American Idol – It Wasn’t Their Night

haters to the left

In case you were wondering, that’s me, on the left.

We learned (well, I learned) yesterday morning that last nights and tonights performances, before a verse was uttered, 5 contestants of each sex, would be cut by the judges. If I’m being honest, which I am, it is kind of infuriating that the judges will be cutting 5 right off the bat (although I’d later find out it was kind of the opposite). I mean, some of these contestants haven’t really been seen/heard since their audition, and a minor 30 second stint here and there. But I guess, better to not get too attached to anyone they’re going to cut. Right? The fact is, I’m already attached to the ones I’m going to be attached to **cough cough** MALAYA **cough cough**

Right as we heard how they’d pick the 10, I was feeling bad for the 5 that wouldn’t be picked. Oh to not be picked on national television. Honestly though, by the time we were down to a Top 8, I felt like I was just too nervous about who was going to be picked as the final 2, to even care about the performances of the 8th and 9th contestants. Sorry Emily and MK! My problem was, I had picked a solid 4 that I had decided I really wanted to see go through, and by the 7th performer, only 2 had been selected (Majesty and Jessica). So I got super scared! What would this season be without Malaya? Without Kenzie? I guess I’m left with no choice but to find out, as far as Kenzie is concerned. Although, I do think she’ll benefit from a year or two more of experience. That being said, I think half the contestants from last night, will benefit from that as well, and I can only hope they’re sent packing tonight. Yes, I’m looking at you Marielle and Bria.

So let’s talk about this Dawg House. And more specifically their house band, Randy Jackson and the Non-Denominational Spiritual Advisers.

change you

Truer words were never spoken, Miley!

The doghouse was full of experts. Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Vocal coaches, stylists, movement coaches, and… non-denominational spiritual advisors? Really? What does that even mean? Spiritual advisers? No reasons to fail?  That’s clearly a blatant lie after seeing tonights performances! If anything, you’re just placing that much more pressure on “who they need to be” that they are losing focus on who they are and themselves as performers! I do think that Daughtry and Adam offered sage advice but as far as a one Randy Jackson, let’s just leave it to the twitter comments. That’s all I can handle at this moment.

awkward alumni

That about sums it up.

And now, the talent. Let’s chat. I do think it was smart of the judges to remind everyone how nerve-wracking these performances would be. To not know until moments before you’ll have to perform, that you’re going to. I mean, even if you have the confidence to believe you’re going through, that 3 minutes or however long it takes before you actually get to singing have just got to make you more nervous than EVER! So I understand the judges taking up for the contestants poor performances tonight. I’ll just hope that we won’t see the real deal until the Top 13 are chosen.

Majesty Rose – Happy

I’m glad Majesty was the first performer of the night for many reasons.
1. Majesty has this smile while she sings and I just love it.
2. Not only is she a great singer but she just bring so much fun to her performance. Was this the best song for her to sing? I don’t know. I don’t think it totally showcased her voice, but it was fun and showed her personality, and I think this early on, the personality is more of what people remember.
3. It has got to take some balls to go FIRST on the first night. Live. Anyone would have a little trouble but I didn’t feel nerves got the best of her and I see success in her future!

Kristin O’Connor – Turning Tables

I’m not going to lie, I was a little miffed to see Kristin called because she just isn’t in my personal Top 5 favorites. But I hadn’t heard her really sing anything either (another reason I was a little surprised she was picked). When I heard her sing Adele, I realized why she wasn’t on my radar. All I can say is that I bet JLo fought for her, and not Harry.

Briana Oakley – Warrior

And with Briana, I was happy again. Sort of.  I liked that she picked a song I’d never heard. I thought she was the first one to pick a song that truly showcased her voice, but I don’t think her voice shined like it has in past performances. I do think that going after Kristin helped her a lot. She doesn’t really bring me in to her performance, but her voice is amazing. And girl broke it down at the end, so way to go Briana! It did throw me off when Keith said she reminded him of Irene Cara. Flashdance, Irene Cara? Maybe… Now I want to hear her sing Flashdance!

Jena Irene – Paint it Black
“Hope I don’t disappoint you” “Yeah, lets hope so”


I wanted to like Jena because Michael Slezak likes her so much… but I think that little bit between her and Daughtry were telling. When I heard her singing the stones to Chris, no me gusta… then she sang it live and um… can you just stick to the piano performances (at least next time) because it’s just so much better with piano. And your original song was really good, so I hope they let you do that again. I was surprised so many people were clapping and not just giving her blank stares. And personally, she drives me crazy. Mostly because of her name. It’s Gee-na. GRRRR. Also, in unrelated stylist news, I don’t know how I feel about that choker  she’s wearing. What are these stylists doing here friends? Is Randy the stylist too? 

Bria Anai – Wrong Side of a Love Song

I like Bria. She’s fun like Majesty. When she said “My mom says I dress like an ‘appropriate Rihanna'” (Randy reads that as “less sexy”. Um, she’s 16, assface). I loved Bria’s look tonight and I WANT THOSE PANTS. Well, leggings. Whatever they are, I want them. And as for Bria, dear child, it was not your best performance, but this has been no ones best performances. I did like her performance, but the singing part I wasn’t so sure about. I was in agreement with Harry that it was a touch shouty, but it wasn’t so bad that I really noticed (much). Maybe because nothing has really stood out with the previous performances.

And then the next point in the show came and I just kept thinking…

everything getting shittier

Marielle Sanders – Roar

I like that she loves being different but no one has been compared more to other singers, than Marielle. And by singers, I mean Miley. Adam is a good mentor for her though. Marielles version of Roar just sounded like yelling, not singing.



I was not a fan at ALL. Katy Perry is a singer. Believe it or not, Katy can sing. Marielle, not so much. The only enjoyable part of this performance was when she almost fell. “You’re supposed to knock us off of our feet”I think at this point, Harry is thinking – what did Randy do to these girls? Why is he ruining them? Randy historically ruins female performers. I feel that’s a proven fact.

side note – I do not know what singing in the pocket is. What is that?

Jessica Meuse – Drink a Beer

It was nice to see Chris say that her voice was better than her guitar playing. I think that’s a compliment. I thought Jessica was truly my first favorite of the night. Bias? Probably. I did think it was kind of a “mail it in” song choice. I thought she could’ve been a little more original, as she has been SO original so far. But she did pick one of the first songs/performances of the night that I really liked, and sang it well. I mean, I like the song Roar. I like Paint it Black.  I did not like either of those performances. She’s the true star of all the performances so far.

Emily Piriz – Paris Ooh La La
“That’s a touchy subject Harry” “Literally”

I liked Emily’s performance but at this point, I was just mad that some of my favorites still weren’t picked and there were only 2 more contestants. Sorry Emily, but I’m distracted.

frustrated kimrichards

What other girls are they going to select?? I’m getting nervous!

You were good though. I did enjoy your performance. Harry is such a dad. I liked her performance. It was ok. I also liked her defending her position to sing the song. BUT, she’s not a sexy performer so in that regard I thought it was a little disingenuous.

MK Nobilette – All of Me

I really like MK (Emkay?). I did want her to be in the Top 10. I’m not sure if she’s in my Top 5 but she is definitely deserving of a Top 10. And I don’t think it was so much her singing, as her moms crying in the stands, but I did have an emotional response to her performance. HOWEVER, you know what I was thinking. The whole time.


If Malaya Watson isn’t the next name called, so help me god!

And then…

Malaya Watson – Some Stevie Wonder song*
*that I couldn’t hear because I was too excited and jumping around.**
**Ok I wasn’t jumping around but I was excited!

Did I scream? Yes. Did I shout? Yes. Do I love her? YES! Did she perform as well as I would’ve expected her to? Your damn right she did. Everyone thinks she’s weird. All my friends and husband included, but I can’t hear the negativity. The judges know what’s up, and so do I. Malaya, you were picked for a reason, and to perform last? The judges want you! THEY WANT YOU!

ryan-lochte-in love

And now we move on to the boys tonight. I have a lot of very high hopes for them. And by them, I mean CJ Harris, Malcolm Allen and Dexter Roberts. And Sam “I love your grampy” Woolf

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