American Idol – Top 30(+1)

Tonight held a few mixed emotions for me. There were people cut that surprised me, there were people cut without even being shown, that really surprised me, and then there were people kept that just straight up shocked me!


I just have to say that yes, I am extremely empathetic towards Savion’s story. Having your brother die so tragically, and suddenly, and going onto compete, I mean come on…


And then, to keep Ethan, Jordan and Briston (and if we’re including night one, Emmanuel)???? I mean come on. Way to just punch me right in the gut. RIGHT IN THE F-BOMB GUT. You could have easily cut any one of those guys to keep Savion. But no. Alas. As for people they didn’t even show getting cut. I’d love to know what happened to a one, Munfarid Zaidi, Paisley Van Patten (maybe some kind of conflict with recording contracts?), etc. etc. etc. You could’ve at least stuck them in a montage of no’s. Give me one last chance to grieve their loss on the show. Oh well. You can’t dwell in the anger, so shall we move on to last night and what we did see?

Let’s first talk about how I was like, 25% right with regards to CJ and Casey.  I said they were both good enough to keep. Turns out they wouldn’t be the “America’s Vote” contestants, they were just straight on through! If that’s the reason I’m going to be wrong, I’m totally cool with it.

I did like how more than once tonight they just let both the contestants in. Specifically when it came to this pairing and Briana and Brandy’s. I did think the pairings were a touch different tonight than last night only because last night, I felt like the pairs were very similar contestants, where tonight, I didn’t really see any similarities between Briana and Brandy, or Austin and Sandie. Frankly, I don’t even remember ever seeing Sandie, but I digress. I still had a favorite in all the pairings tonight (CJ, Briana and Austin) but I was happy that Brandy and Casey both got through. I actually liked Casey a lot more hearing him this final time, than any time prior to last night.

Ok so let’s just talk briefly about my favorites of the night. Marrialle, you can wait over there in the corner. And Jena, I do like you, but…


you need to stop complaining about people for not pronouncing your name correctly, and go complain to your mother for spelling your name wrong. In what language does Jen- makes a gee sound? None. The answer is none. If you wanted your name to be pronounced like it sounds, it sould’ve been spelt Gina, or Jeana.

Anyway, I had what seemed like an excessive amount of girl favorites from the bunch of yes votes. Majesty, Briana, Brandy and Kenzie. Not in that order, and definitely not based on their last performances (in the case of Majesty and Kenzie). Let’s talk about my favorite of the night/competition of these 4 girls.


Thy name is Briana.

I didn’t like Briana last year, and I didn’t like her in her audition this year, but all the times I’ve seen her since then, have been lovely. She’s definitely growing on me (although Majesty and Kenzie are still worth looking out for). One thing I should say about Kenzie, and why I think she’s secretly the sleeper, is that she’s adorable. People want to like her and I think ultimately that might keep her longer than she’s worth it… maybe not though. Time will tell.

As for the guys, it’s funny with them. It’s more like I had an excessive amount of least favorites. See, I think that of the picks the judges made, I’m most pleased with the women, but I think the guys have the better singers. Tonight didn’t have as many of my male favorites, as last nights.

In fact, it had only one, and he’s not officially in yet. But just so the world knows, I voted for a one Ben Briley all 50 of the times I was allowed to on Idol’s new “Super vote” thing they’re doing. I don’t know what that means, but I used it, and I hope he’s safe. As for every other male performance tonight, they were all terrible and yes, even since writing the earlier paragraphs, I’m still pissed about Savion making it when the rest of these fools got in. It should’ve at least been between Savion and Ben, for the final spot.

I’ll also mention about Caleb, that he’s another I liked with my eyes closed, but was it super telling or not, that something like, over 60% in the vote during the commercial break, thought Caleb was going packing. The group I chat with thinks it’s because he isn’t as attractive as the other contestants. To them I say, look at some of other less attractive contestants, they’re the ones doing the worst right now, so it’s not like America is really wrong in this scenario. I will say that of the people we heard perform tonight, Caleb was the best singer of all of them, by far. I don’t think that’s saying much though, when I think the rest of them need to hit the road.

And now, I have to decide who of these 30 I want in my top 15. It’s going to be a touch decision. I probably already have a solid 8 picked, but those last 7 will be difficult.

Finally, please watch this.

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