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American Idol – Top 05 Prediction Songs (if I were picking)!

It’s hard to say what I want to hear the Idols sing, compared to what I think America wants them to sing, as I tend to be in the minority… but, just to go on record for what I’d like them to sing (which was on record on twitter, when they asked for requests a while ago):

Also, fair warning, for some reason while I was thinking of suggestions, I must’ve been watching Glee or something because a lot of my song suggestions are Glee related. But not all. Afterall, I think we all know that the best song request is almost always:


Alex Preston – I see Alex as a Artie type character, and as such, I’d love to hear him sing Dancing With Myself. However, I’d also really like to hear him sing that song by um… what’s the band… and the song… it goes something like “Say something I’m giving up on you…” = aha… google tells me the song is called Say Something. I should’ve known.

Caleb Johnson – Caleb is like an enigma to me. I don’t know what I think he should sing. I think maybe something by Aerosmith? Dream On or Dude Looks Like a Lady. Ooh, or maybe Back in the Saddle! I want him to sing something from my high school rock days, basically.

Jena Irene – I’d love to see Jena sing something by Amy Winehouse. Personally my favorite Amy song is Valerie, but I don’t think Jena should sing it because if she does it badly, I’m gonna hate it. I mean, honesty my favorite version of the song I’ve ever heard, is Santana from Glee. It’s amazing. As such, I’m gonna say You Know I’m No Good.

Jessica Meuse – I don’t know why but I was thinking Here’s to the Night by Eve6 would be great. I don’t know what made me think of that. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Jessica sing something by Reba McEntire or Melissa Ethridge.

Sam Woolf – I’d still like to see Sam sing some Deathcab for Cutie so I’m going to still say Silhouettes. However, I’d be fine if Alex sang Deathcab, too. Really I would be fine if anyone wanted to attempt it. Really Sam, all I ask is that you just don’t sing David Gray, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, etc. You picked a lot of original songs early on, I hope you pick them again.

And now, let’s watch the show!

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American Idol – Rock n’ Country Night

Tonight aka, last Wednesday because dude, I am busy. I know, the excuse is getting old, but I had camping trips and birthday parties and going away parties to plan and host in a single week and it was just all too much for me to handle. So, here’s the post! Finally! Also it’s written as if I was writing it while watching the show, because I was. I just never posted it because I am apparently THAT absent minded 🙂

images (2)

I thought tonight was really great, singing wise. If anything was upsetting, it was how much they focused on things unrelated to singing. IE – the freaking judges and Ryan! I mean seriously, do we have that much extra time in the show that we can just listen to their trials and tribulations for what had to be a full 30 minutes of the 2 hour episode! Here’s a thought – why not make the show an hour and a half and not leave me being so sleepy at the end of the night? What a romantic thought! Let’s just talk about the show.

Jena Irene

Rock – Barracuda (Heart)
Country – So Small (Carrie Underwood)

As for Jena’s two performances, I most definitely thought the latter was the winner of her night. I know, weird. See, I did think the rock song was pretty good, but I hate that song. It just doesn’t do anything for me. She did a great job, and she was present which is always something that I really love about her performances, but I just wasn’t feeling it and I thought it was a touch on the predictable side, where I tend to like her more obscure song choices. I think that’s why I really liked her Carrie Underwood song. Her voice is so different from Carries that it felt like a totally different song. I have to say also, that looking back on her performances, while I like the rock, I feel like she really shines with some of her “slow song” performances. And I felt like I could could barely tell she messed up (maybe because I don’t know Carrie Underwood songs?). The judges didn’t really seem to care anyway. She’s hit enough of the notes in her time here that I don’t think it’s worth worrying about one botched note.

Sam Woolf

Rock – It’s Time (Imagine Dragons)
Country – You’re Still the One (Shania Twain)

Sam basically did exactly pretty close to exactly what I thought he would do. Picked a barely rock song (although Imagine Dragons is somewhat rockier than I thought he’d pick).I can’t lie though, I did think this performance was way better than like, however many of Sam’s performances I can remember. Maybe because it wasn’t a love song so he didn’t have to be singing to those girls fawning over him, but either way, I thought it was way good. That said, was it rock? No way! It was faaaaaaar less boring though and for that, I appreciate the performance. As for his country performance well… that’s a different story altogether. I did like that he didn’t have the guitar. I can’t even remember the last time he wasn’t playing the guitar? But the song itself?


It seemed like he just said You’re Still the One like, 600 times. The lullaby comparison by Keith was good, but only in that it is a performance that would lull a baby (or myself) to sleep, quite easily. And comments by Jennifer about how cute he is and his “feelings” –



CJ Harris

Rock – American Woman (The Guess Who)
Country – She Loves Me (Zac Brown Band)

I’d have to say this is the least out of tune I’ve heard CJ so thanks for a song that’s mostly yelling/growly noises, instead of sweet soft tunes. I reserved judgment until I heard what I believed would be an out of tune country song, and spoiler alert –

yup. I was right.

I kept thinking to myself – if this dude doesn’t go home tomorrow night, I might have to take out some rage on a bottle of wine… instead, I just had a victory bottle of wine!

Alex Preston

Rock – Animal (Neon Trees)
Country – You Were Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson)

I love this song but again, as expected, not rock. And frankly, it wasn’t really that great. Terrible? Surly not. Just not my favorite (I don’t think anyone who’s sung yet will be my favorite, for that matter). At least Harry praised him for doing an upbeat song. You don’t get a pass, but yeah, you kind of do. Is it weird that I just wished he’d sang Everybody Talks instead of Animal? Although, had he sung that, I would’ve just compared him to the Glee version! Oh BrotherPuck

As for Alex’ Willie Nelson cover, we were a house divided. I actually loved it. I mean, I had to pretend not to remember it from Practical Magic (which I can find no decent clips of! What’s wrong with the internet these days?). Oh Goran Visnjic… you were a creepy dude. But, super hot on ER…. I digress. I really really liked it. Zack, notsomuch. He gets really mad when Idol folks cover songs he likes and does them differently than the artist, where those tend to be my favorite songs!

Caleb Johnson

Rock – Sting Me (The Black Crowes)
Country – Undo It (Carrie Underwood)

Yey Dexter was right! I was right, with Dexters help! I don’t think anyone can even compare to Calebs stage presence on this show. He just performs. I totally didn’t even realize anything happened with his mic, I was THAT into his performance. I just kind of thought he was flailing around a lot. And while I hate to agree with Randy, that was definitely rock and roll, right there… but that was everyone’s opinion, right?

I guess this was a bit of an odd pick for Caleb. I would’ve been mad that he still did a rock version of a country song, but how could I be mad? I really liked it. I mean, it definitely sounds different coming out of his mouth, compared to Carrie, but how could it not? I liked it a lot (as expected). More importantly though… how jealous do you think Jena was of that girl Caleb was singing to? Back up dancers/singers… nothing but trouble.

Jessica Meuse

Rock – Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane)
Country – Jolene (Dolly Parton)

Ok first and foremost, I really like Jessica’s ear rings, but I really hate her nose ring. I just have to say it. It would drive me crazy if I’d gone this long without mentioning it. I agreed with Harry that I thought she deserved the pimp spot tonight. She was definitely better than Jena tonight (in her first performance). I think it was tied with Caleb for my favorite performance of the night. And I love Keith a little more for thinking of Cable Guy during her performance. Fantastic film.

As for Jess’ country song, I got really scared. This is BY FAR my favorite Dolly Parton song, and might be one of my favorite songs of all time. I still remember Brooke White’s version but that was very different from Jessica’s performance tonight. Brooke got to work with Jolene though, so I mean, of course she’d be amazing. Well, really Brooke is amazing. I love that chick! As for Jess, I dare say I liked hers more! They both did a faster more rock version of the song, but I think I liked that Jess’ was a little heavier on the guitar. For me, if Jess was going to have a moment, this was it! And spoiler alert – this was the first song this season I’ve d/l to my itunes! So congratulations for that honor Jess! I also d/l-ed Blue Eyed Lie while I was there 🙂

In case you were wondering though, this is the best version of Jolene:

And with that, the night was over, and the next day, CJ was gone. Darn.


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American Idol – Results and Guessing the Top 6 Songs!

Well, color me surprised when Dexter was on the chopping block! I was NOT expecting that, but I guess JLo’s whole diatribe about needing to perform better, hit home with the audience and Dexter suffered from it. It still befuddles me that Sam and CJ are still in the competition. Well, CJ more than Sam (dude’s got the 12 yr old girls on lock down).

So the standings thus far now look like this:

weekly07Basically, Erica and Katie are the only ones with their Top 3 still intact (Erica actually has her Top 4 in, still. Lucky bitch! haha). Am I worse this year at keeping up because I’m bitter at how poorly I’m doing? Maybe. Let’s blame how busy I am… remember?


Anyway, congratulations Erica for picking all the people I hate who happen to be doing very well. haha. Now, let’s please move on to the coming week!

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Looking back at past seasons, I was really surprised how many themes included either Country or Rock. Every season except the first and eleventh, in fact! And in Season 2 there was actually a Country Rock theme.

I’m sure everyone will be good and pick a country song, although I’ve still got the odds that it’s gonna be pop-country. I’m ok with that because that’s the country style I listen to: Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, etc. but hopefully some will pick some either more obscure or just more traditional country (I’m still wanting Caleb to cover Kenny Loggins – but who would be the Dolly? Jessica? Islands in the Stream wasn’t a terrible duet last week… or whenever it was).

I’m more worried that they’re going to pick pop-rock (really, it’s exactly what the theme is – a little bit Rock and Roll). To me, real rock kind of died in the 90s. Now everyone they call rock, just isn’t. I mean, I like this new rock too, but I like classic rock way more! If anyone is going to pick good rock, I think we can all agree that it’ll be Caleb and Jena. And maybe Jessica. They all fit the rock criteria. I’m sure Alex will just look at the list of previously performed songs, and just pick from that. I worry most for Sam and CJ, but I also dislike them the most, so is it really worry? I think it’s probably more excitement that soon they’ll be gone (if there’s a god anyway).

With that, here’s who I picked for the contestants… ps, I tried doing this in a grid format thing so apologies if it doesn’t look right when I hit the “publish” button!

Country Rock and Roll


Alex Preston I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) We Become Silhouettes
(The Postal Service)
When thinking of song choices for Alex I always think – WWHD – What Would a Hipster Do? Although with Alex, as I said above, I really just feel like you can look at what everyone else has sung in seasons past, to pick out what he’ll sing tonight.

In the hipster/already sung vein, I picked a Bonnie Raitt song for Alex because I think he could do a lot with it. As for country, I went with a personal hipster fave, The Postal Service. If anyone is going to sing them, it would be Alex. That said, no one has sung The Postal Service on Idol, so the odds are not quite in my favor.

Caleb Johnson Aint Goin’ Down
(Garth Brooks)
Sting Me
(The Black Crowes)
I don’t know if it was last week or the week before, but someone said that Caleb really digs the Black Crowes, so I went with Dexters pick for Caleb last week, Sting Me. I don’t even know the song, and personally if I were to pick a Black Crowes song, it would be Hard to Handle. But knowing these contestants, they’re going to pick a song that they know/have performed, so I think Dexter might know something I don’t. I did have as a close runner-up, the song A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke (he’s in the R&R HOF so I feel like that counts as Rock and Roll). Wouldn’t he sing that sooo well? Remember when Syesha Mercado sang it? Talk about a blast from the past!

 Just makes me hate Randy all over again for his criticism of this performance. God he’s an idiot.

As for the Garth pick in the Country category, he just seems like a Garth type performer – all in. And Ain’t Goin Down is a fun song. Caleb could do it really well I think! A close second though.


CJ Harris It’s a Great Day to Be Alive
(Travis Tritt)
Free Bird
(Lynard Skynard)
Honestly, I’d love to hear CJ sing either of these songs, but something tells me he’ll do something even lessssssssssss original. Him and Sam.
Jena Irene Better Dig Two
(The Band Perry)
Piece of My Heart
(Janis Joplin)
Picking the country tune for Jena was hard but as for the rock, Janis Joplin came to me immediately! Admittedly, it was while I was looking through songs other idols have sung and Kree sang this just last season, but I think Jena could sing it completely differently. I also realize that The Band Perry was featured pretty heavily last year as well, but I still think it would be a good performance, so why not?
Jessica Meuse Ready to Run or There’s Your Trouble (Dixie Chicks) What About Love



Usually, I would go with Miranda Lambert for the Jessica’s country tune, but being as she JUST sang Miranda, to less than stellar reviews, methinks she’ll stray from that. As such, I picked another growly country musician (well, 3 growly country musicians).

As for rock, with Jessica it could be anything and I definitely lean towards her doing rock in the classic rock form. I sure hope she does. I picked a Heart song (which I probably should’ve picked for Jena when I think about it, but whatever).

Sam Woolf I’m Already There


Best Day of My Life

(American Authors)

I just assume that the producers will make Sam sing romantic songs in both categories. Gotta get those panties melting, after all (Lord knows how when he’s so dreadfully boring!) I mean, dude probably thinks Gavin DeGraw is rock and roll. He’s definitely going to pick something terrible and not rock. Mark my words on that one! Here’s hoping CJ’s is worse, though. It’s a toss up with those guys though.


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American Idol – Top 07 Sabotage… notsomuch…

So, sabotage… not so much. It was more like –

-Contestant tells other contestants what songs they’d like to sing
– 4/6 of them pick one of the songs told to them, if anyone repeats, just don’t show those contestants on TV
– Make up story of some kind emotional attachment to the song (or bring you small child)

So in case you were wondering, this is what we heard people pick (I wish that one of the ways they’d killed time last night was to just tell me what everyone picked for each other)

Dexter – Mucklee Creek Water (CJ), Stay (Jena) and Redneck Yacht Club (Jess)

Sam – Give Me Love (Jena), Your Body is a Wonderland (CJ)

CJ – God Must’ve Spent a Little More Time on You (Jess), I Don’t Need no Doctor (Alex) and Edge of Desire (Sam)

Alex – Lost in my Mind (Caleb), Marry Me (CJ)

Jessica – Yellow (Dexter), You Oughtta Know (Sam)

Jena – Demons (Sam), Creep (Caleb) and Broken (CJ)

Caleb – Simple Man (Jena), Family Tree (Sam) and Sting Me (Dexter)

So, I accidentally saw the list of all the songs the contestants were singing. It was terrible. I hate knowing the songs before they start talking about it on the show. That said, there were a few songs I’d never heard before so I did end up listening to the whole set list (minus the duets), and now I think I’m sufficiently obsessed with Ed Sheeran. Between his recent performance on SNL, and the one time I saw him singing Lego House on TV, and tonight… yeah, mildly obsessed enough to d/l his first album. It’s great! I highly recommend it. I’d also recommend his youtube channel! It’s a fun way to waste some time.

So anyway, from what I saw of the list, it was mostly boring but there was a hint of dashing that did not disappoint. I was very much looking forward to Alex and Jena and they did not disappoint. And the rest did about as I expected. So lets chat about my favorites and then we’ll talk about everyone else (yes I’m still sad to not be able to talk about a Malaya performance)

Jena – Creep (picked by Caleb)

I had a feeling I was going to love this performance when I saw the spoiler song list, and spoiler alert – it was. I loved it. I didn’t love her hair like Jena did, but otherwise it was my favorite by leaps and bounds over anyone else of the night. I love this song. I love the piano, this was win upon win for me.

And side note (post duet performance and “pre-performance flirtation) it was pretty obvs.


She loves him. And he wore a skull tshirt and she wants a skull tattoo. It’s all coming together. Although he didn’t pick her song (poor form Caleb).

Alex Preston – The A Team (picked by Dexter)

So Alex, yeah… basically all I was thinking about was how much I loved Ed Sheeran. I kept thinking about the video as I was listening to the song. It sticks with you. I thought this was a great performance all around and I thought Alex did a fantastic job. I still hate his ridiculous “rolled jeans” look that persists, but musically…

little rascals

Caleb Johnson – Family Tree (picked by Sam)

I heard this Family Tree song for the first time, earlier today (blame the spoiler list).

I thought Calebs version was so much louder and more energetic. I like both versions though, in their own right.Great way to start the show in general. And I thought in general Caleb was featured more throughout the episode? Maybe just because a lot of people picked his songs? I don’t know.

Jessica Meuse – Gunpowder and Lead (picked by Sam)

Ok so when I heard she was attempting Gunpowder and Lead I feared for her a bit (see Skylar Laine).

I hate how Jen talks about being a big fan of Jessica. I feel like she doesn’t have many nice things to say about her, to date… that said, they were accurate with this performance. I don’t know if the judges repetition of the critique that the judges continue to give, that maybe they are right about how she moves on stage very oddly. She just needs more of a rocker presence. That said, she’s definitely getting the Reinhart treatment, where the judges give her minor praise and then criticize things that don’t really have to do with the singing part of the performance… I feel they do the opposite for CJ and Dexter.

CJ Harris – Gravity (picked by Caleb)

So CJ picks a John Mayer song (that he’s already been playing around the house).


Calab, I almost praised your song choices for contestants until I heard your pick for CJ. As for his performance, CJ did pretty well. I think it didn’t really matter how he did this week though because I think that having your very young son there got you the votes this week

Dexter Roberts – Muckalee Creek Water (picked by CJ)

Oh yeah… he sang.

Sam – Sail Away (picked by Jessica)

Him too. And it was dreadfully boring. I’m to the point where I can’t even really like him for his voice. Yes, it’s good. Yes, 13 year olds love you. But even in your duets there’s no connection. It’s just like, there might as well be a big ol’ vacancy sing on your forehead.


If I could sum up my thoughts on the duets in the form of a tweet (140 characters or less):

Alex and Sam – Let Her Go

Anyone else want to believe that Sam and the couch were both green and the producers were playing a mean joke? #TerryBradshawthinkslikeme

Jena and Caleb – Gimme Shelter

Caleb and Jena’s relationship reminds me of Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta

CJ Dexter and Jess – Compass

Well this was terrible. #nexttogohome #theirinthisgroup #pleasebeCJ

And with that, it was time to see who was going home! Spoiler Alert – It was Dexter!

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American Idol – Top 07 Saboteurs

So when I heard it was “other contestants choice” on Idol this week, I read it in a couple of ways. Was it going to be:

a) Songs the Contestants would like to hear another Contestant would sing?
b) Songs that might be difficult for another Contestant to sing, so let’s challenge them!
c) Songs that will hopefully boot another Contestant out of the competition?

Here’s the thing. I watch a lot of reality TV competitions. Some where the participants are chummy (Top Chef All Stars), some where clear cliques form (Project Runway, Survivor) and then there are the ones where shit is CUT.THROAT (Top Chef, Real Housewives of Anything, etc). Personally, I like the latter. It makes for better tv. No one likes reality shows where everyone gets along. That’s why the Real World lasted as long as it did! Unfortunately though, for this season of Idol – these kids are straight up chummy. Dare I say real life pals! There doesn’t really seem to be any bad blood.

As much as I’d loooooooooooove to see Jena picking some Rihanna song for Dexter, or Alex pick something like Christina Aguilera for CJ, it just isn’t going to happen. I’m not that lucky. Why would they dare make the show that interesting? Not this season folks. I mean, is it just me or are the song selections a bit of an unoriginal snoozefest this season?

done with you

Not to mention, from what I hear, everyone was allowed to pick a song, and the contestant could pick from the list of 6. So, you know even if 1 person was mean, it’s only 1 among 5 other choices. If you ask me, the Idol producers could learn a thing or two from Andy Cohen.

So anyway, there’s no point in guessing what people picked for each other because if I did, I’d only wind up disappointing myself…

stressful evening

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American Idol – And Then There Were 7 (but I’m not in heaven)

I’m sorry it took me so long to post about the Top 08 Redux. Shit got real this season. I had this foreboding feeling that the week after the save, Malaya would be on the chopping block. It was like this premonition. I didn’t want it to happen but I had an immense fear that it would… and then it did. It was hard for me. But I’m getting through it and I’m moving forward, so thanks for your concern.

I will say that as far as the game is concerned, you should, for for the most part, be pretty happy it was Malaya because a few of you had her as your bottom pick (bonus points!) and a lot of you had her around the bottom 3. Just about EVERYONE has CJ in their bottom 3 by now (it’s amazing how many people had him at 5th place! More than half of you.

But, let’s talk about the performances, shall we? Good ol’ 80’s night. I took the whole 80’s theme to heart all night, Wednesday. I was all over Buzzfeed. Mostly because after writing that I felt I was the embodiment of the 80’s if I were a musical era, Buzzfeed thought differently! I don’t even know where/what Laurel Canyon is… but it does sound groovy 🙂

Probably more accurate...

Probably more accurate…

In order to feel more 80’s, I of course had to take the “Which John Hughes Classic are You?”

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 9.03.52 PM

Quite fitting if I do say so myself!

This left me feeling far more tubular! That’s an 80’s word, right? Anyway… let’s talk about the contestants and less about my quiz results…

Jena Irene – Pour Some Sugar On Me
(is what I thought she sang, turns out it was I Love Rock and Roll)

Ok so I watched Jenas performance but I missed her commentary post-song, so I can’t comment one whatever the judges said but for me, it was a mixed bag. I liked the slower sultrier beginning way more than the end, and kind of wish she’d stayed on the piano for the remainder of the song. But I didn’t hate the ending either. I dare say, yeah, in face I will say, she was my favorite performance of the night (I think). If nothing else she’s tied for favorite. And she’s tied with a SHOCKER of a favorite.

Dexter Roberts – Keep Your Hands to Yourself

At first, I was half listening to Dexter (while going through my tax stuff because I’m a procrastinator) and thinking that it was something I’d heard before… and then I started feeling something. Was it positive emotions towards a performance by Dexter?


It really wasn’t a bad performance. It was actually quite good. I dare say a favorite (though I still think it was “in his wheelhouse” to some extent). But then, I thought I heard Jennifer say way to do something different, and this happened…


Malaya Watson – Through the Fire

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 8.50.39 PM

Ug! JLo. don’t tell people that!

Here’s why I’m not 100% crestfallen about Malaya going home… as she was performing Wednesday, I got to thinking… Malaya is really great, but I don’t understand how she’s gonna be able to not go the way of the Ruben, when all the stuff she sings aren’t things I really listen to. I’m not an Aretha girl. Or Chaka for that matter. If her song selection had continued, she’d be going the way of Burnell and that guy I hate whose name I can’t remember. And this guy too. It’s not like any of the other contestants have been making any ground-breaking song choices on a regular basis anyway. I thought Malaya’s song choices wouldn’t hurt her, but I really think that’s what did her in. It still burns me up that she was out before CJ though! And Malaya, please always remember –


Jessica Meuse – Call Me

Did I call Jessica to do something Blondie? I think it might’ve actually been Jena that I said that about. Is this song on Rock Band? It’s bad that that’s the last time I heard this song (don’t worry, that’s not how I know the song)? I digress. This is, hands down, the best performance Jessica has ever had! Was it my favorite? No. Did I think Jessica was right, that it wasn’t the best song for Jessica to perform? Yes. But it was Jessica’s best performance to date (in the non-original song category) so for that, good on ya, Jess!

Sam Woolfe – Time After Time

I think I wanted another gentleman to sing this. But, if Romy and Michele had shown up, I would’ve forgiven him. They did not. I hate this arrangement (although it would turn out to not be the worst arrangement of the night). I also thought it’s creepy that he’s amidst all these ladies. Although, not as creepy as this…


This is the perviest thing you’ve ever done Harry. Ever. That I’m aware of.

And not to go on a tangent, but Sam and his boringness doesn’t need any further comment. Harry, dude, you were my favorite for so long but this past week, jeez. What was going on with you? I realize some producer probably told you that you had some time to fill, but you filled it with nonsense, dribble, and utter creeptastic perviness. Yes, those are both words. And you were most certainly both of those things.

Alex Preston – I’ll Be Watching You

I have a love hate relationship with this song. I love the song but it just creeps me the hell out. As for Alex’ version, I didn’t totally love the arrangement. I felt the opposite about this arrangement. Kudos to him for being inventive and trying to re-interpret the meaning, but this was way too much for me. Alex saying that he thought the song was sweet, just made me think he’s probably a stalker. Now, Zack’s opinion was a little more harsh. I believe he said something to the effect of,  “Sting should punch this kid in the face” He is not an Alex Preston fan. We’re on different sides of a few contestants this year. I still like Alex, but I can agree this arrangement was atrocious.

CJ Harris – Free Fallin’

I should’ve known. Allman Brothers, Darius Rucker… Tom Petty is the next logical progression of artists (at least, of the 80s). That jacket is from the Randy Jackson collection, no?

Caleb Johnson – Faithfully

Part of me knew Caleb would sing some Journey. Journey or Styx. I was pretty ambivalent about Caleb’s performance. It really wasn’t that different or “quiet” as the judges had asked for, and maybe 80’s week isn’t the week for a quiet performance. Personally, I just don’t think he knows the meaning of quiet. I’m ok with that. That’s him. Rockers don’t really do quiet. I get that. I didn’t think the performance was bad, but it wasn’t great either.


And just because, you know I took more than 2 quizzes while watching idol…

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 9.16.06 PM

In defense of my whiteness, I don’t think the quiz adequately featured show tunes or musical comedy, it also never referenced moving to Canada (although Portland might as well be Canada)


I’ll update the standings when I get back into work where I left the rankings! But, Erica is currently the running champ and my hubs is in second (you can thank him picking Caleb to win).

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American Idol – 80s Predictions!

Ok friends, so I love the 80’s. It’s true. It’s the decade of my birth and I feel that the 80s and I are kindred spirits. We’re funky, fun, a little crazy… we were meant to be together like crimped hair and slouch socks.

When I think of the 80s and music I think of 4 things:

wedding singer
Romy and Michele%60s High School Reunion Wallpaper 1


From these items, I’ve created the ultimate playlist of ideas for the contestants, tonight. If I were ever going to be right about anything, tonight would be the night, right?

Alex Preston – White Wedding (or China Girl) – I just really want him to sing Billy Idol. That said, I could also see him pulling off Karma Chameleon! It’s the perfect amount of hipster for him!

Caleb Johnson – Here’s the thing with Caleb. If I picked something from one of these soundtracks, I’d obviously have to go with Don’t You (Forget About Me)

but something tells me, he’s gonna go typical, and do something by either Journey or Styx. A nice twist would also be if he sang Time After Time from Romy and Michele! I hope someone sings that! Possibly with Romy and Michele and Sandy dancing in the background.

Sam Woolf – I’m going full Wedding Singer for Sam and suggesting Hold Me Now. Sam is almost as boring as CJ and Dexter are to me, so it makes it harder for me to think of anything I want them to sing. Sorry fella. But congrats on the save!

Jena Irene – Obviously Jena needs something ala Cyndi Lauper or Madonna. Or maybe someone more rock-focused but that person isn’t coming to mind. What about a rock twist on Just Can’t Get Enough? oooooooooooor… Heaven is a Place on Earth? Yes! That’s my vote! Yes! It could be iconic! Is Blondie considered rock? Because I could see her doing something along those lines too.

Jessica Meuse – So obviously I want Jessica to go full Madonna tonight, but I could see her stepping into Belinda Carlisle too. Let’s compromise and say The Go-Go’s Our Lips are Sealed?

Malaya Watson – I’d love to pick something for Malaya but she’s gonna pick a song I will assume I’ve never heard. I mean, truth be told, if it wasn’t Top 40, I probably wasn’t listening to it, as it relates to 80’s music. Maybe Every Little Thing She Does is Magic? She could pull off Sting. Or, I should say, it would be really cool if she could pull off Sting!

CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts – I have no idea for CJ or Dexter. Mostly because there are no country songs in these sountracks. I wasn’t listening to Country music in the 80’s. So I’ll just say maybe something by Kenny Rogers?

So that’s what I’m hoping. We’ll see what happens 🙂


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American Idol – Slezak Called It

As I was reading Michael Slezak’s recap yesterday, he totally called it:

He’s usually right about most things Idol so it’s not a big surprise. And I mean, it makes a little bit of sense with regards to the fact that nobody really had a bad performance. That said, was he worth the save? Slezak had a poll up today asking what we all thought and the breakdown looked like this:


I think you all know how I voted…

I don’t think Sam’s done anything to prove his worth to the show, performance wise. Now, cash-flow wise, that’s a different story! If you check out iTunes, the story becomes a little more clear:

iTunes Top 400 rankings a/o yesterday afternoon:

#36 – Fairytales by Alex Preston
#108 – Lego House by Sam Woolf
#119 – Blue-Eyed Lie by Jessica Meuse

Looking at this, the save is less surprising than the fact that this week. I’m actually more surprised that Alex is selling the most on iTunes (over the course of the season). The guy’s never been in the bottom 3 so it makes sense. Although Sam’s been #2 in sales and he’s been in the bottom a fair bit, so that is a little on the confusing side.

Either way, there’s no point in complaining that the save was used because to me, it was a foregone conclusion they’d use it on Sam (because I thought he was the highest grossing one). I knew as soon as JLo opened her mouth to give the news, that he’d be safe. I think we all know that JLo only gives the good news!

So let’s see how the rankings worked out for the week:


I’m surprised how close everyone still is, but as I was looking at the breakdown of contestants picks, a lot of people had someone in the bottom 3, in their Top 3, in the last 3 weeks! haha How’s that for numbers?

I also thought I’d show you a little something, since so many front runners have been in the bottom 3. If you look at the breakdown of how all of the contestants rank within our game:

8 people have Majesty in their Top 3 (5 in the #1 slot)
8 people have Jessica in their Top 3 (but only 1 in the #1 slot)
6 people have Sam in their Top 3 (but only 1 in the #1 slot)
5 people have Caleb in their Top 3 (4  in the #1 slot)

Only 1 person has Alex in their Top 3 (4 have him in their bottom 3). I just thought that was interesting. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t 🙂


Now, let’s move on to the second Top 08 week where we get the decade of my birth! Let’s hear it for the 80’s! Which, incidentally, Slezak also quasi-called.


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American Idol – Songs We’ve Sung Before

Which is what this should’ve been called.

That said, I think that for the most part, the songs were different enough from the versions they auditioned with (or completely different in the case of Caleb and Dexter) to make tonight still feel somewhat fresh and new. And who even remembers two months ago anyway? The only audition I remembered (song wise) was Sam’s. I didn’t even recall seeing Dexter, Jena or Caleb in the audition round (although I did find their auditions and vaguely remembered them at that point, ok maybe just Calebs).

I have to say that for being forced to listen to songs the contestants sang already, this might’ve been the most successful performance night of the show. I didn’t think any of the performances were bad (although a few were a touch boring). The only bad performances, to my ear, involved the duets. I have to say that American Idol could learn a few things from The Voice as far as good duets are concerned (at least this season).

While thinking of “better duets” I created a “Top 5 best American Idol duets that I can remember in no particular order” –

1. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze singing “Falling Slowly”

bowersox dewyze
2. Casey Abrams and THE Hailey Reinhart singing “I Feel the Earth Move”

reinhart abrams
3. Kendra Chantelle and Paul McDonald singing “Blackbird” (and apparently they’ve duet-ed since then)

mcdonald chantelle
4. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina singing anything basically.

5. Carly Smithson and Michael Johns singing “The Letter”

carly and michael

Honorable Mention:

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday singing “And I’m Telling You” because it
is seriously one of the funniest/most awkward things to have ever happened on Idol (see below)


 Of tonights duets, I think Jessica and Caleb was my favorite, but maybe it was Jena and Alex. Actually, it probably was Jena and Alex but only superior because of song choice. I swooned for Jena and Alex more, because it was a duet I thought was bizarre but then hearing it, my heart fluttered like Jena’s lilting voice (who knew she had that in her?). I wrote in my notes that I was pretty sure this would be my favorite of the night, without having heard the rest of the duets, but now, post show, I was totally right. I will say that as far as Jessica and Caleb are concerned, I was trying to think of clever band names for them because I really thought they made each other sound better! How about Meatloaf and Stevie? Or Meatloaf’s Muse? I dunno… maybe you guys have some suggestions?

I should also say that there wasn’t anything particularly wrong vocally with Sam and Malaya, it was just Sam’s perpetual problem – lack of any kind of emotion. You can’t sing about being lucky to be in love when you have zero feelings towards the person you’re supposed to be singing with/about. You know? And CJ and Dexter well… I’ll be nice and just say nothing. Nothing is better than what I could say.

With that, lets move on to the single performances of the night:


I guess I was wrong in that it wasn’t “any song they auditioned with” but actually the song they auditioned with (unless they don’t want to sing that). Seriously though, where did they get that alleged audition footage of Dexter and Caleb singing their respective songs? Because what I saw on television when they auditioned was Caleb singing what I think was an original, and Dexter singing whatever I said he sang in that last post. **grumble grumble**

There are two… ok 3 people that I really want to talk about first. So that’s what I’m gonna do…

Jessica Meuse – Blue Eyed Lie (Original Song)

Being that it’s CLEAR that Jessica can write a tune, it’s fitting that (according to Twitter) she’s officially the first person to sing an original song, on the live stage! That’s pretty cool! I hope she isn’t the last, that’s for sure (spoiler alert – she wasn’t)! The song wasn’t so much different, as it was equally perfect to the first time we heard it. Other than that, it was just as perfect as it was the first time I heard it. As such, let’s talk about that dress Jessica was wearing. Talk about doing nothing for her figure. It was like anti-figure flattering! I also just realized how many extensions she has in her hair. I also didn’t like how they had her on that weird box. Ok I’m done complaining about non-song related things… with regards to Jessica.

Jena Irene – Rolling in the Deep


Yes, confusion. I never realized you could remix such an iconic sound, and have it be soooooo gooooodddd! To you, Jena,


Based on her portfolio of performances, I dare say she’s the most original/unique/boundary pushing/original performer on the show. While the slowness of the arrangement wasn’t totally my favorite, I did like the more of a rock tinge the song had but the slowness was kind of killing it for me. And to me, maybe the arrangement wasn’t my favorite, but the ability to change it up so much and still be so good, was excellent. I think if you can’t sing like Adele, changing things up is the smartest thing to do, it’s just usually an epic fail. This was anything BUT. Great job, Jena!

Alex Preston – Fairytales (Original Song #2)

So, can I just say that I’m really glad Alex went with his original song and didn’t sing something else. Maybe they should just let Alex and Jessica write the finale songs? That would be pretty exciting (not saying we won’t see them in the finale – I could easily see one of the two up on the stage when all is said and done – Jena too for that matter because her original song performance has been my favorite of hers to date). The other thing, that maybe Sam can learn from Alex, is to take emotions and make songs out of them. Here, it was a bad break up (something that I have to assume Sam has never experienced).  Anyway, Alex, you were great and you made my Top 3 EASILY tonight! Great job buddy!

CJ Harris – Soul Shine

CJ must’ve heard I have a thing for grandparents! And CJ’s grampa was adorbsies. It’s funny to me that I didn’t realize CJ was a touch out of tune in his audition (he mentions it while talking about his audition). I must not have realized it because I just loved his first performance. I think it was by far my favorite performance of his (although I did notice the touches of “out of tune-ness” this time, although it was more noticeable in his duet). I do think this was probably his best live performance (and the most* in tune).  Is it weird that I almost like CJ more than Sam because he can at least show some emotion when he sings? I’m beginning to think Sam is some sort of sociopath or something with his utter lack of emotion.

Sam Woolf – Lego House

I love Sam’s grampa. Can Sam’s grampa just win idol already? I think I love him more than any contestant. When I saw his baby picture I thought for a sec they were talking about Dexter (sorry, the O’s are on. I have to switch back and forth, and missed part of the intro. Priorities people). I know I talked about how boring I find Sam, but I do really enjoy this song. This is far more his wheelhouse to me than the last few weeks have been. I liked this version and the first version he did of the song. Also, so um… last week, surrounded by lightbulbs. This week, surrounded by lamps. Can I make a prediction that if he makes it to the finale, he’ll be surrounded by fully furnished bedrooms? I mean, it’s not like Lego House or whatever drab song he performed last week (oh right…), had anything to do with lights/bulbs/lamps/etc. so I’m not really understanding the stage decor.

Malaya Watson – Aint No Way

I thought that Malaya’s insight on her auditioning, was very interesting. Especially with all the people they let through/didn’t let through because they weren’t ready. The thing is, maybe Malaya has the most to grow as far as a contestant, but wouldn’t you agree that she really has grown the most, throughout the course of the show? It is so fantastic and amazing to see how far Malaya has already come in this competition. She is realizing she doesn’t need to force the notes. For me, this was sweet perfection. Fantastic is such an understatement.

Caleb Johnson – Chain of Fools 

Who would’ve thought there would be 2 Aretha Franklin songs. I guess if you can sing Aretha well, you’re worthy of the stage! I mean, it wasn’t his audition song, but clearly he sang it for the judges at some point (did he audition with it in a previous season? I don’t really remember him from the previous seasons so maybe that’s possible?). Caleb is just a consummate performer. He puts so much in to his performances that it’s hard not to watch and like him. I know I’ve fallen into that trap. I do like that they finally told him to maybe do a slower/less loud song. This one was kind of slow, but definitely still very loud!

and just because I want Dexter to be last…

Dexter Roberts – One Mississippi

So which audition did he sing this song for? That’s curious. I will say I liked it WAY more than the Drive song he sang in his audition. <- That’s all I wrote in my notes for Dexter. I will say that this might have been my favorite performance of Dexter’s to date. That’s only because it sounded a touch more original (even though it wasn’t at all original). It makes you realize that the guy can sing. He’s just dull. Not as dull as Sam, maybe the word I’m really looking for is unoriginal (which Sam also is).

Now, as far as voting, because I didn’t think anyone did terribly, I decided to vote for all of them in order (for the most part) of my favorites… except I still had to give Malaya the most votes because I’m sorry, but she just rocks my socks!

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.03.17 PM


Also, in case you were wondering, best tweet of the night goes to a one, @HarryConnickJr

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 9.38.05 PM


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American Idol – Audition Songs.

Ok so let’s talk about this weeks Top 08 performances. Here’s the thing with this category… “Back to the Start” where contestants sing a song they auditioned to. Here’s the thing with the theme though – odds are, WE ALREADY HEARD THEM SING THIS SONG! Is that not frustrating to anyone else but me? I’ll blindly assume that they can at least pick any song throughout the course of their auditioning process and not the song they actually auditioned for on TV in their respective cities. In case you were wondering what we’ve heard them sing (at least, from Hollywood week and before), let’s reminisce…


To be perfectly honest, based on this list, I’d actually be happy to hear the songs they auditioned with because I think I liked those performances the most (that’s definitely the case for CJ, Jessica and Sam), but if I really had my wish, everyone that auditioned with an original song (at some point), I hope they perform those again because for the most part, they were truly my favorite performances. ESPECIALLY the case for Jessica and Jena (although Jessica’s was also her first performance so that makes sense).

Some notes regarding audition songs:

1. Sam, Malaya, Jessica and CJ (and Majesty, if only we could go back a week) were in my Top 5 from their respective Audition rounds

2. I find it humorous that everyone besides Malaya, I didn’t mention in my Top 5 of their auditions, and yet, they’re pretty much my top contenders now (except for you Dexter! Definitely not you!). Basically I mean Jena and Caleb. And Malaya. You know you’re my homegirl.

3. Jessica and CJ both had to sing for their lives at the end of Hollywood week and I noted in my blog how much I liked both of their performances more than their competitors.

4. Caleb and CJ were in the same group for Hollywood Group Night where they sang Too Close (which Jena also sang, in a different group). They were also the only 2 kept from their group in that performance, so I guess the judges were right about that decision.

5. Based on this list, it seems Dexter will be most likely to sing something we haven’t heard (and yet something tells me we’ll feel like we have heard it). It is nice to see though, that we saw all of these performers audition in the opening rounds which I feel, is something we’d never be able to say regarding previous iterations of Idol. So that’s quite lovely.


I’ll leave the post at this but I’ll update once the show is over with my reaction on the performances 🙂


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