American Idol – And Then There Were 3!

So here’s the thing about tonight. There were two things that I genuinely HATED about this episode of American Idol. First, and I’ll get it out of the way quickly – what in the freaking HELL was that song about taking a selfie? I’m allll for a summer jam (and I own a lot of what would be classified as terrible by most song writers), or a catchy tune that doesn’t make a ton of sense, but this was just awful on so many levels.

Why is the show so obsessed with selfies in the last few episodes anyway? Are the judges that self-centered? I mean, not Keith, he clearly thinks only about his lovely wife… but I mean, JLo and Harry? Clear narcissists, right? I won’t even get into that body roll thing that was going on with JLo during Caleb’s last song? Twitter sums up my personal reactions quite well:


Now, the second thing, far more major than anything regarding selfies. Why oh WHHHHYYYY for the SECOND F*CKING TIME THIS SEASON did we hear contestants sing a song that we’ve heard them sing before? The category of “audition song” was bad enough – and at least we heard at least one or two original performances. This was literally just the contestants cities, picking their favorite performance.

Is it that hard to find new songs? I never would’ve thought that to be the case. Last I checked, there’s an almost infinite amount of songs out there in the ether. Why on earth would we have to hear a whole round of songs that we’ve heard before? I mean sure, they did a great job on that last round. Every song was fantastic (Jena’s being the best, if I say so myself) but why on Earth did I need to hear it again? Does the world know how much other TV is out there? I missed the season finale of Criminal Minds, catching up on Fargo, pretty much anything else I hadn’t seen on my DVR… all for songs I’ve seen them sing before? I just don’t understand.


I will not be talking about the last round anymore. I promise. If you want my opinion, you can look here, here and here. Enjoy!
Now, as for the first two rounds… those we can talk about! So, lets!

Round 1: Randy’s Choice

Caleb Johnson – INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
This would be the first of what I imagine was something around a quarter of the show, talking about Caleb’s illness. I mean sure, he wasn’t the first to come down with something and as one of the obvious front runners, it is troublesome that he’d get sick so late in the game. That said, did we need it shoved down our throats by the resident Idol doctor? I don’t really think so. Isn’t it better to just perform well or not well, and then maybe bring it up afterwards? I don’t know if I would’ve preferred more filler from the judges or if I was ok with Caleb standing but not talking, to Ryan.
Oh also, he performed and it wasn’t that good. Probably because he was sick. Also, Randy is terrible at picking songs. Did he just ask the contestants what they were going to sing?

Alex Preston – Bastille – Pompeii
I actually heard this song for the first time, earlier today (the radio station I listen to is giving away tickets to their show) This was most definitely not my favorite performance of Alex’ from the night. Was it bad? Not so much. Was it as good as either of the other two performances? Definitely not. I will say though, that this performance was nice to see. All of Alex’ performances were. He was the only contestant that really brought it in the night, and this performance for me, was just the beginning. I also felt bad that it seemed like something either happened with the mic, or maybe Alex stepped away from it? I’m not sure, but either way, I really liked the drums, and I really liked the overall ending of the performance. I think one of the judges said it (or maybe I imagined me critiquing him on tv) but someone, including myself, really enjoyed him stepping out from hehind his stringed instrument and beginning to finally engage with the audience.

Jena Irene – David Guetta – Titanium
I could’ve SWORN this songs been done by other idols (maybe it was just in the audition round?) but apparently I’m wrong. I just thought there was someone that had done this better. Possibly I’m just thinking of the actual song? Because the song wasn’t good enough to distract me, all I could really focus on was how they put Jena in that harness. WHY? Were they worried she was going to fall or something because A) it wasn’t tight and she could’ve flipped out of it with one misstep and B) she’s an adult. Why does she need a harness? This was by far Jena’s worst performance of the night, but I’d still put her second to Alex in this round.

My pick for the Winner of Round 1:


Round 2: Judge’s Pick: 

Can I just say that of the 3 rounds, the Judges most definitely had my favorite picks of the night. I was worried with JLo involved in the picking but I like to believe she was outsmarted by the witty HCJ and Keith into good songs that possibly challenge them just a bit?

Caleb – Imagine Dragons – Demons
I know he is losing his voice but really the song wasn’t bad the whole time. This was the song that really drove home my anger about the emphasis on him being sick. Why even mention it? I mean, I get you want to conserve your voice so in that regard you kind of have to, but it would be better if you didn’t have to. Kudos to Harry for not adding to the “sick person” hype. And shame on Jen and Keith for the complete lack of criticism. To you, I only have to say:



I also wanna just add in a little Slezak input (since he posted before me and as always, I completely agree with what he’s saying)

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 8.30.56 PM

(This was the point where I had to stop to acknowledge Jennifer’s hair. It’s amazing while she’s talking to the judges). 

Alex – Rihanna – Stay
This was kind of a weird pick for Alex. I don’t really know the song but I thought Alex did it very well. This was that angsty song I needed last week. I’m glad he fulfilled that little need I had. I do have to say though, that his outfit was the equivalent of that selfie song. Which I can’t believe I have no mentioned TWICE in this post. Barf.


That said, I dare say this was one of my favorite performances of the evening. Definitely the best original performance!

Jena – Demi Lovato – Heart Attack
I seem to like Demi Lovato songs so much more when other people are singing them. I didn’t feel that right away, and I’m sure I’ve heard it better, but the chorus of this was good. It worked up to being good. And by the end, I loved it. I think this was probably the judges worst song choice as far as performance was concerned, but it wasn’t terrible.

The best thing, was right before Jena’s performance! At first, as I’m watching Jess, I’m thinking, what’s she doing with her hand, then they finally panned out to my girl, and yes, there was Malaya proving we’re best friends.


Did anyone else see the Hunger Games salute? How perfect was that? I mean, possibly a touch weird but so is Malaya. And so am I! To you I say,


I am Katniss in this regard, right? Malaya is my Prim.

My pick for the Winnerof Round 2:


Yup that’s right. For the performance that matter, I think Alex took both rounds. I will only say that, as for Round 3 it wasn’t a sweep:


Yup. Creep was just too good of a performance. It was like brand new all over again and if there were any final performances I liked, this was it. Yes, this one only.

And that’s it! Let’s see who will be gracing our FINALE show next week!



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