American Idol – 80s Predictions!

Ok friends, so I love the 80’s. It’s true. It’s the decade of my birth and I feel that the 80s and I are kindred spirits. We’re funky, fun, a little crazy… we were meant to be together like crimped hair and slouch socks.

When I think of the 80s and music I think of 4 things:

wedding singer
Romy and Michele%60s High School Reunion Wallpaper 1


From these items, I’ve created the ultimate playlist of ideas for the contestants, tonight. If I were ever going to be right about anything, tonight would be the night, right?

Alex Preston – White Wedding (or China Girl) – I just really want him to sing Billy Idol. That said, I could also see him pulling off Karma Chameleon! It’s the perfect amount of hipster for him!

Caleb Johnson – Here’s the thing with Caleb. If I picked something from one of these soundtracks, I’d obviously have to go with Don’t You (Forget About Me)

but something tells me, he’s gonna go typical, and do something by either Journey or Styx. A nice twist would also be if he sang Time After Time from Romy and Michele! I hope someone sings that! Possibly with Romy and Michele and Sandy dancing in the background.

Sam Woolf – I’m going full Wedding Singer for Sam and suggesting Hold Me Now. Sam is almost as boring as CJ and Dexter are to me, so it makes it harder for me to think of anything I want them to sing. Sorry fella. But congrats on the save!

Jena Irene – Obviously Jena needs something ala Cyndi Lauper or Madonna. Or maybe someone more rock-focused but that person isn’t coming to mind. What about a rock twist on Just Can’t Get Enough? oooooooooooor… Heaven is a Place on Earth? Yes! That’s my vote! Yes! It could be iconic! Is Blondie considered rock? Because I could see her doing something along those lines too.

Jessica Meuse – So obviously I want Jessica to go full Madonna tonight, but I could see her stepping into Belinda Carlisle too. Let’s compromise and say The Go-Go’s Our Lips are Sealed?

Malaya Watson – I’d love to pick something for Malaya but she’s gonna pick a song I will assume I’ve never heard. I mean, truth be told, if it wasn’t Top 40, I probably wasn’t listening to it, as it relates to 80’s music. Maybe Every Little Thing She Does is Magic? She could pull off Sting. Or, I should say, it would be really cool if she could pull off Sting!

CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts – I have no idea for CJ or Dexter. Mostly because there are no country songs in these sountracks. I wasn’t listening to Country music in the 80’s. So I’ll just say maybe something by Kenny Rogers?

So that’s what I’m hoping. We’ll see what happens 🙂


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