American Idol – Boys Oh Boys

little rascals

Much like last year was the year of the female contestant, this year has the power lying almost wholeheartedly with the male contestants. Where the ladies last night seemed nervous, dare I say stressed, the men seemed full of life (and excellent song choices). 

I had really high hopes for tonight. There were a solid 5.5 guys that I love and was extremely confident to see go through (CJ, Dexter, Malcolm, Casey, Sam, and sort of George). And then there are a SOLID 4 that I’m praying stay in those chairs as the 10 are announced (Emmanuel, Jordan, Ethan and Briston). 


I was surprised how much less Randy and his gang were featured last night. Not that they were missed by any stretch of the imagination. Has his advice ever been that great? I mean, if anything, I think that having Adam and Chris there were the most important thing. They seemed to really offer the most valuable advice. I did find it interesting though, how Chris told CJ to lose the guitar (and he didn’t) and then Adam told Spencer the same (and he did). Who knows if the tables would’ve turned as far as performances but I think that with or without the guitar, the performances of those two turned out pretty much exactly as I expected. 

With that, let us delve into the performances of the night! 

Caleb Johnson – Stay With Me

Unlike Majesty, I was less than thrilled about contestant numero uno. He wasn’t in my bottom 4, but he most definitely wasn’t in my Top 5. I feel completely indifferent about him, which I was told today, is the opposite of loving someone, and the worst opposite at that. I literally have no feelings toward him. That is all to say that after his performance, I was actually glad he went first. He was fun to watch, and picked a good song for him. So good on ya, Caleb and congrats on your in. That being said, I hope this is the last I see of you. 

CJ Harris – Shelter

Cj is almost certainly my #1 pick (although Malcolm is still a close second, and he’s still just tied with Malaya) All that is to say that at the very least, I’m thrilled he’s safe. For now. I love the song he choice though somewhat hate the song/performer (Ray LaMontagne that is) and I think it was a great pick for him. And I don’t care what Daughtry said, I think the guitar was the right way to go. Just seeing him smile and hearing him sing, makes me happy. Also, I love his hat. But he was giving be a bit of an “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” vibe. But really, are things that remind you of George Clooney a bad thing?


Emmanuel Zidor – Best of My Love

“Emmanuel, I Zidor you” Really JLo? A second chance? Where were all the freaking second chances for the ladies? YOU ARE THE WORST! 

I knew my high from CJ getting through wouldn’t last. I could.not.believe. Emmanuel was picked. I don’t know if Vote for the Worst is still a website but they are going to be ALL over this guy. I just do not see what the judges see in him (or what kind of ridiculous powers of persuasion JLo possesses). I mean yes, the guy has attitude. But can he sing? I just don’t really know. This song certainly proved nothing to me. He seems like a crowd pleaser, and nerves most certainly did not get the best of him (does he have any fear? I mean, why would you when you’re getting praise shoveled upon you by Jennifer?).  Harry is very correct – stay in your lane, stay in control, if you want to succeed. But please let this be the last I ever see you. 

Sam Woolf – Babylon

I really enjoy Sam. I think he’s one of the most… what’s the word… professional? I think professional is good. He’s very professional about his music and he seems very serious about winning this thing. He certainly has the look and the musicality which translates to the ability. One thing I worry about with Sam is that he’ll be a ballad singer. I do prefer the more exciting singers. I thought this was a good choice for him, but I just worry he’s going to start boring me eventually. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in my top 5, mostly because of grampy, but I just worry I won’t like him in the long run. Only time will tell though. Don’t be too boring, Sammy boy! And look at your audience. That always helps 🙂 

George Lovett – Grenade

Song choice is crucial. I don’t think this was the right song choice for George and to be honest the whole performance was a little flat. Uninteresting. Not his best, if you will. The guy has a great voice on him. He has a ton of potential floating around, I just don’t think he’s got the mojo to make it through tomorrows cuts, unfortunately for him. I just think nerves got the best of him and that’s something I hope he’ll learn to develop and be able to move past (maybe next season) 

Dexter Roberts – This Ol’ Boy

I love Dexter and he’s just one of those guys, like CJ, that you knew would do well. I do not love that choice of shirt, but everything else about him, I love. So I can take not liking the shirt (what are those stylists for, anyway?). I think Keith is ready to bring him on tour with him. And he should. I do agree with a lot of the criticism of folks saying he needs to do more to make the song his own, but I think he’ll have a few weeks to work on that. 

Alex Preston – Volcano

Alex Preston must have got word that I was super on the fence about being a fan of his. But the boy took notes and came back with a lot to offer. His band-geekness for one. I do love anyone who wants to learn new instruments, and is ultimately talented enough to play them. That is definitely something I’m a fan of. And then he picks a Damien Rice song? Man this guy really wants to be in my Top 5! The only thing he maybe should’ve noted was that Phillip Phillips holds the “Volcano” performance of a lifetime, for me personally. All that being said, I think the only thing he could’ve done better was to be hotter (sorry but Phillip Phillips win that contest hands down). I understand that’s out of his control. Haha. That was mean. I do enjoy this, and him. Three Cheers for Alex, you have won me over! Even though you make a weird chipmunk face when you sing.

Malcolm Allen –What was this song? I don’t really know. Sorry 🙂 

I had a feeling Malcolm would be the last one picked. Ala Malaya. I’m ok with him being 8th though so that I don’t have to worry. With his selection, my top 3 were totally safe, and I was a happy girl!


I thought his song choice was pretty good but again I worry about the ballads. I do think he sang it well but I worry. He reminds me a lot of Burnell who wasn’t my favorite and those are the things that worry me. I’m with JLo that I wanted a little more from the performance, but to be honest, I wasn’t watching so much as listening (as often I try to do), and vocally, he sounded great to me. 

Ben Briley – Soulshine

I had a feeling he’d be in because like, why go through making America pick, only to vote him off the next day, right? I actually kind of forgot about him but I definitely think he probably should have been in my Top 5. I just don’t feel like I’ve heard much from him. It’s funny to me how my Top 5 are changing or maybe just expanding to a Top 7? with the performances tonight. Picking an Allman Brothers song was a good choice for him (and for getting me to like him). And as far as my favorite Harry line of the night – “That is Windsor Castle around your neck”. Oh Harry 🙂 

Spencer Lloyd – Love Don’t Die

Well, I wasn’t going to say I was upset they picked him so much as surprised. I just really thought it would be Casey or maybe Maurice. All I can say about his performance is this…

this concerns me

Harry was right. He was not good. But good on ya, Judges. For picking him and ruining the chances of what are probably many other legit good singers! Let’s just talk about how much he looks like Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing NY, shall we?


And with that, we move on to tonight and see which 5 girls and boys are safe, and which 3 the judges save. All I can say is that I hope the judges all pick boys. And, I hope JLo’s pick is NOT Emmanuel! 


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