American Idol – Winner Winner, Part I

Well, I know I said that I didn’t care who would win (that’s still true) but I’m quite pleasantly surprised that of what I watched (because I did boycott at least 2 things) I wasn’t completely bored. It was a great two nights of music.

That said, the two things I boycotted… first, “Round 2” – I knew it would happen deep down (I think I even called it), but I thought maybe they’d prove me wrong.


Once again, aka THE THIRD TIME this season, we’ve heard a repeated performance. I mean really, how many times did we need to hear them sing something they’d already sung? Was it that impossible to have 3 different songs to learn? Or alternatively, not do it the first two times, so that when you did it on Tuesday, it would just remind us how far you’ve come. It’s nice in the finale. It’s just not nice when it’s happened twice before already.

Just to make it completely clear, here are the times repeats on TV are acceptable:


Times it isn’t acceptable:


Part of the reason reality TV is successful, is because it’s fresh and NEW. It’s not the same old thing over and over again. Idol apparently didn’t get that memo. If there’s one major flaw of the new producers, it’s their acceptance/want to have contestants perform songs they’ve sung before. There are lot of performance based reality TV shows and none of them do it, and I don’t know what the producers were thinking, allowing idol to do this. Maybe it’s because they know we sat through 500 versions of Wrecking Ball (spoiler alert – we heard that one too, but at least it was amazing)

The second thing was, as you might expect, JLo’s performance on the finale. By skipping it, I caught up on my recording way faster than I wanted to, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

So let’s talk about the voting night. Obviously, I didn’t listen to Round 2 because I remember them singing their respective songs. As for their first and third, well there’s plenty to talk about.


So for Round 1, we had Caleb singing Dream On and while Jena belted The Dog Days are Over. For me, Jena was definitely more interesting/unexpected than Caleb but Caleb was the better performance. It makes you realize that this show is really more about performance than it is about ability to sing. Or, maybe they just assume that everyones singing ability being equal, it is more about the performance? That’s probably what their intent was. So anyway, for me – I’m going Jena for round 1.


Exhibit A (AKA – 2 freaking weeks ago)


Just first and foremost, about the original songs, it was really nice to be surprisingly pleased with both songs. Usually I think one is terrible (and it’s usually the girls, when the final two are a boy/girl combo). I mean, not everything can be A Moment Like This. These songs weren’t that, but they were good. I was happy.


The great thing about Jena was that this was her best performance of the night. It was great to see her really embrace the song and perform it so well. If you’re going to go out, go out singing better than your competitor (I think you did that, personally)


Ok a fee things about Caleb’s song – and my issues with Caleb. For me, Caleb has always been a little more “Rock of Ages” than “Rock”. Does that makes sense? There’s just something that’s not genuine to me, about him. I did think this was a fantastic song for him, and if I heard correctly (I checked, and I did), the lead singer of The Darkness wrote the tune. Now that guy is a rock performer! What I found out while googling who wrote the song, was that Kelly Clarkson was actually going to perform it, at one point! Now that’s something I’d like to see!

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