American Idol – Guessing the Top 10

So originally I thought the theme for this week was “Billboard Top 10” but then I realized through reading some Slezak, that it was actually Billboard Top 10, from 2010 to present! Now that, I like! I love when they have to sing modern songs, most of which I’ve probably heard. But what should they sing? Makes it a little harder to decide. At least with categories like this, it’s most likely songs the contestants know and love. Without actually doing the heavy investigating as to what songs have been in the Top 10 in the last 4 years, I can immediately think of things I’d like to hear, and things I’d rather not. If this were last year, I feel like I’d know every pick – Angie would pick Jessie J, Candice would pick Drake, Kree would most definitely be belting some Carrie Underwood. This year, I feel like the contestants are a touch more original, but not sooooo original that we can’t think of a few ideas. Mostly I just hope no one sings Royals, Radioactive or Wrecking Ball. Or Safe and Sound. I swear, I hear that on the radio on the DAILY not to mention in commercials. GO AWAY CAPITAL CITIES! Er… actually, GO AWAY TOP 40 MUSIC STATIONS! Anyway, I think it’s safe to say all of the above-mentioned songs have been heard enough so far this season/year in general! So, let’s get on with what I think we’ll hear/what I’d like to hear.


Ok so if Alex wants to be predictable, I feel like he’d sing Say Something. If he wants to surprise me, couldn’t Blurred Lines be fun? Preferably this version – 

And speaking of fun, I could totally see him going with one of their songs. Ie – We Are Young or Some Nights (although I could also see them singing Some Nights as a group tomorrow night). Oh also, what about Pumped Up Kicks and maybe doing it on the drums or something? I mean come on, that’s got Alex written all over it!



Caleb-Johnson_1032-281x300So I don’t think Caleb even has the opportunity to be predictable because when you look at top songs, big hair metal bands aren’t really plentiful. If anything, I could maybe see him doing some Gaga (Born this Way) or Pink (Pretty much any song that isn’t slow). Something with more of a growl to it. And I feel like either of those would be good for him, and help him play off the success of his Adele song last week. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go too unpredictable and rock out to a Justin (Beiber or Timberlake). I also wonder if Jack Black has had any recent successes because that could be fun just based on Caleb.


Where Caleb and Alex tend to be on the more predictable side, CJ practically bathes in it. As such, I feel like Home, by Phillip Phillips would be a good guess. Actually, any of Phillips’ 3 songs would be… less than surprising.  Maybe something by The Band Perry? Personally I think it could be fun to see him throw out a Taylor Swift song but most of her songs are just about impossible to be sung from a male perspective.


While we’re speaking about Country, let’s talk Dexter. When I briefly looked at the Billboard charts, there was only 1 single country song in the last 2 years, and since Dexter is literally the most predictable pick, I would like to call it now that he will sing Cruise, by Florida Georgia Line. Wanna take bets? This is the only pick I’m making that I’d be willing to guarantee. Time will tell but I’m telling you, I’m going to be right.


So if we were going for obvious, I’d probably pick some One Direction. I could even see him covering All of Me by John Legend, maybe getting into some piano action. I could also see him performing Say Something (if Alex doesn’t). Now, for unpredictable Sam, wouldn’t it be cool to see him cover Young the Giant’s Cough Syrup, or Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack but done acoustic like this… Could be fun! Honestly, I feel like that song will be covered, but quite possibly by one of the ladies. If Sam really wanted to surprise me, I was kind of thinking something like Maroon 5’s “One More Night”.  Could be really cool.

As for the ladies? Well that’s a lot harder. There are so many amazing female singers. Not to mention the fact that the girls are a lot more unpredictable than the boys this season (minus Caleb)!

Ok so instead of actually picking songs for the girls, I’d really rather just pick singers… I’ll try to do both though.


I found a cover of Jena singing Beautiful Disaster on youtube and now I’m made Kristen already ruined that possibility. I also saw a cover of the song Payphone which was pretty stellar as well. But I’m not out of ideas for Jena. Ok so call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be fun to hear to sing “Die Young”  by Ke$ha, but making it a more melodic slow song? Piano style? Or Firework but in the same style? Really no matter what she does, as long as it involves a piano, I’m sure I’ll like it.


So the obvious suggestion is Teagan and Sara. I mean, come on. Closer is a clear guess. One thing that could be fun was if she played Pink’s, “Just Like a Pill” but the Teagan and Sara cover of it? I think that came out too long ago, but technically that cover is one they played in a concert I saw of theirs last year. So does that count? Check it out. It’s great.

For the sake of realistic guessing in the non-lesbian category, how about “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri? Oh, and maybe, what about Imagine Dragons “Demons”. That could also be fun if MK plays an instrument. Does she? I could also maybe see Caleb singing this.

If you thought I had a lot of ideas for the previous contestants, I can’t even begin to narrow down my ideas for these ladies! I mean, it’s like, impossible.


For Jessica, obviously I lean more towards songs I think she might’ve covered prior to Idol (since that seems to be her thing to date) and I lean towards Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” or “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)“. I don’t think she’ll pick anything “pop” though. I see her still going towards the rock genre. If she wanted to surprise me, in a fun way, I’d say she should belt out “Set Fire to the Rain” but in a more rock context. It could blow me away… potentially. I will say, if Jessica wanted to step outside of rock and maybe prove she can belt (where Majesty’s weakness lies) I could see her doing some Florence and the Machine. That’s only if she can actually belt though. If not, see above suggestions.


I hate to steal ideas from Slezak but when I read that he wanted Malaya to sing “Bulletproof” by La Roux, um… yeah! Great choice!! YES YES YES!! I hope she does sing that. It also made me think of that song “Titanium” by David Guetta. She has proved she’s good at belting and she needs a more loud fun song. Part of me sees her going Miley, but girl has a lot of music knowledge so I feel like she’ll surprise us.


I see Majesty singing Rihanna. Sure, I’d love for her to redeem herself by belting something out perfectly, but I see her going more fun, lighthearted non-belting. She’s young so I feel like she’ll shy away from any kind of belting note in lieu of something a little more safe (but still good! I know you’re going to pull it out this week Majesty!). Maybe Majesty can do one of Queen Bey’s more subtle songs?

Ok so that’s it. Have fun and I can’t wait for some new current music tonight!  Time will tell what gets picked!

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