American Idol – Slezak Called It

As I was reading Michael Slezak’s recap yesterday, he totally called it:

He’s usually right about most things Idol so it’s not a big surprise. And I mean, it makes a little bit of sense with regards to the fact that nobody really had a bad performance. That said, was he worth the save? Slezak had a poll up today asking what we all thought and the breakdown looked like this:


I think you all know how I voted…

I don’t think Sam’s done anything to prove his worth to the show, performance wise. Now, cash-flow wise, that’s a different story! If you check out iTunes, the story becomes a little more clear:

iTunes Top 400 rankings a/o yesterday afternoon:

#36 – Fairytales by Alex Preston
#108 – Lego House by Sam Woolf
#119 – Blue-Eyed Lie by Jessica Meuse

Looking at this, the save is less surprising than the fact that this week. I’m actually more surprised that Alex is selling the most on iTunes (over the course of the season). The guy’s never been in the bottom 3 so it makes sense. Although Sam’s been #2 in sales and he’s been in the bottom a fair bit, so that is a little on the confusing side.

Either way, there’s no point in complaining that the save was used because to me, it was a foregone conclusion they’d use it on Sam (because I thought he was the highest grossing one). I knew as soon as JLo opened her mouth to give the news, that he’d be safe. I think we all know that JLo only gives the good news!

So let’s see how the rankings worked out for the week:


I’m surprised how close everyone still is, but as I was looking at the breakdown of contestants picks, a lot of people had someone in the bottom 3, in their Top 3, in the last 3 weeks! haha How’s that for numbers?

I also thought I’d show you a little something, since so many front runners have been in the bottom 3. If you look at the breakdown of how all of the contestants rank within our game:

8 people have Majesty in their Top 3 (5 in the #1 slot)
8 people have Jessica in their Top 3 (but only 1 in the #1 slot)
6 people have Sam in their Top 3 (but only 1 in the #1 slot)
5 people have Caleb in their Top 3 (4  in the #1 slot)

Only 1 person has Alex in their Top 3 (4 have him in their bottom 3). I just thought that was interesting. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t 🙂


Now, let’s move on to the second Top 08 week where we get the decade of my birth! Let’s hear it for the 80’s! Which, incidentally, Slezak also quasi-called.


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