American Idol – Top 07 Sabotage… notsomuch…

So, sabotage… not so much. It was more like –

-Contestant tells other contestants what songs they’d like to sing
– 4/6 of them pick one of the songs told to them, if anyone repeats, just don’t show those contestants on TV
– Make up story of some kind emotional attachment to the song (or bring you small child)

So in case you were wondering, this is what we heard people pick (I wish that one of the ways they’d killed time last night was to just tell me what everyone picked for each other)

Dexter – Mucklee Creek Water (CJ), Stay (Jena) and Redneck Yacht Club (Jess)

Sam – Give Me Love (Jena), Your Body is a Wonderland (CJ)

CJ – God Must’ve Spent a Little More Time on You (Jess), I Don’t Need no Doctor (Alex) and Edge of Desire (Sam)

Alex – Lost in my Mind (Caleb), Marry Me (CJ)

Jessica – Yellow (Dexter), You Oughtta Know (Sam)

Jena – Demons (Sam), Creep (Caleb) and Broken (CJ)

Caleb – Simple Man (Jena), Family Tree (Sam) and Sting Me (Dexter)

So, I accidentally saw the list of all the songs the contestants were singing. It was terrible. I hate knowing the songs before they start talking about it on the show. That said, there were a few songs I’d never heard before so I did end up listening to the whole set list (minus the duets), and now I think I’m sufficiently obsessed with Ed Sheeran. Between his recent performance on SNL, and the one time I saw him singing Lego House on TV, and tonight… yeah, mildly obsessed enough to d/l his first album. It’s great! I highly recommend it. I’d also recommend his youtube channel! It’s a fun way to waste some time.

So anyway, from what I saw of the list, it was mostly boring but there was a hint of dashing that did not disappoint. I was very much looking forward to Alex and Jena and they did not disappoint. And the rest did about as I expected. So lets chat about my favorites and then we’ll talk about everyone else (yes I’m still sad to not be able to talk about a Malaya performance)

Jena – Creep (picked by Caleb)

I had a feeling I was going to love this performance when I saw the spoiler song list, and spoiler alert – it was. I loved it. I didn’t love her hair like Jena did, but otherwise it was my favorite by leaps and bounds over anyone else of the night. I love this song. I love the piano, this was win upon win for me.

And side note (post duet performance and “pre-performance flirtation) it was pretty obvs.


She loves him. And he wore a skull tshirt and she wants a skull tattoo. It’s all coming together. Although he didn’t pick her song (poor form Caleb).

Alex Preston – The A Team (picked by Dexter)

So Alex, yeah… basically all I was thinking about was how much I loved Ed Sheeran. I kept thinking about the video as I was listening to the song. It sticks with you. I thought this was a great performance all around and I thought Alex did a fantastic job. I still hate his ridiculous “rolled jeans” look that persists, but musically…

little rascals

Caleb Johnson – Family Tree (picked by Sam)

I heard this Family Tree song for the first time, earlier today (blame the spoiler list).

I thought Calebs version was so much louder and more energetic. I like both versions though, in their own right.Great way to start the show in general. And I thought in general Caleb was featured more throughout the episode? Maybe just because a lot of people picked his songs? I don’t know.

Jessica Meuse – Gunpowder and Lead (picked by Sam)

Ok so when I heard she was attempting Gunpowder and Lead I feared for her a bit (see Skylar Laine).

I hate how Jen talks about being a big fan of Jessica. I feel like she doesn’t have many nice things to say about her, to date… that said, they were accurate with this performance. I don’t know if the judges repetition of the critique that the judges continue to give, that maybe they are right about how she moves on stage very oddly. She just needs more of a rocker presence. That said, she’s definitely getting the Reinhart treatment, where the judges give her minor praise and then criticize things that don’t really have to do with the singing part of the performance… I feel they do the opposite for CJ and Dexter.

CJ Harris – Gravity (picked by Caleb)

So CJ picks a John Mayer song (that he’s already been playing around the house).


Calab, I almost praised your song choices for contestants until I heard your pick for CJ. As for his performance, CJ did pretty well. I think it didn’t really matter how he did this week though because I think that having your very young son there got you the votes this week

Dexter Roberts – Muckalee Creek Water (picked by CJ)

Oh yeah… he sang.

Sam – Sail Away (picked by Jessica)

Him too. And it was dreadfully boring. I’m to the point where I can’t even really like him for his voice. Yes, it’s good. Yes, 13 year olds love you. But even in your duets there’s no connection. It’s just like, there might as well be a big ol’ vacancy sing on your forehead.


If I could sum up my thoughts on the duets in the form of a tweet (140 characters or less):

Alex and Sam – Let Her Go

Anyone else want to believe that Sam and the couch were both green and the producers were playing a mean joke? #TerryBradshawthinkslikeme

Jena and Caleb – Gimme Shelter

Caleb and Jena’s relationship reminds me of Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta

CJ Dexter and Jess – Compass

Well this was terrible. #nexttogohome #theirinthisgroup #pleasebeCJ

And with that, it was time to see who was going home! Spoiler Alert – It was Dexter!

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