American Idol – And Then There Were 7 (but I’m not in heaven)

I’m sorry it took me so long to post about the Top 08 Redux. Shit got real this season. I had this foreboding feeling that the week after the save, Malaya would be on the chopping block. It was like this premonition. I didn’t want it to happen but I had an immense fear that it would… and then it did. It was hard for me. But I’m getting through it and I’m moving forward, so thanks for your concern.

I will say that as far as the game is concerned, you should, for for the most part, be pretty happy it was Malaya because a few of you had her as your bottom pick (bonus points!) and a lot of you had her around the bottom 3. Just about EVERYONE has CJ in their bottom 3 by now (it’s amazing how many people had him at 5th place! More than half of you.

But, let’s talk about the performances, shall we? Good ol’ 80’s night. I took the whole 80’s theme to heart all night, Wednesday. I was all over Buzzfeed. Mostly because after writing that I felt I was the embodiment of the 80’s if I were a musical era, Buzzfeed thought differently! I don’t even know where/what Laurel Canyon is… but it does sound groovy 🙂

Probably more accurate...

Probably more accurate…

In order to feel more 80’s, I of course had to take the “Which John Hughes Classic are You?”

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 9.03.52 PM

Quite fitting if I do say so myself!

This left me feeling far more tubular! That’s an 80’s word, right? Anyway… let’s talk about the contestants and less about my quiz results…

Jena Irene – Pour Some Sugar On Me
(is what I thought she sang, turns out it was I Love Rock and Roll)

Ok so I watched Jenas performance but I missed her commentary post-song, so I can’t comment one whatever the judges said but for me, it was a mixed bag. I liked the slower sultrier beginning way more than the end, and kind of wish she’d stayed on the piano for the remainder of the song. But I didn’t hate the ending either. I dare say, yeah, in face I will say, she was my favorite performance of the night (I think). If nothing else she’s tied for favorite. And she’s tied with a SHOCKER of a favorite.

Dexter Roberts – Keep Your Hands to Yourself

At first, I was half listening to Dexter (while going through my tax stuff because I’m a procrastinator) and thinking that it was something I’d heard before… and then I started feeling something. Was it positive emotions towards a performance by Dexter?


It really wasn’t a bad performance. It was actually quite good. I dare say a favorite (though I still think it was “in his wheelhouse” to some extent). But then, I thought I heard Jennifer say way to do something different, and this happened…


Malaya Watson – Through the Fire

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 8.50.39 PM

Ug! JLo. don’t tell people that!

Here’s why I’m not 100% crestfallen about Malaya going home… as she was performing Wednesday, I got to thinking… Malaya is really great, but I don’t understand how she’s gonna be able to not go the way of the Ruben, when all the stuff she sings aren’t things I really listen to. I’m not an Aretha girl. Or Chaka for that matter. If her song selection had continued, she’d be going the way of Burnell and that guy I hate whose name I can’t remember. And this guy too. It’s not like any of the other contestants have been making any ground-breaking song choices on a regular basis anyway. I thought Malaya’s song choices wouldn’t hurt her, but I really think that’s what did her in. It still burns me up that she was out before CJ though! And Malaya, please always remember –


Jessica Meuse – Call Me

Did I call Jessica to do something Blondie? I think it might’ve actually been Jena that I said that about. Is this song on Rock Band? It’s bad that that’s the last time I heard this song (don’t worry, that’s not how I know the song)? I digress. This is, hands down, the best performance Jessica has ever had! Was it my favorite? No. Did I think Jessica was right, that it wasn’t the best song for Jessica to perform? Yes. But it was Jessica’s best performance to date (in the non-original song category) so for that, good on ya, Jess!

Sam Woolfe – Time After Time

I think I wanted another gentleman to sing this. But, if Romy and Michele had shown up, I would’ve forgiven him. They did not. I hate this arrangement (although it would turn out to not be the worst arrangement of the night). I also thought it’s creepy that he’s amidst all these ladies. Although, not as creepy as this…


This is the perviest thing you’ve ever done Harry. Ever. That I’m aware of.

And not to go on a tangent, but Sam and his boringness doesn’t need any further comment. Harry, dude, you were my favorite for so long but this past week, jeez. What was going on with you? I realize some producer probably told you that you had some time to fill, but you filled it with nonsense, dribble, and utter creeptastic perviness. Yes, those are both words. And you were most certainly both of those things.

Alex Preston – I’ll Be Watching You

I have a love hate relationship with this song. I love the song but it just creeps me the hell out. As for Alex’ version, I didn’t totally love the arrangement. I felt the opposite about this arrangement. Kudos to him for being inventive and trying to re-interpret the meaning, but this was way too much for me. Alex saying that he thought the song was sweet, just made me think he’s probably a stalker. Now, Zack’s opinion was a little more harsh. I believe he said something to the effect of,  “Sting should punch this kid in the face” He is not an Alex Preston fan. We’re on different sides of a few contestants this year. I still like Alex, but I can agree this arrangement was atrocious.

CJ Harris – Free Fallin’

I should’ve known. Allman Brothers, Darius Rucker… Tom Petty is the next logical progression of artists (at least, of the 80s). That jacket is from the Randy Jackson collection, no?

Caleb Johnson – Faithfully

Part of me knew Caleb would sing some Journey. Journey or Styx. I was pretty ambivalent about Caleb’s performance. It really wasn’t that different or “quiet” as the judges had asked for, and maybe 80’s week isn’t the week for a quiet performance. Personally, I just don’t think he knows the meaning of quiet. I’m ok with that. That’s him. Rockers don’t really do quiet. I get that. I didn’t think the performance was bad, but it wasn’t great either.


And just because, you know I took more than 2 quizzes while watching idol…

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 9.16.06 PM

In defense of my whiteness, I don’t think the quiz adequately featured show tunes or musical comedy, it also never referenced moving to Canada (although Portland might as well be Canada)


I’ll update the standings when I get back into work where I left the rankings! But, Erica is currently the running champ and my hubs is in second (you can thank him picking Caleb to win).

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