American Idol – Updating the Standings!

Hi all!

Sorry life has been getting in the way of these updates on the game! Well, let’s call half of the reason life, and the other half, utter dismay.

This was basically the look on the face when my (and half the people in the pool) top pick got voted off last week:


I hate losing!

And it was probably mixed with a little of this:


Luckily, Monday came and my emotions (yeah, so it takes some people longer to get over people getting kicked off a show when they were your front runner) subsided and were able to focus on more important things…

photo 2 (1)

OPENING DAY!!! Where all worries subside because the Orioles won a game!!! AND IT’S SPRING FINALLY! AND IT REALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING!! SO MANY EMOTIONS!

So, now that I’m nowhere near close to a front runner anymore, let’s talk about who is! First, the Top 10, which I forgot to post about. It’s pretty similar to the Top 11 because it had a relatively similar bottom 3. The results looked a little something like this:


Can you guess which people didn’t have Majesty and/or Sam as their top picks? Why didn’t I go with my gut and pick Malaya? I knew I should’ve! And man someone really should’ve picked Dexter or CJ (was what I was thinking after before week 10 because it didn’t seem to matter how badly they did, they weren’t ending up in the bottom 3). Luckily Top 10 and 9 week kind of changed that up! As for the Top 9 week, it looked a lot like the top 10 week:


 Yes that’s me, dipping into the middle territory. In case you were wondering, here’s everyone’s picks one more time so you can see how it’s been breaking down:



I mean, 8 out of 11 people having Majesty in their Top 2, makes that loss a really hard pill to swallow (not unlike the pill my dad recently had to swallow when Duke lost in the first round of March Madness… not that I want to rub that into his face or anything because Duke is a terrible team and way not as cool as Maryland!)

Now, let’s talk about this coming week, the Top 08 perform “Back to the Start” (aka – songs they’ve already performed!) Now, how many of these kids did we see in the Audition round? Um… how about all of them! At least at one round or another. But let’s talk about this as we ease into this coming week (in another post)…

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