Swift is most certainly a crossover talent, so if he can discover/mentor her, then I think it’s safe to say we’re safe in his hands. Only time will tell. I’m sure I’ll have some immediate impressions of him once we start seeing him on the live shows, but honestly, who could be worse than Randy Jackson? Hopefully I don’t eat my words. If anything he’ll just be equally as bad, but I hope he’s not.


I’m always excited for the new songs people will try out with/sing on the show. I often listen to songs and think how I’d like them to be covered. Sometimes I just look up youtube covers (here’s a sample and here’s another) to see what’s going on in the world of rising musicians. Personally, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Ed Sheeran (the first person to sing Thinking Out Loud well, will probably be my instant favorite), Sam Smith, Taylor (obviously), and of course Let It Go.  I mean, I think we’re naive to think that won’t be the number one audition song of the season. I’m almost positive we’ll see troubadour versions of All About that Base, and probably Fancy while they’re at it (and dare we see an Anaconda? Haha. I can’t imagine). I’d say Ed Sheeran too, but he’s practically a troubadour as it is, so we’ll just stick with covers of his songs. The twist will probably be that it’ll be women singing them.

I’ve also been trying to listen to a lot of new music lately. I felt so out of the loop last year watching the show and all the people singing songs I had never heard of (who was Avicii?). The most streamed song on Vevo was actually one I’d never heard. Ever heard of Rather Be by Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne? Me neither, but it’s a good song!


Finally, there’s the change in format. From what I hear, when the live performances start, they’re slimming back to one night a week! I’m thrilled. I’ve thought for a while now that Idol is just too long. It’s too much of a time commitment. And when someone who genuinely likes the show is saying that, you know it’s bad. You just can’t commit that much time of your life to a single show (unless it’s LOST) I’m not entirely sure how that’ll work with the voting off of contestants. I have to assume they’ll just start voting people off first thing. That’s my hope anyway. I know Dancing With the Stars changed their format in the same way but they don’t announce who goes home until the end which is infuriating. You shouldn’t have to perform another night if it’s already known you won’t be on the show (by the producers anyway).

So there you have it. As always, I come to this new season bright eyed and bushy tailed and home I don’t become crestfallen. But you know a good contestant will keep me going for a long time!


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