American Idol – Top 05 Prediction Songs (if I were picking)!

It’s hard to say what I want to hear the Idols sing, compared to what I think America wants them to sing, as I tend to be in the minority… but, just to go on record for what I’d like them to sing (which was on record on twitter, when they asked for requests a while ago):

Also, fair warning, for some reason while I was thinking of suggestions, I must’ve been watching Glee or something because a lot of my song suggestions are Glee related. But not all. Afterall, I think we all know that the best song request is almost always:


Alex Preston – I see Alex as a Artie type character, and as such, I’d love to hear him sing Dancing With Myself. However, I’d also really like to hear him sing that song by um… what’s the band… and the song… it goes something like “Say something I’m giving up on you…” = aha… google tells me the song is called Say Something. I should’ve known.

Caleb Johnson – Caleb is like an enigma to me. I don’t know what I think he should sing. I think maybe something by Aerosmith? Dream On or Dude Looks Like a Lady. Ooh, or maybe Back in the Saddle! I want him to sing something from my high school rock days, basically.

Jena Irene – I’d love to see Jena sing something by Amy Winehouse. Personally my favorite Amy song is Valerie, but I don’t think Jena should sing it because if she does it badly, I’m gonna hate it. I mean, honesty my favorite version of the song I’ve ever heard, is Santana from Glee. It’s amazing. As such, I’m gonna say You Know I’m No Good.

Jessica Meuse – I don’t know why but I was thinking Here’s to the Night by Eve6 would be great. I don’t know what made me think of that. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Jessica sing something by Reba McEntire or Melissa Ethridge.

Sam Woolf – I’d still like to see Sam sing some Deathcab for Cutie so I’m going to still say Silhouettes. However, I’d be fine if Alex sang Deathcab, too. Really I would be fine if anyone wanted to attempt it. Really Sam, all I ask is that you just don’t sing David Gray, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, etc. You picked a lot of original songs early on, I hope you pick them again.

And now, let’s watch the show!

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