American Idol – Top 10+3


So, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m pretty sure my voting single-handedly picked the top female contestants. And am now convinced I should’ve actually for the boys, rather than just be confident that America would agree with my opinion. That being said, it’s far easier to pick the top girls from the group, than the top boys. All the girls I voted for, made it into the Top 5 (caveat being that I didn’t vote for Emily, but I only voted for 4). As for the guys well, all I can say is that by the time the top 13 were picked, everyone I wanted to be in the top, was in the top. Were there some I kind of wish had made it? Sure. Do I really care about them? Not really.

As they read the first name from the Top 10, my reaction was something to the effect of…


Yeah. That’s right. Because I didn’t even have to spend 5 minutes of the night, worrying about my girl Malaya. And her reaction was everything. I was thrilled with the entire Top 10 for many reasons and disappointed for only 1 (that my man CJ wasn’t in the group and Caleb Johnson was).

In case you were wondering, the final 10 (of 13) looks like this:


I wasn’t sure how they’d pick the other 3 but right off the bat they alerted us it would be a sing-off. Fine by me, but I worried about the nervous singing I’d heard on girls night and that it would rear its ugly head again. The more I think about the nervous singing though, the more it bothers me. I mean, yes, I realize these kids aren’t seasoned veterans yet, but to me, a star is someone who doesn’t get phased and that, if asked to sing in front of such a large and illustrious group, they’d relish in it, rather than fear it and as a result, sing poorly. That’s not to say they’re actually bad singers, but it is to say they scare easily, and that’s not really a quality of an Idol contestant, in my opinion. That’s all to say that I’m really worried about my homeboy CJ. So, lets talk about all the sing off contestants, shall we? He was the first one chosen, after all.

CJ Harris – Bring it On Home

For me, on this 3rd night of Idol, it was pretty freaking obvious for anyone with ears and eyes that CJ needed to be in the Top 13. I mean, come on. I do like that, Pharrell style, he’s still wearing that hat. And he’s guitarless, so one way or the other, he’s performing without that guitar like Chris recommended. Would he do better? Harry thought the band and CJ screwed that up. Keith does too. I can’t disagree. It wasn’t exactly great. Or good really. Part of me still roots for contestants early on with one bad performance, but CJ, in live shows, now has one bad and one not exactly mediocre performance. Am I glad they kept him, sure. Would I have understood if they hadn’t, yeah.  

I also have to mention – what was that headband that CJ’s girlfriend was wearing? It reminds me of those gaudy headbands people put on little babies. I’ve never seen an adult wear one. Maybe they both just like real interesting head thing choices.


United in weird headwear choices.

Gjena (the J is silent) Irene – Original Song (I think?)
Gjinas name reminds me of “Ke-dollar sign-sha”. In that I call her “Je-sounds like G-na”

He means this, I'm sure!

He means this, I’m sure!

I love that she brought the piano back. This is the girl Michael Slezak fell in love with. This might have been the best performance I’ve heard this week. Actually yeah, I can’t think of any I liked more than that one, except maybe Alex Prestons. I felt like her performance was so short but so jam packed with everything the judges needed to know she was the right one to send through. It was EVERYTHING it needed to be, and then some. I knew she’d be through within the first 30 seconds, and she made me like her a lot more tonight. I’ve got high hopes for this girl if these are the performances she can continue to bring.

Spencer Lloyd – Original Song

I was surprised he chose to do an original song when he was so heavily panned the last time he sang one. I will say he’s at least singing far better than he was the night before. Still a pretty boring/uninteresting song (especially having to perform right after Gjena who so clearly shined where Spencer was left dull and lacking). I was going to say that I hope he won’t perform any more originals after that one, but now I’m just kind of glad he won’t be performing anymore, period.

Bria Anai – This is a Man’s World

I love Bria’s skirt tonight. I just have to say that first and foremost. Now, as for the performance, this is one of those “overdone” idol songs that I’m not really a fan of in the slightest but she definitely sang way better tonight than last night. That being said, her voice was a little overdone as well, to me. I’m sure she can add this to her very short list of life experiences. I think if she just packs it in and gets a little more experience, she can shine on in the future. Maybe with this show, maybe just in general. She’s got an attitude that could get her far if given the right opportunity.

Kristen O’Connor – Unconditionally

WHAT are those pants? – is literally all I wrote about Kristens performance. I really thought she was done and wouldn’t be worth writing about… I guess I was wrong but I see a lot of just…. not good-ness in her that I think will only hurt the competition. She just hasn’t impressed me and I don’t know that she will but, here’s hoping!

Of the 5 contestants, I would’ve liked G-na, CJ and Bria. I thought it would be G-na, CJ and Spencer. Honestly though, and most importantly, I’m just really happy that Emmanuel was still on that couch when all was said and done. I was  very surprised Malcolm and Briana weren’t picked. I thought I’d be more mad about them not picking Malcolm but honestly, I’m pretty pleased with the male selection (as long as they pick CJ). I knew I should’ve voted last night. It’s totally my fault CJ wasn’t a sho-in. I felt the angst in Briana’s face though. I felt the worst for her. But, hopefully she has potential elsewhere.

And now, the contestants are in the hands of America and we’re ready to get this Idol ball rolling! Bring on the live shows and voting! Mama is ready to be critical. haha.

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