American Idol – The Quasi-Shocker!

So they said it was going to be a shocker at the end of the show. To me, the only shock was that America (mostly) picked the correct bottom 3. Had they replaced Sam for Dexter, it would’ve been much more accurate, and had Dexter gone home instead of Ben, they would’ve hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, the results ended up with us saying goodbye to the biggest Tennessee Vols fan to ever grace the Idol stage.


It was a bit of a surprise to see Ben go home. He was the only one that really got any negative attention from the judges last night (that I saw. I’d like to believe Dexter did for his utter lack of originality in song choices). I still think Dexter would’ve been my pick to go home, but these didn’t really totally shock me or anything. Shocking would’ve been like… (G)jena. Maybe CJ (although not totally). It’s crazy to me that at this point in the season there’s not anyone that really stands out to me as the definitive best. Maybe that’s good but I still wouldn’t mind some like, top level performances to really have someone that truly stands out as a front runner.

Was Ben going to win? Probably not. Did I think he’d go further than he did? Sure. I mean, I had him being in the final 4. But, it is what it is. At least I wasn’t the only one to have him in the top! The funny thing about this week though, only 1 person even had a single person in the bottom 3, correct. Half of us had Majesty winning this thing (and I still think she has potential to).

So with that, lets see where the points fell this week and how they’re adding up overall!


Congrats to Erica for first place for the week, to Pat (sorry you aren’t further up) for being the only person to pick anyone right in the bottom 3! And I guess congrats to my husband for being in first overall (goes to show you that barely paying attention while your wife watches a show, can get you good picks afterall! haha.

Best parts of the night?

1. Jena complaining that Keith got her name wrong again.

2. Munfarid showing up after Harry’s performance!

3. That Malaya wasn’t in the bottom 3. Ditty for Jessica because I don’t think you should be in the bottom just because the band screwed your performance up!

Up next week: Billboard Top 10 Charts!

Now there’s a theme I can hypothesize about 🙂


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