American Idol – Winner, Winner – Part II

If  you’d asked me at the end of the finale who I thought was going to win, based on performances, I’d say Jena, but based on the judges opinions/the way Ryan was speaking to the contestants, it seemed pretty obvious that Caleb was the favorite. So when he was announced the winner, it wasn’t all that surprising. Just a little depressing. There’s a little thing that I’m quite biased about, for better or worse. I don’t like contestants who’ve had to try out multiple times, to be on the show. I do realize it’s a bias and it’s probably the wrong opinion to have, especially seeing some of the judging panel over the last few years… but it’s my opinion, and it is what it is. So in that regard, I was still team Jena at the end of everything. So I guess maybe I did care a little bit about who won.

But let’s talk about the super fun finale night! Complete with Zack’s comments (in red) on the show (when he decided to speak up)

Before the show started: Wait – it’s 2 hours? Seriously? But wasn’t it on yesterday?

Oh how naive you are about Finale shows, my love.


Jena and Caleb sing We Will Rock You, I’m Just a Girl and It’s Only Love

This performance really set the stage, so to speak, for the night to come. It was so fun, they sang wonderfully and the judges weren’t even on stage to muck things up! There’s nothing better than the singers being on screen the whole time, singing without the fear of being cut-away-from, to show all of JLo’s emotions. This might have been my favorite performance of the night, just for that reason! Ok it’s not, but still. You get my drift.


Sam Woolf and Phillip Phillips singing Home and Raging Fire.

Hey it’s Phillip Roberts! Phillip Phillips

It was weird how little they had Sam sing. I wouldn’t even really say he sang with PP so much as he introduced him, by briefly singing Home, and then Phillip busting out a fantastic new song.

Wow that guy (Philip) is way better than that other guy (Sam). 

Agreed. That guy knows how to put on a show. He’s slowly creeping up as my favorite Idol winner! Though Kelly still has my heart in that regard.

Fox's "American Idol" XIII Finale - Show

Jessica Meuse and Jennifer Nettles singing That Girl and Wrecking Ball

This lady (Jennifer Nettles) looks like your cousin (Meghan – for the family reading this)

 This was by far my favorite vocal duo. I thought the whole thing was fantastic and it gives me more hope for Jess as a performer. Jessica should’ve sung Wrecking Ball sometime earlier in the season. Maybe she sang it in her audition at some point? It’s not a song I would’ve thought of her to sing, but I thought she and Jennifer did an amazing job! Way to go!

It made your latter performances where you looked awkward standing a midst a group of girls, forgettable. This performance will be how I remember her, for sure! It was most definitely her best performance of the season.

These two are a way better pairing because I didn’t even notice it wasn’t who was supposed to be singing with her

Side note – Jennifer Nettles kind of sounds like Linda Rondstadt. She could easily cover Total Eclipse of the Heart. Get on that Jen!


Caleb Johnson and KISS singing Love Gun and Shout It Out Loud

Ok so this was a really fun performance. Personally, KISS freaks me out. Those tongues… the makeup… the shoes… there’s so much about it that I just frankly find weird… That said, Detroit Rock City is a fantastic movie! Of the two songs Caleb sang I liked Shout It Out Loud more, but that’s probably just because I don’t know the song Love Gun. Either way, it was still fun and Caleb brought a lot of excitement to the stage, which is expected, but it’s also appreciated.

Zack on Caleb: Silence. That means he likes it. When he appreciates music he doesn’t talk over it. I’ve learned that watching Idol with him. 

Aloe Blacc and the Idol Guys singing I'm the Man

Aloe Blacc and the Idol Guys singing I’m the Man

I was not aware of Aloe Blacc, or this song. I’m ok with that. I will say that Sam sure did the best in that guys group. When he sings with the other guys you can really tell how much better his voice is. And he even seemed a touch more playful on the stage! Way to up your game Sam. And if you ask me, after hearing the dress rehearsals I wish they would’ve said, hey, CJ, Dexter, why don’t you sit this one out. Stupid contestant agreements.

Then there was a weird break in the musical entertainment to have a weird skit starting with Sam and Majesty getting crap for Jena and Caleb… it was weird. But it did end in a bunch of people getting Ford cars.

I want a brand new mustang. Why won’t you let me have one? Because they are expensive and you have a car.


Demi Lovato and the Idol Girls singing Don’t Really Care and Neon Lights

How tiny as Jena that Demi Lovato made her look small? I feel like Demi is supes short? This was that part I was talking about earlier, how Jessica looked painfully awkward on stage. I think it’s more that she’s just awkward around a big group of girls I feel bad for her. It’s just not her bag, but it is what she signed up for I guess. It also reminded me why Kristin and Emily left first. Wow that was bad. I mean, WOW.


Jena Irene and Paramore sing Decode and Ain’t It Fun

I know this Paramore song! I’m not entirely sure how because I can’t fathom Zack knowing a pop song that I don’t know… but I’ll move on. I loved Jena’s outfit with the leather pants and the neon yellow shirt. That was fun. I also loved the piano opening, for obvious reasons. The only thing I didn’t like about to performance were the balloons!

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 9.13.17 PM


First of all, it made the performers impossible to see, and distracted completely from the performance, in general. And all I could think about was – I hope there’s not someone with a fear of balloons in the audience.


Malaya Watson and John Legend singing You and I and All of Me

John Legend has charisma for days. Did I love Malaya? I mean, as a person, yes. This performance maybe wasn’t the best choice of songs. The best part about her performance though, was just how into it she was. I felt like she was really savoring that moment.

*Is everyone in the audience wearing neon?


Alex Preston and Jason Mraz singing Love Someone

Alex and Jason Mraz were pretty good. Zack usually is super vocal about his distaste of Alex (hence our house division over him, in general), and he seemed if nothing else, tolerant of the performance. Probably because it was really good, ZACK! haha.

For me personally, I have to believe that the best/surprise performance of the night, belonged to Mr. Seacrest himself.


Ryan singing Right Here Waiting was worth watching the entire show. But when Richard Marx showed up, probably dying a little on the inside, all I could think was how I wished Ryan was Linda Rondstadt. And also, how good Richard Marx looked. Seriously though, Ryan, don’t ever sing, but you were adorable attempting. It makes me happy that a guy like this knows he can’t sing, and is in on the joke.


Darius Rucker with Dexter and CJ singing True Believers and Alright

Darius Rucker – Dexter – CJ

Not bad. I mean, it was fine. Look how cute Dexter is on stage 🙂

And now, my only true gripe about the performance (but it is mixed with some love) was the fact that they end the show, the most important moment in these two kids lives, with a performance by the JUDGES/shitty mentor?????


The Judges Sing… For a minute, I thought it was really good, until twitter informed me that “auto-tune microphones” are a real thing, and that JLo probably wasn’t actually singing. I dare say Randy was my favorite part of the performance. Dude can play bass. Ok that’s a lie. Harry was my favorite. Why? He was on the piano! Der! Keith was also really fantastic. But that weird JLo voice on True Colors? That’s going to haunt my dreams.

So that was the night (oh and Lady Antebellum sang, also). In the end, it looked like this and with a male performer back in the winners spot, all was right in the Idol world!



Congratulations Caleb. Way to give hope to all those people who tried out for Idol multiple times and finally got onto the show.

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