American Idol – Top 13 – You as an Artist

If you search twitter for Randy Jackson, those speaking of him use 2 particular hashtags.

#useless and #whyishestillhere

Ok I might’ve made up the second hashtag but trust me, that’s the sentiment. He’s like the weird friend that said he was leaving the party an hour ago, but now everyone is gone and he’s still in your living room. It was tonight that I really and truly realized how much I miss Jimmy Iovine. There is so much lacking in Randy that Jimmy oozed. Good advice. Wisdom. Care for those other than himself. The ability to offer more than 1 thing of advice for all the contestants (They just need to make sure they can really convey that emotion… DRINK – because yes, in case you were wondering, if you drink every time he said that last night, you’d have been drunk by 9:15).


As for the song choice tonight, I did think it was mostly full of originals! There were definitely quite a few songs I’ve never heard before which is always nice (As long as their sung well and for the most part they were). Now, as far as their ability to pick songs that define them as an artist, I thought they were pretty much dead on, with only a few misfires. My favorites three of the night were definitely (in order of appearance) – Majesty Rose, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse (and Ben Briley). I tried picking a top 3 but I really thought Ben deserved to be in the top. And so it was. Let’s talk in depth about my faves of the night and then casually mention the others, shall we?

Ben Briley – Folsom Prison Blues

Most interesting fact: How about everything was interesting! He can name every capital (anyone who knows me knows my obsession for listing things like states, presidents, capitals so I was impressed). And of course his favorite animal is a kangaroo. And ironically, I also thought that saying he was good at throwing rocks at things was an excellent thing to know about him. I guess I’m easily impressed 🙂

Is it just me or does Ben kind of have what Dexter doesn’t? It was definitely super fast but I guess maybe that’s just him making it his own? Either way, I really enjoyed it. I dare say it was the best performance to that point in the night. I’m not gonna lie, my butt was doing some moving and shaking, unlike any of the previous performances. That’s always a good thing. He has some good entertainer qualities. And it was definitely very different from Johnny Cash’s version of this performance. I kiiiinndd of liked the uptempo.

Majesty Rose – Tightrope

Most interesting fact: She’d like to make her hair bigger – who wouldn’t?

I loved when she said she’s always trying to find a balance between humility and confidence, because to me, she walks it perfectly… like, I dunno… a tightrope? hardy har har I worry that Majesty has all the little things that Malaya might be missing, which may not bode too well for my girl Malaya. Her clapping along to Majesty’s performance looked a little something like this…


No matter though. Majesty was amazing. Job very well done! And excellent song choice if I haven’t mentioned it. Even though she’s almost a little too much like Janelle Monae and I don’t want people to think of her as a copycat but I’m sure her future song choices will display her personal originality a little more.

Alex Preston – A Beautiful Mess

Most interesting fact: Poetry, hopeless romantic, coffee – those all fit his style. But liking extreme sports? Really? Bit of a surprise.

*side note Can I just say that I really liked the ambiance of Alex’s performance? That red was giving a great vibe.

So when I heard Alex’s song choice, I definitely thought it was this song, and wondered why he’d chosen it (not unlike when I heard MK’s song choice and thought it was this song). Then I realized it was a Jason Mraz song I’d never even heard of. aHA! Now, a Beautiful Mess, much better than that Beautiful Disaster before him! I know Randy said he was worried about it being sleepy but at this point, I’m just not listening to anything Randy says (like I ever did…). I thought that once again, Alex had a phenomenal performance. Perfect vibe, perfect performance. The swaying arms in the audience… I dunno… but the performance was pretty close to perfection for me. The only thing that bothered me was Harry saying it was “too introspective”. I completely disagree. I mean, well, no I don’t completely disagree. I just think it was a song that’s meant to be introspective. Long story short…


Jessica Meuse – The Crow and the Butterfly

Most interesting fact: Supernatural, obsessed with hand sanitizer – she sounds a lot like my good friend Jill.

I thought the pink in her hair was way better tonight that last week. Let that be said first. I do believe it’s different. Maybe she just did her hair differently. Who knows? I also thought it was interesting of a choice to not play guitar. I liked the rock vibe of her performance, and further understood why she didn’t go with the guitar tonight. It was a little too metal of a performance. The only thing I didn’t like about her performance was the set with the stupid butterflies in the background (Thanks Harry for agreeing with me). Keith was right. Bold but cool song choice. I agree. I think it fit her very well. It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Now, if you’d like to continue on, we can talk about the other contestants in no particular order, except I will mention that Kristen was BY FAR my least favorite performance and that is who I hope goes hope tonight.

Dexter Roberts – Aw Naw
Most interesting fact: that he took his own braces off? Eek. Aren’t those things cemented on? Yikes. Boys. 

As for his song choice, I’ve never heard of this song. I thought it was fine but didn’t really do anything great for me. I did decide his voice is a little like a slightly higher Toby Keith, which I like a lot. Being as I’d never heard the song, I wasn’t really sure if he was “making it his own” but I imagine based on Dexters previous performances, that he wasn’t. Judges seem to confirm that for me. The only thing that really bothers me about him, and currently it’s just a minor irk – he needs some help getting those marbles out of his mouth when he sings. It’s a little hard to understand him.  Also, saying that, reminds me of this.


And it really makes me want to re-watch Major League II.

Malaya Watson – Runaway Baby
Most interesting fact: Afraid of dogs? Spiders I get but don’t be scared of puppies. Why is she afraid of dogs? Poor thing.

This performance didn’t really seem to have a lot of singing. But, what it lacked in singing, it certainly made up for in energy level. It had tons of energy, which I did love. She’s just so FUN to watch. I’m a little worried she isn’t as polished vocally, as she needs to be. I’m with Harry regarding her art student quality. She’s got art student written all over her. And I was pretty confused when Ryan was telling Malaya to bring her tuba on stage. Um, because she can’t sing if she’s playing tuba? No comprende.

Kristen O’Connor – Beautiful Disaster
Most interesting fact: That she couldn’t think of 5 interesting facts about herself? I don’t even really want to know about her, so a bit of a non-issue.

Aptly named song choice. And accurate description that it was about you, my dear. Randy saying she had an amazing voice but needed to sell the emotion? Maybe he’s saying that if she had more emotion, people wouldn’t notice her major pitch problems? And she certainly didn’t convey the emotion as far as the meaning of the song, even if it’s the meaning she has for it. This just was in no way what Kelly Clarkson does with this song, and that’s a fatal blow to Mizz O’Connor I think hope.

*side note, No Harry. Randy can not help with any tune issues. You’re giving him entirely too much credit.

Darius Rucker – Radio
Most interesting fact: Well, I too hate climbing high things. Climbing in general really. Unless it’s climbing into bed. Odd though, who doesn’t like to deer hunt “that much”. What does that even mean?

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!

I found it humorous that dude picked a Hootie song because that is EXACTLY how I see him.   I also really enjoyed his cousin watching his performance. Now, as for the song choice. Not my favorite. Pretty lackluster. And I’m very intrigued if CJ’s girlfriend is actually his girlfriend, or like, his Aunt. She looks SO MUCH older than him. But back to the song. Well, actually maybe that’s why I’m focusing so much on other things. It’s not that he sang poorly, it was just a touch boring. I’m surprised JLo said it was fun. Maybe because she didn’t have anything in the audience to look at that was more entertaining?

MK Nobilette – Satisfaction
Most interesting fact: When she said “I love single ladies, the song” that made me giggle.

I really have to wonder if Randy helped her pick out the pin on her jacket. And maybe her jacket too.


Coincidence, I think not…

I was wondering what song this was, but no matter, it was an excellent song choice for her and I really liked it. I thought it was an excellent song choice. Probably one of the best of the night (and that’s saying so after seeing everyone, not just up to her). She has a bit of swagger on stage but she needs more. Or… I dunno. She needs something. I’m just not sure what that is. But I’m with Keith. The voice is there, that’s the most important thing. The swagger will come.

Gjena Irene – The Scientist
Most interesting fact: I also do a thing where I hold my ears when I’m trying to think. She should’ve said that was one of the things people should know about her, as she clearly demonstrated.

I was interested in what I would think of Gjena singing a non-original song because so far, those are the only times I’ve liked her. That being said, I did really like her performance. Randy said he helped her slow it down but to me it sounded pretty much the same tempo as normal, if not maybe faster. I will say this song was exponentially better than her Paint it Black performance and for me, at this point that’s all it needed to be.

Emily Piriz – Glitter in the Air
Most interesting fact: chef camp, cool whistler. Both very interesting points, and yes, I’m glad to know them.

I completely agreed with Jennifer that she sang a tough song beautifully. I love Pink but I really liked Emily singing Pink because I think their voices are so different that it really emphasized her talent. I did agree with Keith though, that she needs to remember to throw in some “yang” in her performance and to add the grit in her performances. I also just really liked the way he worded that. Haha. I’ll just take this moment to say that I really believe the judging to have been massively on point tonight. Even Jennifer. It’s a breath of fresh air to limit Randy to a tiny corner box that only says 2 sentences. Could I do without him, sure but if I have to see him, that’s about as much as I want to see. Emily definitely wins best dressed of the night too.

Sam Woolf – Unwell
Most interesting fact: Stepped on a sea urchin once. That is NO JOKE. Have you ever googled “sea urchin injury“?

At this point in the show was where I really started just HATING Randy. How many people can he tell to convey emotion (DRINK)? Is that the new “it was pitchy, dawg”? He certainly said it that many times. Christ. Say SOMETHING original. As for Sam’s performance, Great voice? Yes. Perfect Pitch? Sure seems so. I just thought it was


a touch snoozefest-y

Maybe it’s just because I know it’s a Matchbox 20 song? Tough to say. And secondly, where was grampy in the audience? Passed his bedtime? Lord knows this performance could’ve put him to sleep had he still been awake (me too for that matter… it was feeling every bit of the 2 hour show at this point).

Caleb Johnson – Pressure and Time
Most interesting fact: Your favorite band is Rush? Talk about “least surprising thing you could possibly say about yourself”. Was one of his things that he found a dead squirrel in a pancake?

Ok that jacket is most DEFINITELY from the Randy Jackson collection! Maybe mixed with the Steven Tyler selection? I’m not sure what was modern about this rock song. The massive fog machine didn’t help anything look modern. If anything, Jessica chose a modern rock song. Maybe Caleb just adds the Jack Black/Meatloaf vibe to all his performances? If he would be on long enough to sing a Meatloaf song, I would really appreciate that. *side note , did anyone notice how static-y his hair was at the end of the performance?

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