American Idol – Songs That Also Happen to be in Movies.

Disclaimer: This post features some heavy criticism in the beginning but don’t worry, it gets better.

I hate to start with things that happened last week, but I really need to mention it. Randy. Ok we all know I hate him. I’ve yet to find someone that likes him, actually. And in the mentor role, he’s terrible. To get in a fight with the actual judges about them being to harsh was RIDICULOUS. First of all, the criticism for the most part, was well deserved. The performances last week were very lackluster and the contestants needed to hear that. If you ask me, the performances tonight made it very obvious who took the criticism and worked with it, used it as motivation. That’s what the criticism is supposed to do! Randy obviously wouldn’t know any of that because he’s been praising terribleness for years.


Ok that’s all I have to say about last week. Moving on.  To one more gripe.

Ok so kids – when the people say the theme is Cinema, I just believe that the song needs to be something that’s pertinent to the movie. It would be even better if they’d picked songs that were actually written for the movie. Actually, I think if I’d picked the theme, it would’ve been “Songs written for movies” just so the contestants had a touch less wiggle room. I never thought I’d want a more defined theme night but this one was just too vague. They basically just picked their songs and then googled to see a movie that it was in.


Thank you Jon Stewart, for understanding my emotions. Ok so lets talk about these “Songs that happen to be in Movies”. As far as the episode is concerned, I started when Ben was about to go on and then watched the beginning afterwards, so lets just talk about everyone in that order, shall we?

I should also mention that there was a terrible windstorm so as the performances went on, I’ve included a scale of windiness.

Ben playing Bennie (and the Jets) – 27 Dresses.
Windiness Level: Uncomfortable

As mentioned when the others were imitating him, Ben has a lot of hats, but he should stick to wearing them. I like him a lot more with the hat. Also, you know Hailey Reinhart killed this song/performance, right? It would be hard to live up to (and spoiler alert, it didn’t). I thought it was funny, re-watching Jimmy talking to Hailey, how he told her to bang on the piano, and then in Harry’s critique he tells Bennie the same thing. Just more proof that Jimmy was a way better mentor than he who shall not be named. I will say I don’t think this was nearly as bad as some other performances that the judges praised, so I was a little surprised to see him criticized the way he was (once I’d watched all the performances).

Majesty Rose – Let it Go – Frozen
Windiness Level: House Shaking

When I heard Majesty was singing Frozen, I had a lot of pre-conceived thoughts – Dangerous to sing such a popular song (but maybe she’ll mix it up?) There are some big notes and she had better hit them or the whole performance will be shot to hell (well, it’s Majesty, I think she can belt if she needs to, way to be brave!) The good – she did mix it up and I liked that. Bad – she did NOT hit that note, making it by far Majesty’s worst performance to date. As bad as the performance was, the judging was SOOO much worse! I wondered if Harry’s voice was removed and replaced with a producer or something? Harry isn’t one to praise when a person just did.not. hit THE note. Period. Twitter proof he was possessed? Exhibit A:

And then Keith is weirdly dropping his kids names? Why? Why does he seem so enamored with this performance? It didn’t make any sense to me. It was like he and Jen just talked about how much their kids love that song, and not the quality of the singer. At least Michael Slezak’s twitter was on my side.

 Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 9.13.50 PM

Caleb Johnson – Skyfall – Skyfall
Windiness Level: Mostly gusty with a touch of light flickering. 


I can’t make up my mind at all whether this is good or not. I believe I am as completely as speechless as JLo. I’m honestly confused. Is it because I’m not just a fan of the song? Done well but not my jam? I did very much enjoy that it was completely different in a good way, from the previous Caleb performances! It reminded me of one of the songs they play at the end of The Following (by the by, that link is TOTALLY worth a listen). And if you like that link, feel free to click this one to hear many more!

MK Nobilette – To Make You Feel My Love
Windiness Level: Maybe not terrible at this moment?

Ok so one might say this song choice was similar to that of the 27 Dresses pick. That would be wrong though. Reasons? 1 – This song is WAY more pertinent to the movie. 2 – She’s seen the movie  and has a reason for liking it (what a novel idea) 3 – Her performance in general, WAY BETTER. Freaking awesomely better. This had to be my favorite MK performance to date and I genuinely hope it keeps her out of the bottom 3.

I don’t want to take anything away from MK’s beautiful performance, but I’d be remiss to not mention this one little tidbit about the song – I have to say, while the song may be pertinent to a movie,  I can only think of TV when I hear it. I hear the performance and I think  Rachel Berry singing it on Glee. GUT.WRENCHING. I mean gut – freaking – wrenching


Alex Preston – Falling Slowly
Windiness Level: Distracted once again, explaining to people
why Once was such a fantastic Broadway show.

Big balls to perform this when Kris Allen, and the combo of Bowersox/Dewyze, those were huge shoes to fill. That said, I thought it was quite lovely. The best performance of this song on the Idol stage? Meh… no. But as Harry said, it was “Simply stated and elegantly done”.

Gjena Irene – Decode – Twilight
Windiness Level: The news commercials are telling
me that the gusts are up to 55 mph. Awesome.

This was my favorite “imitation” scene. I loved that everyone was wearing a choker and  I’m glad Malaya finally acknowledged that (G)jena’s name is spelled wrong.

You know, I wanted to hate this because it was Twilight, but at least she (I think she said) she heard the song before she saw the movie. And, you can’t deny an amazing song or performance.


I’m with JLo, how was she in the bottom 3? Girl needs to be on this show if those are going to be her future performances. Piano’s always help. Banging on the pianos, even more! This performance just blew any other performance out of the water, tonight. It was by FAR my favorite. If I could’ve voted for her 100 times, I would’ve.

Malaya Watson – I’m Changing
Windiness Level: Please don’t let this roof collapse…

I so glad she wasn’t singing “And I’m Telling You”. I thought she did a great job. Not the best, but great. She certainly hit that note (the first time – maybe not every time). She still needs to work on her control but she’s getting a lot better, week to week.

And then I started watching the earlier part of the show…

Sam Woolf – Come Together – Across the Universe
Windiness Level: Wondering how much long the power will be on….

This was the first Sam Woolf live performance that I wasn’t completely bored with. I can’t say I was completely not bored with Sam either though. He’s just really stiff on stage. I wish there was a little more performance. I think Harry’s “pretty good job” was an accurate assessment. It’s too bad I didn’t watch Sam first. I mean, by now I’ve said twice how you shouldn’t play songs that were done amazingly well by other Idols. Sam has forced me to say it a third time. Carly Smithson. Carly Smithson. Carly Smithson. (not to mention the 10 others that have also performed it)

This song does make me laugh because when we got Beatles Rock Band, this was one of the songs, and I never realize how BIZARRE the lyrics were, until we got rock band and sang them. Wow they’re weird. Just google “Misheard Lyrics” and “Come Together” and see what you get.

Jessica Meuse – Sound of Silence – The Graduate
Windiness Level: When did it get so cold?

I do not think this was Jessica’s best performance. Unfortunately for Jessica, it really seemed like a lot of that was the band (like, a solid 70%). I don’t know if they made last minute changes or something? I think though, that if I were her, I’d just sing with her and the guitar. Before the band started this performance was beautiful. It just didn’t end that way, very unfortunately for Jess.

CJ Harris – Can’t You See – Blow
Windiness Level: Well, the power went out.
But not until after CJ’s performance, thankfully.

I’m glad I watched the show in the order I did and I’m glad that this was the last performance I saw for the night. I get to end the show on a really high note. Metaphorically speaking, obviously. I don’t think I loved this performance as much as I loved (G)jena’s. And I have to look at overall performance too, but this brought CJ’s cred closer to where it was when the auditions were ending. Good on ya, CJ. I hope you continue in this direction (also, this was my favorite movie of all the movies picked tonight).

Sorry Dexter Roberts, but as you saw, the power went out and I never got to see you. I was going to search for your performance but then I saw that you sang “Sweet Home Alabama” and I figured, well, I’ve seen that performance from Dexter like, 5 times now. I don’t think I need to see it again. Amiright?

So as for how I voted, here was the breakdown (yes, I probably should’ve given CJ more, but I just didn’t think it was worth it).

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 10.30.15 PMbreakdown:

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