American Idol – Top 13 – Random Thoughts from the Results Show

I wanna talk about the Idol stylists. I’m sure they’re well paid and I’m sure there’s rhyme to their reasons, but really – jean fashion? Is this the early 90s? There are 2 in particular. And they were both in the bottom 3.


I like to believe that Malaya doesn’t let the stylists even touch her when it comes to what she’ll wear (except maybe demanding she wear a particular color to match the group). Tonights choice of hanging down overalls was a lovely nod to the kris-kross era and I liked it. Well, as far as anyone can like jean-attire. But as for Kristen, that jean shirt… I mean, what was that? Bad decisions were made all around last night. Well, all but the major one.

Speaking of bad decisions, while we’re talking about that opening performance, I found it pretty hilarious that they sang Radioactive as their first group song. Fitting really, as I imagine more than half of them sang it in their auditions at some point. Something tells me that was Randy’s idea. The king of bad decisions.

I would like to talk about one thing that I really liked about the episode tonight that was new to this season. I loved seeing the contestants hanging out. The times in the van and the times at dinner. It brought kind of a top chef element to the show that I can’t say I minded. Especially since they weren’t bickering like 5 year olds or anything. That would’ve bothered me, but because they were all friendly, it was nice. The best line:


Ben is quickly working his way towards America’s most adorable. I mean Sam, come on. Step up your grampy factor or you’re gonna get moved out of the sweetheart position. Southern charm goes a long way.

The other thing I really liked about last night was the this whole tastemaker concept, I kind of loved it. What a great idea. I mean, if you’re going to have anyone perform, I think up and coming performers is a fantastic idea. And now I cannot WAIT to see who Harry picks. As far as Keith’s pick, I was pretty happy with it. I thought he was decent. Although the voice was a touch winey, but not bad. The concept on the whole though, I liked very much.

Ok so lets move into the meat of the night. First and foremost, as soon as Randy started talking, I missed Jimmy. Like, missed him so much I felt it. I missed his pointed wisdom as to the performers. And his realness about who was good and who sucked. Randy is just the most superficial person both when it comes to criticism, critiquing, just about any and all facets of the mentor position. I’ll leave it at that.

When I saw the first set of 4, I knew Malaya would be in the bottom. Part of me thought maybe she had a chance just with her following, but the other 3 had pretty stellar performances. I do feel like Malaya has somewhat of a built in vine fan base (she has a pretty loyal Kelly Baccala fan base, if nothing else). Hopefully she’d be safe over Kristen (who had BETTER be in the bottom) and whoever else the 3rd would be.

Of the second set of 4, I was pretty confused as to who would be in the bottom. I thought all of the 4 gave pretty decent performances if not mostly some of the better performances. I was kind of thinking it might be Dexter (but he was so likable I figured it was a slim chance that it was him). When it was MK, I guess I kind of knew it would be her, but it totally shouldn’t have been. I could only hope that this ignited her fan base for future performances because it wasn’t her performance that put her there so much as a lack of a fan base. Hopefully they find her.

Now, with MK in the bottom, this was the point in the show where I basically decided that if Kristen didn’t go home tonight, something like this was going to happen…


Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long to see Kristen go into the bottom 3. I only hoped that America would do the right thing and send her packing up that big hair and jean shirt, ASAP. I mean, she was the wild card after all. America didn’t want her last week, I was just hoping America still had the same opinion.

It did make me sad that Malaya said she might calm down, when asked how she might change for future performances. I never want you to calm down Malaya!



Thankfully, it was not Malaya, and all was right with the world again. Kristen was the right choice x1,000.

I feel embarrassed for the people whose profile pictures are being shown as supporters of her. I hope they’re all relatives. And why would Kristen choose to sing Adele again? It’s just a myriad of bad decisions on this girls part.

Now, lets talk more about the contest this year. I know I said I wasn’t doing it but some things have changed and I’ve had some free time open up. So I’m back on. So, because we’re now officially down to the Top 12, it’s time to make your picks! Here are the Top 12 contestants:


So make your picks and email them to me! If you know me, you know the email! You can also leave your picks as a comment here. Either is fine with me 🙂 And as always, as long as 10 people want in, we’re good to go and it’s quiz time!

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One thought on “American Idol – Top 13 – Random Thoughts from the Results Show

  1. person anonymous

    Malaya should never change her style. That’s what makes her her. Also about her caning down is a good idea (during a performance). I want to hear her voice again and also shes my pick

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