American Idol – Group Night Means Wine Night


This is why I watch American Idol. Wine is especially necessary on group night. It’s the only night of Idol that having a good buzz going into it, is highly recommended. Why? Well, ugh, where do I begin… the teenagers, the tears, the mothers, it just all adds up to a headache when not paired with a good buzz.


The love/hate I have with group night stems mostly from the annoying personalities of some of these kids and usually more so, their helicopter parents. I mean look, the entire UK thinks she’s one of the worst reality TV moms although I’d beg to differ. I’ve seen Toddlers and Tiaras.


The saving grace of tonight was that it was far less drama than usual. No one threw up, no one fell off stage, there was far less pleading. Most of all, the show was only an hour long. Had this been 2 hours of group night I don’t know what I would’ve done. So with that, let’s talk about some groups of the evening!

Group 01 - Three More Days

Group 01 – Three Mo’ Days

David Oliver Willis – Serina Joi Crowe – Tony Foster, Jr.
Too Close

Here’s the thing about group night… if you’re not great, you risk your position when you perform with people who are. David and Serina were amazing with their performances and it just made Tony forgettable. I almost just forgot his name when writing that he was forgettable, that’s how bad it was. I didn’t realize Serina Joi was back. I remember her from what I think was last year? Investigating blogs past, it turns out she and David were given the boot on the last night of Hollywood week, so they’ve at least made it as far as they did last year.

The Backstreet Cowboys

The Backstreet Cowboys

Ben Briley – Casey Thrasher – Dexter Roberts
I Want it That Way

Unlike forgettable Tony, as soon as I heard the next group was Ben, Dexter and Casey, I knew exactly which three contestants they were talking about. It’s a good sign for them if I’m already remembering their names. As far as their actual performances, I thought Dexter was lovely, Casey was showing a bit of why I don’t think he’ll make it through the next round, and Ben, dear Ben, stop with the runs. It was just too much for me. I do like you so that is why I hope you just take this advice, so I don’t end up hating you.

Next was a montage of three groups of which the standouts for me were Paula Hunt and Andrina Brogden (singing Done). I thought it was great because it was so different than both of their respective auditions, so I  think it bodes well for future performances. Another person I owe some love to is Briana Oakley. I’ve never been a big fan of hers (last year or this). She was more of a “take her or leave her” contestant. However, her version of Royals, was amazing. I liked it more than I like Lorde singing it, that’s for sure! With the montage, I was a little mad that I didn’t get to see Kenzie Hall’s group but all three in her group (Brandy Neelly and Emily Piriz included) have already been featured once this week so maybe that’s why they chose not to highlight them anymore?

Shady Spencers Group

Shady Spencers Group

Spencer Lloyd – Megan Miller – Alyssa Siebken
Best I Ever Had

Was it just me or did Alyssa look defeated as she walked on the stage? Maybe she thought she was safe after Megan’s screw up (I certainly was surprised Megan was safe, but even with a screw up, girl can sing so good on the judges for allowing her a chance that they don’t give all screw ups). Spencer really brought the shade though. Picking a song that only you know, and not helping your fellow performers? Shady boots, Spencer. But, classic group night move. I did like how Keith pointed out that the Group Rounds bring out the people who know how to shine amidst the craziness (or something to that effect)

At this point in the review, I’d like to take a personal moment of silence for the performances that could’ve been…

Tiquila Wilson, I really hope this isn’t the last I see of you. I don’t really follow the gospel charts but I hope your name is on them one day!


Bye Tiquila

I will say that Harry “quitting” shortly after, was a good way to break the ice, within the slew of nos. I can’t say there was anyone that I was upset to see leave from the montage of no votes.

Group 06 - Freedom Breathers

Group CJ (and other people perform also)

Matthew Hamel – CJ Harris – Caleb Johnson – Tyler Ahlgren
Too Close

This was a great song for CJ, and I’m sure Caleb thought it was a great song for himself, as well. As for Tyler and Matthew… I was hoping that Matthew was a surefire goner after his little tiff with Jessica because we’ve seen her perform and we know she’s amazing, so it was super hard for me to believe Matthew was anywhere close to even good. I also don’t feel like I even heard Tyler. All I could do was look at his bizarre facial expressions (see above). He forgot the words anyway and that was more than enough icing on the “send him home” cake. I thought CJ was amazing as usual and that’s all I need to say about him at this moment because I really need to talk about Caleb. All I could think of looking at Caleb was this…


And, it should be noted that this is not any kind of compliment. His “act” reminds me of my least favorite aspects of Jack Black performances. And really it’s just the hair that reminds me of PSH. Matthew was the worst though. “Pretty sure I killed it”? Really Matthew? Were you just referring to your singing career?

Team Clarity

Team Clarity

Munfarid Zaidi – Jena Asciutto – Allie Odom – Sikenya Thompson 
Too Close

It was at this point in the show where I was contemplating how many times I could hear the song Too Close, and wondering how small the list of eligible songs actually was? That said, this was my favorite, of the 3 groups who we’ve heard sing this song. I really couldn’t decide how much I hated Sikenya and her illness (and how she reminds me so much of Fantasia) but I did like Munfarid a ton more, for sticking up for his girl. Good on ya, Munfarid. Jena, I didn’t forget about you. You’re really starting to force me to remember you! Good job girl.

Group 09 - Savion JohnFox Madelyn RyanClark

Don’t Cry for John, Argentina

Savion Wright – John Fox – Madelyn Patterson – Ryan Clark

It was hard to hear this version after hearing Briana sing Royals, but this one wasn’t terrible. It was harder watching Savion cry when his friend got the boot. I just can’t imagine his life right now. I feel so bad for him. Honestly, that’s all I could think about through this whole performance.

Jessica Meuse – Nica Neshae – Stephanie Hanvey – Cara Watson
Single Ladies

This is all I have to say about this performance.


Anytime someone from the Jersey Shore is making sense, you know it's crazytown up in here.

Anytime someone from the Jersey Shore is making sense, you know it’s crazytown up in here. Also who would’ve thought they’d have an alternate definition of STD?

Terrica CurryCarmen Delgina – Emmanuel Zidor
Say My Name

All I have to say about this group is that they should’ve all gone home, but I’ll accept that at least Carmen “Nepotism” Delgina did.

And now, let’s talk about my favorite group (which really caught me by surprise) 

Group 12 - Loud and Fierce

You is Loud, You is Fierce, You is Amazing

Team Loud and Fierce
Christina Collins – Olivia Diamond – Queen Bulls – Malaya Watson 
I Want You Back

Ok with a contestant in your group with the name Queen Bulls, how was that expected to be a bad performance? I was worried that Mizz Diamond was going to ruin it for everyone but I had hopes with Malaya being there and my hopes were not at all dashed! Phew! Even annoying Olivia Diamond was actually really good. Queen and Malaya were my faves though. Malaya above and beyond all 3 girls. Her voice just SOARED above the other three girls. Maybe that’s the real reason that Mizz Diamond was all pissy? Because she was worried Malaya would shine bright like a diamond? You did Malaya!

And with that, there are 77 individual performances to narrow it down to 30? I thought they said they had to get it down to 50 but who knows! Either way, some cuts are coming next week! Good luck to everyone!




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