American Idol – Rock n’ Country Night

Tonight aka, last Wednesday because dude, I am busy. I know, the excuse is getting old, but I had camping trips and birthday parties and going away parties to plan and host in a single week and it was just all too much for me to handle. So, here’s the post! Finally! Also it’s written as if I was writing it while watching the show, because I was. I just never posted it because I am apparently THAT absent minded 🙂

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I thought tonight was really great, singing wise. If anything was upsetting, it was how much they focused on things unrelated to singing. IE – the freaking judges and Ryan! I mean seriously, do we have that much extra time in the show that we can just listen to their trials and tribulations for what had to be a full 30 minutes of the 2 hour episode! Here’s a thought – why not make the show an hour and a half and not leave me being so sleepy at the end of the night? What a romantic thought! Let’s just talk about the show.

Jena Irene

Rock – Barracuda (Heart)
Country – So Small (Carrie Underwood)

As for Jena’s two performances, I most definitely thought the latter was the winner of her night. I know, weird. See, I did think the rock song was pretty good, but I hate that song. It just doesn’t do anything for me. She did a great job, and she was present which is always something that I really love about her performances, but I just wasn’t feeling it and I thought it was a touch on the predictable side, where I tend to like her more obscure song choices. I think that’s why I really liked her Carrie Underwood song. Her voice is so different from Carries that it felt like a totally different song. I have to say also, that looking back on her performances, while I like the rock, I feel like she really shines with some of her “slow song” performances. And I felt like I could could barely tell she messed up (maybe because I don’t know Carrie Underwood songs?). The judges didn’t really seem to care anyway. She’s hit enough of the notes in her time here that I don’t think it’s worth worrying about one botched note.

Sam Woolf

Rock – It’s Time (Imagine Dragons)
Country – You’re Still the One (Shania Twain)

Sam basically did exactly pretty close to exactly what I thought he would do. Picked a barely rock song (although Imagine Dragons is somewhat rockier than I thought he’d pick).I can’t lie though, I did think this performance was way better than like, however many of Sam’s performances I can remember. Maybe because it wasn’t a love song so he didn’t have to be singing to those girls fawning over him, but either way, I thought it was way good. That said, was it rock? No way! It was faaaaaaar less boring though and for that, I appreciate the performance. As for his country performance well… that’s a different story altogether. I did like that he didn’t have the guitar. I can’t even remember the last time he wasn’t playing the guitar? But the song itself?


It seemed like he just said You’re Still the One like, 600 times. The lullaby comparison by Keith was good, but only in that it is a performance that would lull a baby (or myself) to sleep, quite easily. And comments by Jennifer about how cute he is and his “feelings” –



CJ Harris

Rock – American Woman (The Guess Who)
Country – She Loves Me (Zac Brown Band)

I’d have to say this is the least out of tune I’ve heard CJ so thanks for a song that’s mostly yelling/growly noises, instead of sweet soft tunes. I reserved judgment until I heard what I believed would be an out of tune country song, and spoiler alert –

yup. I was right.

I kept thinking to myself – if this dude doesn’t go home tomorrow night, I might have to take out some rage on a bottle of wine… instead, I just had a victory bottle of wine!

Alex Preston

Rock – Animal (Neon Trees)
Country – You Were Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson)

I love this song but again, as expected, not rock. And frankly, it wasn’t really that great. Terrible? Surly not. Just not my favorite (I don’t think anyone who’s sung yet will be my favorite, for that matter). At least Harry praised him for doing an upbeat song. You don’t get a pass, but yeah, you kind of do. Is it weird that I just wished he’d sang Everybody Talks instead of Animal? Although, had he sung that, I would’ve just compared him to the Glee version! Oh BrotherPuck

As for Alex’ Willie Nelson cover, we were a house divided. I actually loved it. I mean, I had to pretend not to remember it from Practical Magic (which I can find no decent clips of! What’s wrong with the internet these days?). Oh Goran Visnjic… you were a creepy dude. But, super hot on ER…. I digress. I really really liked it. Zack, notsomuch. He gets really mad when Idol folks cover songs he likes and does them differently than the artist, where those tend to be my favorite songs!

Caleb Johnson

Rock – Sting Me (The Black Crowes)
Country – Undo It (Carrie Underwood)

Yey Dexter was right! I was right, with Dexters help! I don’t think anyone can even compare to Calebs stage presence on this show. He just performs. I totally didn’t even realize anything happened with his mic, I was THAT into his performance. I just kind of thought he was flailing around a lot. And while I hate to agree with Randy, that was definitely rock and roll, right there… but that was everyone’s opinion, right?

I guess this was a bit of an odd pick for Caleb. I would’ve been mad that he still did a rock version of a country song, but how could I be mad? I really liked it. I mean, it definitely sounds different coming out of his mouth, compared to Carrie, but how could it not? I liked it a lot (as expected). More importantly though… how jealous do you think Jena was of that girl Caleb was singing to? Back up dancers/singers… nothing but trouble.

Jessica Meuse

Rock – Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane)
Country – Jolene (Dolly Parton)

Ok first and foremost, I really like Jessica’s ear rings, but I really hate her nose ring. I just have to say it. It would drive me crazy if I’d gone this long without mentioning it. I agreed with Harry that I thought she deserved the pimp spot tonight. She was definitely better than Jena tonight (in her first performance). I think it was tied with Caleb for my favorite performance of the night. And I love Keith a little more for thinking of Cable Guy during her performance. Fantastic film.

As for Jess’ country song, I got really scared. This is BY FAR my favorite Dolly Parton song, and might be one of my favorite songs of all time. I still remember Brooke White’s version but that was very different from Jessica’s performance tonight. Brooke got to work with Jolene though, so I mean, of course she’d be amazing. Well, really Brooke is amazing. I love that chick! As for Jess, I dare say I liked hers more! They both did a faster more rock version of the song, but I think I liked that Jess’ was a little heavier on the guitar. For me, if Jess was going to have a moment, this was it! And spoiler alert – this was the first song this season I’ve d/l to my itunes! So congratulations for that honor Jess! I also d/l-ed Blue Eyed Lie while I was there 🙂

In case you were wondering though, this is the best version of Jolene:

And with that, the night was over, and the next day, CJ was gone. Darn.


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