American Idol – Season 13 Finale Predictions


So here’s the thing about the Idol season finale. Maybe this is controversial… probably not… but I’ll say it either way.

I do not care who wins this season of idol.

I wish I did. I really wish I cared, but I haven’t cared less, since the season with Ruben and Clay (I was #TeamKimberly). Yes. That’s the actual last time I didn’t care about the Top 2 finalists. I mean, that’s really saying something. I mean sure, the person I’ve wanted to win may not have won, but almost always the person I wanted to win, was in the Top 2.

This season was different though. It started with so much potential. Great new competent-seeming judges. Great contestants and some fresh producers full of new ideas… So much could’ve happened. And yet, so much didn’t.

you failed

There was only one person who was even remotely interesting and she was voted out in the Top 08. Did I think Malaya would be in the Top 2? Probably not. But I mean, to only care about 1, maybe 2 contestants (ok 3, I forgot Majesty) in the whole Top 12… that’s not saying much.

If you look throughout seasons, there’s almost always those truly memorable performances. I’d say that Jena’s version of Creep was probably as close as we got to one of those “take your breath away” moments but if you look at what I have in my personal Top 30, I don’t know that Creep would make it in, and as such, I’ve got to consider this season a fail.


I just don’t see either Caleb or Jena reaching the full level of success. I see Caleb getting a Taylor Hicks level, and as for Jena… she’s a wild card. But she’s a wild card that I assume isn’t reaching to the Kelly/Carrie levels of success.

It’s just sad to see so many super talented contestants throughout the years, and I do think some truly talented people tried out this year. I just don’t think anyone except maybe Jessica has any money making potential. And I see Jessica’s potential more in the form of song-writing than I do singing. She kind of reminds me of the girl in Coyote Ugly.

So tonight, we start the beginning of the crescendo that is the Idol Finale. As for me, I’ll be pulling for Jena but I just don’t know if I really… no, I definitely know, I don’t really care if she wins or not. I just have to hope that everyone gives stellar performances over the next few days (with no songs that I’ve already heard before – which I currently believe to be impossible).

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