American Idol – The Top 5 Play for America!

Wow America, you really are like me!

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Just picture me as Ellen, and America as Kate McKinnon

I couldn’t believe how quasi-spot on I was with the set of songs. I did follow along with the tweeting when they were asking people to pick songs and I’ll say that legit – I did see some of these suggestions, and just happened to agree with them, but that totally counts!

Some of them were just straight out of left field, as in, I saw no one that recommended them, but that’s not to say someone didn’t. I’m curious how many options they were given. Probably 5 or 6. This was the first time though, that they didn’t seem to be singing songs they’d sung 100 times before. Which may have been the first time this season that’s happened! It was definitely one of the far more enjoyable nights of the season, to date!

Alex Preston

Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood’s)

I thought I’d never heard this song (which would’ve been fine) but it turns out, it was just the band name that threw me off (I’ve definitely never heard of The Neighborhood’s). The nice thing about what people requested for Alex, is that he’s a less typical contestant, so it makes sense he gets more obscure songs, right? I thought he did a great job picking it up a little bit as Jason suggested, but it still fit the troubadour style that Alex embodies – which I’m totally ok with. And I thought it was a lot better than the original, actually. Maybe Alex was doing well because he was performing for his celebrity crush?

Say Something (A Great Big World)

Ok so yes, ahem…



Oh yes, 1 for 2! I’ll take it!

I loved this song. It was exactly as good as I thought it would be with Alex singing it. Yes, a touch karaoke in that he changed almost nothing about it, but it’s a harder song to do well, so in that regard, I thought it was fantastic. It’s just one of those really popular songs right now so if you screw up any parts of it, it’s going to be blatantly obvious, so the fact that he did it so well, only impressed me more. I’ll touch back on this little topic.


Yes… we’ll talk about that again

Caleb Johnson

I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

Ok yes, I’m happy that Alex picked an Aerosmith song (as I suggested) but come on… this one? How many times has this song been done on Idol?


This doesn’t even include when Lauren Alaina sang it to Stephen Tyler. le sigh…

And he was (at first, singing it TERRIBLY) but then he hit that glory note and I was like – whoa there! That was intense. It was still really bad though. Definitely the worst of the night. And the fact that at least 6 other Idols performed it better, needs to prompt the judges to bring up the terribleness of that opening. And yet… crickets! I don’t know what JLo was doing saying it was beautiful because the opening was anything but.

what just happened

And then she says she liked how he made it a ballad and it gave her goosies. In what world was that not a ballad? Ok sure, “power ballad” but it’s still a fucking ballad. And in what way was it any different from the way Steven Tyler sings it? I’m sure curious how the only honest critic of his performance, was himself after the commercials!

oh my god

Still of the Night (Whitesnake)

Silly me. I had no idea this was a Whitesnake song. I was definitely thinking of this Still of the Night. I didn’t know this song, but as expected, Caleb rocked it out pretty well. The thing is though, I feel like Undo It was sooo good, that he has to really set those standards and I know know if Caleb did that tonihgt. I just hated how JLo and Keith were standing. Stay siting down. I’m with Harry. You’re a judge. I dunno. At least they haven’t done it much this season. I felt like when it was JLo and Stephen, it was every performance except Hailey.

Sam, Jena and Alex – Best Day of My Life

I only have 2 things to say about this performance. First, I wasn’t paying attention. Secondly, If you’d had your eyes shut, I don’t know that you would’ve known Sam was even singing. Possibly it was also because I wasn’t paying attention.

Jessica Meuse

Human (Christina Perri)

Ok I’m pretty sure I don’t know this song. Yeah, I didn’t. This would be the first of the two times tonight I didn’t know the song, the other being Jessica’s second performance.


I really liked this song for Jessica though. I thought she did a great job expressing herself and really connecting. I don’t understand JLo’s critique at all. I guess when she can’t say bad things about Jess, she just says confusing things? Harry and Keith weren’t much better, but I think it was definitely an excellent start to Jessica’s night! She really has a great voice when she’s singing something a little slower. It’s like the more I think about her performance, the more I liked it.

 Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Ray)

I loved Jessica’s dress. That needs to be said first and foremost. And her performance was fine. The thing is though, was it still kind of boring? At least in the beginning. It did pick up. Here’s the problem with it, and with Sam’s while we’re speaking about it – it’s just not a song I like and so I tend to think the song/performance is boring (At least she can connect with the audience unlike some of her competition, yes Sam, still talking about you).


Sam Woolf

Sing (Ed Sheeran)

This is a catchy song but the whole time I was just thinking – I’d really like to hear Ed Sheeran sing this… I didn’t think I’d heard the song but the beat sounded so familiar, so I looked it up, yes, on my ipod. Ed Sheerans is definitely way better! And it’s all about that falsetto that Sam was severely lacking. How JLo could even consider  saying she liked it that way is beyond me! Please, watch both performances and tell me who’s better. Please.

ED SHEERAN                         SAM WOOLF

I dare you to tell me that Sam’s is better. But seriously, don’t. I’ll want to punch you in the face. Also, this.

sam and alex

 How to Save a Life (The Fray)

snooze andy cohen

Yeah, that sums it up.


My Body (Young the Giant)

It was like Florence and the Machine and Gwen Stefani’s powers combined, when Jena sang Young the Giant. I thought this was fan-tastic! I mean, like, I was drooling. I just couldn’t understand why they weren’t praising her overall performance more. Harry talking about how she moves well? JLo saying she’s memorable? I mean, just say that she slayed that song. And she sang it well!

*minor note, it would’ve been nice for the stylists to not make you look like Waldo.

Valerie (Amy Whinehouse)

Ok so yes, I was right. Well, sort of. I was right that she’d sing Amy, and I was right when I warned her not to sing Valerie. She was noooooo Santana. And trust me I know because Santana just re-sang it on the 100th ep of Glee. It was another case “right singer, wrong song”. I mean, to an outside judge, you probably thought it was fantastic. And honestly, did it make me think any less of Jena? Surely no! But as far as this song, I just can’t hear anyone else sing it. Period. Not until I hear someone do it better. This wasn’t it for me.


And with that the night was over! And in about 5 minutes, we’ll find out who’s dunzo for the Top 04!


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