American Idol – Top 12 (with Real Time Results, for better or worse)

Ok so first and foremost, I think it’s imperative that we talk about this whole “Real Time Results” situation that we had mid-episode tonight.

nothing turns out right

Originally, I’d thought that real time results would be kind of interesting to see. And really, I did agree with the way the results were shaping up. The thing is though, I felt like after seeing it, that it was dirty and just not right. And unfair to those not only who’d recently performed, but those who had yet to perform and ultimately never had any results shown. It just seemed wrong. Twitter agreed with me.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 9.12.41 PM

Ok thanks. I needed to get that off my chest. I really hope that whoever they poll on how “new parts of the episodes” are going, realizes what a terrible idea this is and that it’s need to stop… and really, that’s only the second terrible new idea (lest we forget the super terrible decision to keep Randy Jackson employed) of the many new things this season – most of which are quite lovely).

So moving on, the theme was Home. I did some background as to where everyone was from, and was going to post about some possible song choices, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized, they weren’t picking like, songs from their hometown, it was songs that remind them of home, and how does one really even wage a guess as to what reminds people of their home. It could be anything. And it pretty much turned out to be a completely random smattering, which I liked. I liked that there were songs from bands I’d never heard of. I liked that there were choices to sing songs I wouldn’t have thought were in that artists wheelhouse and I liked most of the performances tonight (most).  I definitely had 3 clear favorites and a pretty clear Top 6. I definitely know who I’d be happy to see in the bottom 3 this round, that’s for sure. So first, lets talk about my faves (and no, grannies, grampas and puppies did not help weigh my decisions… for the most part).

Dexter Roberts – Lucky Man
Fayette, AL

PUPPIES. Ok so if anything trumps how much I like the elderly, it’s puppies. Newborn ones at that with their little smushy faces! Lest we also forget, my dream job…



I don’t know if it was him saying that he was singing it for someone that wasn’t around anymore, but this did really seem like a song you’d play at a funeral in Alabama, and everyone is doing shots at the end. Just me? Or maybe like, a guy singing it to his wife on their wedding night? I could also see that. Vastly different scenarios but they both fit well I think. Either way, I thought Dexter sang it well, and with a LOT of emotion which I really liked as well. I don’t think I’ve really seen that from him so far so it was nice to seem him really feel the music he was playing. I should also mention though, while checking out the super vote this week… this guys picture. He’s like the Chandler Bing of this seasons head shots. I mean, what is this face?? I probably would’ve given him more votes but I think the weird face distracted me.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 9.00.02 PM

Ben Briley – Turning Home
Gallatin, Tennessee

Ok a couple of things about Mr. Briley. 1. How old is this kid that he’s already married? He seems like he’s 18 to me. I have to assume he’s older but still. 2. I love his humor. I know I have a soft spot for the funny guys on the show. I can’t help it, but at least usually they can sing well. Case in point – “There are 120 people in my family from my grandparents down. I’m here because my family voted for me.” And then none of his family shows up. It just made me laugh. As for the performance, I thought this was a spectacular performance. The Friday Night Lights background was a nice touch and fit the song well, too. The thing with Ben is, as I wanted to like CJ, and as likable as Dexter seems, Ben just really is likable. I’m all in. In performance, in attitude, his humbleness, everything about him just seems so genuine and I thoroughly enjoy that about him. Harry is just causing me to want to vote for Ben a million times. and I did. Ok just 50 times. But you get my drift. I pretty much had to completely disagree with Mr. Connick, Jr. on this one. *Sidenote, was anyone else shocked to see JLo eating a deviled egg?

Majesty York – Fix You
Goldsboro, TN


Me watching Majesty

I didn’t even write anything during Majesty’s performance. I just watched her. She has that connection with the audience that so many are lack this season. I just look at her and I see the next American Idol. I see it all over her face and in her performance. The only other thing I’ll say is that this song always reminds me of Glee (the only song Shue ever performed that I enjoyed). The only 2 bad things I could even think to say are in the direction of the audience, and the stylists – Audience, you can’t clap to songs like this. Stylists – I don’t know what that flower/jean outfit is. I support her unique style but I don’t support prints on jeans. Or jean jackets. And while we’re talking about the stylists if I could also just mention a one Alex Preston. His performance was fine but there was one very important thing I COULD NOT stop looking at.



Who said – yeah that rolled up pants look is so in right now, especially for men. You should definitely roll those pants up, 6th grade 90s girl style. And then JLo says she loves the suit and the rolled up pants? It doesn’t work on him. It doesn’t work on anyone. YOU SHOULD NOT ROLL UP PANTS! If this could be a commandment I would make it one. Situations where rolled up pants are acceptable: ___________________ ! NEVER. Maybe if you’re in an actual flood and water is up to your ankles, or you are a female romantically strolling the beach at night and carrying your flip flops. THAT.IS.IT…. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. 

Anyway, I guess now should be the point where I touch on the rest of the contestants, I’ll just roll it out in order of performance. Minus Alex because really that’s basically the review I wrote for him, above.

Gjena Irene – Suddenly I See
Farmington, MI
I love this song (and KT Tunstall in general). I thought her voice fit the song really well, too. She seemed kind of quiet in a lot of parts in the beginning though. She got louder so I guess it was fine. This song fits her so much better than the slower songs and the rock songs she’s picked in episodes past. Also in a turn of events from comments made moments ago, I actually kind of liked the eclectic way she was dressed tonight with the leopard under the jean shots. Not a look that I can probably pull off but I liked it.

Jessica Meuse – White Flag
Slapout, AL (as if anyone could forget)
First and foremost, I just have to say how amazing her hair looks tonight. I thought Dido was a really weird pick for her, but when she started singing, I actually really liked it. And the fact that she had a country twang, I thought it was enough to make the song sound really different. There’s a chance for me that this was one of the best performances (spoiler, it probably tied for 4th overall). It was a touch nasaly but that could be because of her twang. As for the judging of this lovely performance


I don’t think that Keith should’ve sung, to show her anything. That was awkward. I didn’t think she was sharp at all, or flat for that matter. I think for me, JLo’s criticism was pertinent. She wants to convince herself that she’s comfortable on that stage but she’s not yet and she needs to get there. the other two though, not so much. I thought they’d at least applaud her on the originality of her song choice. And while I try to stick to only voting for my top 3, I will be pity voting for everyone to keep her.

Emily Piriz – Let’s Get Loud
Orlando, FL
Super cute video from her boyfriend. Weird that he shot it in his car and weird that they would do it before her performance. I mean, as if the show isn’t emotionally draining enough! Wouldn’t it have been nice to do it afterwards and not be filled with all your feels as you are about to perform? Might’ve worked if it was some love song but because it was a JLo song, it was just a weird place to show her the video. I thought this song was ok but didn’t showcase any kind of singing ability. It showed a bit of a fun side but not like, an ability to sing well. I think it probably helps her in the long run because it does show a fun side, but it didn’t show singing ability and I think that could (and maybe hope it does) hurt her.

Caleb Johnson – Working Man
Ashville, NC
So, funny story. My husband likes to play this game where he quizzes me about who sings songs on the radio. Every time it was a Rush song, I always thought it was Styx. It drove him crazy. So now I just say it constantly (and believe it probably half that amount of times). As for Caleb, I was told by 2 Rush fans that he was nailing it. The thing is, I’m just not a Rush fan. And I’m not a Caleb Johnson fan. I’m just not. Sorry friends. I thought Harry was pretty spot on in his question about what he’d bring to rock music. “What are you going to do, to bring Rock forward? What can you bring to make it not predictable?” To me, he’s going to become something of an Adam Lambert in that regard (how he’s going to be the new frontman for Queen), I could totally see him become a new front man for an old band.

MK Nobilette – Drops of Jupiter
San Francisco, CA
I just don’t know about this performance. This is just reminding me of that website “Lesbians That Look Like Justin Beiber”. The only advice I can give MK (if I’m even one to give advice) is this:


CJ Harris – Waiting on the World to Change
Jasper, AL
I think this was probably CJ’s best performance since his original audition. This is the CJ I wanted to go through to the Top 12 (although if he winds up in Bottom 3, I’m pretty ok with it). I’m with Keith that it was a bit of a cover, but it wasn’t a bad cover. CJ’s girlfriend remind me of this song called Mother Lover

Sam Woolf – Just One
Somewhere Michigan but really Bradenton, FL

Grampy annnnnnnd cute kids? What’s more to love about Sam? I’ve never heard of this song/band. The tone of his voice is like buttah, but yeah, it’s a little boring. Astute judgment, Keith. As for what I think Sam needs?


Yeah that’s right. I’ve brought Ursula into this twice. But for Sam I mean more in his voice than in his body. He just needs to mix it up a little more for me. Not his voice just his song selection. I’d love to see him doing something a touch more up-tempo.

Malaya Watson – Take me to the King
Southfield, MI
“I aint trying to be on those stools again. They weren’t even comfortable” Preach it girl! Malaya seemed kind of downtrodden this episode. I feel bad that she was in the bottom 3. I want her to be happy Malaya again. The beginning was a little shaky to me, but it got better, and once the back-up singers came in, I really started to come into it, and enjoy it. It’s a little weird to me but I feel like the louder she sings, the better she sings. Get it girl! I know you have it in you! You still got my 50 votes as always 🙂

And with that, it’s time for me to make my picks for how I think the Top 12 will shape up! I have to say it’s exponentially harder this season than last! Than any previous season really. It’s so hard for me to decide who I think will be in the top and who will be out next. But, for the love of the game… and to publicly declare so none of my fellow guessers feel I cheated in any way, here are my Top 12:

01. Majesty Rose
02. Jessica Meuse
03. Sam Woolf
04. Ben Briley
05.Dexter Roberts
06. Malaya Watson
07. Jena Irene
08. Alex Preston
09. Caleb Johnson
10. MK Nobilette
11. CJ Harris
12. Emily Piriz

Oh and in case you were wondering who got my votes tonight…

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 9.58.20 PM


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