American Idol – Terrible and Amazing, All at the Same Time

Honestly the terribleness is so minimal this season, so the headline is a little deceiving, But, trust me…


Yes that’s right. Tonight, we saw our first glimpse of the dawg. For better or worse. It made sense that the cool kids got up when he got there, and JLo stayed to hang with him. She’s just nice to everyone. It’s a proven fact. Last night was no exception.

I actually noticed a little formula with Mizz Lopez. You see, anytime she got to deliver the good news, she’d do the exact same fake-out every time. EVERY.STINKING.TIME. It would always start with the whole “you know, we have to pick a lot of people, and it’s so hard picking them and it was just so tough with you… but you’re through!” It got to the point where you could tell exactly who they’d keep and who they’d say no to. I mean, I suppose it’s better to trick someone who did get in, than those that didn’t, but do you have no other trick up your cheetah print sleeves?

I digress. Actually, no I don’t. Let me just get out one more little gripe! I feel like, at this point in the show, this round specifically – guitars and original songs. The thing is, both of those factors are GREAT for the live show. However for this round specifically, maybe just the voice, and a song we know, and can better use to judge you, would be the smarter move? I mean, from the judges perspective. I did like Jillian’s explanation, that she wanted to show she can write songs, so that if she becomes the winner and pop star, she can write her own music. The thing was, the only person with a good original song last night, was Jessica Meuse. Furthermore, I was a touch worried about Jessica because she’s only sung original songs. What would she sing if she had to sing something written by someone else (answer – Simple Man, and it would be SUPER good).

So, let’s talk about who we saw make it through.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 4.11.03 PM

So of the contestants that were saved and the ones that were shown the door, I was relatively happy with the overall decisions. Let’s just mention the contestants I probably wouldn’t have put through – Hi Jordan Brisbane and Emmanuel Zidor!  …okmovingon.. What I liked about tonight was that of the favorites I mentioned prior to Hollywood Week, the ones that made it this far, were for the most part, shown succeeding tonight (Jessica and Malaya). As for the guys, a lot of the big guys were referenced as well (Sam and Malcolm).

So speaking of my favorites, lets talk about my favorites from tonight!

First and foremost…



I mean, need I say more? I felt like I was just pacing hoping that she’d make it. Especially after her rocky start. I didn’t really notice the key not meshing, but once it was corrected, Malaya really stood out, she soared, once again. I’m not gonna lie, I am a fan to the nth degree. I want everything for her. And she took an awkward situation, and really stood out. The TUBA PLAYER is IN (and I couldn’t be happier). Girl, I will vote for you as many times as is humanly possible. No thanks needed.

Next up in my list of favorite females, is a one Jessica Meuse. Let’s first briefly talk about that sing off. I totally understood the two Jess’ going together. They’re a very similar package, so it makes sense to only have one of them.

In this scenario, Jessica is the Zoolander. Even though he lost that walk off.

In this scenario, Jessica is the Zoolander. Even though he lost that walk off.

The sing off was… interesting. I’m not sure that part was necessary but in the case of the Jess’, I was happy to hear it because I got to hear Jessica sing a song not written by her, and she was still amazeballs. It only re-affirmed that I’d choose her over Jess, even though I still think Jess is good. I really hope she finds a place to land, musically (that maybe involves itunes so I can buy some of her music). I do have to say that of the 3 “sing off groups” this was the only tolerable one. I don’t think the right choice was made in the Andrina/Leah pairing, though I still like Andrina, and as far as CJ and Casey, why was that even necessary? Really friends. I need to know. Yes, they should both be through. Will they both be through? (see that * I put up by the “alleged 31st contestant”).

As for the guys, the “favorite” was a much harder title to obtain. I suppose that of the 9 we saw go through, I was a fan of 3 of them. Those three would be Sam, Dexter and my boy, Malcolm Allen.

Lets start with Sam “my grampy is adorable” Woolf.


I could tear up all over again!

Sam, your grampa is ah-dorable. Do I love him more than you? A little. I’ll also say your original song was the second best of the night. I do hate a sob story, but I understand his reasoning to bring it up. I just hope that it’s not a central part of his time on the show. I do hope his grampa is an integral part, though!

And then there’s Dexter. I didn’t even need to hear Sam perform again to know I wanted him through. There was some quote about “all hat, not cattle” but clearly that isn’t the case with Dexter. Dexter, you’re fantastic. Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. Sorry, I think I was just trying to Beetlejuice him into my living room.

Saving the best for last (that’s all around favorite, btdubs), Malcolm Allen. When I heard him singing, I knew immediately that it was Malcolm. Interesting that Harry asked if he’s marketable? To me, he’s got a Drake quality. Actually, maybe even more of a John Legend quality? I was always curious how much of a factor that is (just based on folks like Taylor Hicks or Ruben Studdard… maybe it’s more of a factor since then)? I think John Legend is certainly marketable, so I’d say he’s safe. I did feel bad that it didn’t seem like he had any family there with him. Would’ve been nice to come out to someone other than Ryan, right?

Now let’s just talk about a couple other folks before I close up shop (for the next few hours anyway)…

Jillian Jensen – She looked so much prettier in her performance look than her “talking to the judges” look. She has a Jerseylicious look going on, that for me was way less natural than what we’ve seen from her prior to. But she has the matching cheetah print with JLo, so maybe she was onto something.

George Lovett  – I’ve liked all of his performances that I remember but I just didn’t know if he stood out enough in the competition. Glad to see he did.

Emmanuel Zidor – I get the vibes of Joshua Ledet and he who must not be named(or those that should not be named) in all the wrong ways. Contestants like him scare me. I was hoping the judges would remember group night and shut it down, but alas. I knew as soon as I saw JLo giving her schpiel, that he’d be through. Let’s just hope he’s in the first in line when cuts start in the live show.

And with that, we move onto the LAST night of Hollywood week, shockingly quick! Can’t wait to see who those last 15 contestants are! Hoping to see Majesty Rose, Munfarid, Jena Asciutto, Savion Wright, and pretty much the rest of Team Loud and Fierce!

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