American Idol – Results and Guessing the Top 6 Songs!

Well, color me surprised when Dexter was on the chopping block! I was NOT expecting that, but I guess JLo’s whole diatribe about needing to perform better, hit home with the audience and Dexter suffered from it. It still befuddles me that Sam and CJ are still in the competition. Well, CJ more than Sam (dude’s got the 12 yr old girls on lock down).

So the standings thus far now look like this:

weekly07Basically, Erica and Katie are the only ones with their Top 3 still intact (Erica actually has her Top 4 in, still. Lucky bitch! haha). Am I worse this year at keeping up because I’m bitter at how poorly I’m doing? Maybe. Let’s blame how busy I am… remember?


Anyway, congratulations Erica for picking all the people I hate who happen to be doing very well. haha. Now, let’s please move on to the coming week!

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Looking back at past seasons, I was really surprised how many themes included either Country or Rock. Every season except the first and eleventh, in fact! And in Season 2 there was actually a Country Rock theme.

I’m sure everyone will be good and pick a country song, although I’ve still got the odds that it’s gonna be pop-country. I’m ok with that because that’s the country style I listen to: Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, etc. but hopefully some will pick some either more obscure or just more traditional country (I’m still wanting Caleb to cover Kenny Loggins – but who would be the Dolly? Jessica? Islands in the Stream wasn’t a terrible duet last week… or whenever it was).

I’m more worried that they’re going to pick pop-rock (really, it’s exactly what the theme is – a little bit Rock and Roll). To me, real rock kind of died in the 90s. Now everyone they call rock, just isn’t. I mean, I like this new rock too, but I like classic rock way more! If anyone is going to pick good rock, I think we can all agree that it’ll be Caleb and Jena. And maybe Jessica. They all fit the rock criteria. I’m sure Alex will just look at the list of previously performed songs, and just pick from that. I worry most for Sam and CJ, but I also dislike them the most, so is it really worry? I think it’s probably more excitement that soon they’ll be gone (if there’s a god anyway).

With that, here’s who I picked for the contestants… ps, I tried doing this in a grid format thing so apologies if it doesn’t look right when I hit the “publish” button!

Country Rock and Roll


Alex Preston I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) We Become Silhouettes
(The Postal Service)
When thinking of song choices for Alex I always think – WWHD – What Would a Hipster Do? Although with Alex, as I said above, I really just feel like you can look at what everyone else has sung in seasons past, to pick out what he’ll sing tonight.

In the hipster/already sung vein, I picked a Bonnie Raitt song for Alex because I think he could do a lot with it. As for country, I went with a personal hipster fave, The Postal Service. If anyone is going to sing them, it would be Alex. That said, no one has sung The Postal Service on Idol, so the odds are not quite in my favor.

Caleb Johnson Aint Goin’ Down
(Garth Brooks)
Sting Me
(The Black Crowes)
I don’t know if it was last week or the week before, but someone said that Caleb really digs the Black Crowes, so I went with Dexters pick for Caleb last week, Sting Me. I don’t even know the song, and personally if I were to pick a Black Crowes song, it would be Hard to Handle. But knowing these contestants, they’re going to pick a song that they know/have performed, so I think Dexter might know something I don’t. I did have as a close runner-up, the song A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke (he’s in the R&R HOF so I feel like that counts as Rock and Roll). Wouldn’t he sing that sooo well? Remember when Syesha Mercado sang it? Talk about a blast from the past!

 Just makes me hate Randy all over again for his criticism of this performance. God he’s an idiot.

As for the Garth pick in the Country category, he just seems like a Garth type performer – all in. And Ain’t Goin Down is a fun song. Caleb could do it really well I think! A close second though.


CJ Harris It’s a Great Day to Be Alive
(Travis Tritt)
Free Bird
(Lynard Skynard)
Honestly, I’d love to hear CJ sing either of these songs, but something tells me he’ll do something even lessssssssssss original. Him and Sam.
Jena Irene Better Dig Two
(The Band Perry)
Piece of My Heart
(Janis Joplin)
Picking the country tune for Jena was hard but as for the rock, Janis Joplin came to me immediately! Admittedly, it was while I was looking through songs other idols have sung and Kree sang this just last season, but I think Jena could sing it completely differently. I also realize that The Band Perry was featured pretty heavily last year as well, but I still think it would be a good performance, so why not?
Jessica Meuse Ready to Run or There’s Your Trouble (Dixie Chicks) What About Love



Usually, I would go with Miranda Lambert for the Jessica’s country tune, but being as she JUST sang Miranda, to less than stellar reviews, methinks she’ll stray from that. As such, I picked another growly country musician (well, 3 growly country musicians).

As for rock, with Jessica it could be anything and I definitely lean towards her doing rock in the classic rock form. I sure hope she does. I picked a Heart song (which I probably should’ve picked for Jena when I think about it, but whatever).

Sam Woolf I’m Already There


Best Day of My Life

(American Authors)

I just assume that the producers will make Sam sing romantic songs in both categories. Gotta get those panties melting, after all (Lord knows how when he’s so dreadfully boring!) I mean, dude probably thinks Gavin DeGraw is rock and roll. He’s definitely going to pick something terrible and not rock. Mark my words on that one! Here’s hoping CJ’s is worse, though. It’s a toss up with those guys though.


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