American Idol – Down to 11

Hey folks!

Sorry to take so long but I left all my “materials” at work and finally got it home to put together this post.

This week we said goodbye to the person everyone was predicting would go home:



I can’t say I’ll miss (I’ll be lucky if I even remember them come seasons end) these two ladies. However, with the mixed bag of contestants, there are really only about 2 (maybe 3 depending on performances) that I’m still ready to see go before I start having mild shakes about who I’ll want to go home next. I mean, yeah I’ll want to win the game but not at the expense of the people who I personally want to win the game.

Speaking of which, lets get to this years Top 12 game! We have a solid 11 people this year, with a varying list of Top 12 contestants. One great thing about the game this year (and the season too, I suppose) is that it’s so up in the air how contestants will do in any given week. And now, with Emily gone by the wayside, it’s only going to be that much more difficult week to week, to predict who will be in the bottom. Let’s see how the folks at home picked their top 12, shall we?

picks12While I was pretty happy to be 1 of only 2, to pick the correct person to go home, I was not the one who won the week (I blame Gjena). Nope… the standings after week 1 are as follows:

weekly12I’m happy with my quite respectable 2nd place (especially since it’s only 0.50 away from first!). And if I have to come in 2nd place to anyone, I’m happy it’s my oldest best friend! Way to go Jess! You picked all 3 of the bottom 3 correctly! Too bad you just didn’t pick them in the right order. Maybe next time 🙂

NEXT WEEK: Songs from the Cinema! 

I’m super excited about songs from the cinema! There’s nothing I like more than a soundtrack! I just hope the contestants pick some good songs. So far I’ve been pretty happy with the eclectic song choices and that they aren’t all ballads this year. Man that was boring. I’ll try to start making picks of what I’d like people to sing but I was just too busy the last week to make any decisions/come to any ideas. Not to mention, I don’t even really know any of the contestants favorite movies. Maybe that’ll be the little tidbit I’ll learn about the contestants tonight!



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