American Idol – 3 Nights in 1

There was a lot to take in last night. The Hangar was sooo intense. You could feel/hear the nervousness in every single performance. If anything, I thought this round was created solely to remedy all of JLo’s bad decisions deciding yes votes.


All told, I’m assuming the hangar probably had ¼ of the contestants, performing. Based on looking back and seeing how many people got 2 out of 3 votes, it didn’t seem like many, so I think a quarter is a safe bet. My guess is of that 50 or so, we probably lost what – 30? I mean, those busses hold probably 50 people at least, but it definitely wasn’t full, what with all the luggage that I’m sure the contestants brought.

I must not have been paying that close attention to who was even on the bus because I just kind of figured, why get too attached to these folks that are clearly going home (I saw the nervous girl so I knew that bus was a goner and I don’t know how anyone else on that bus thought any differently when they saw her). I read that Tristan Langley was a Bus 1-er which was a little upsetting but I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be making it to the live show anyway so I feel like it wasn’t as big a deal that they ousted him sooner than later.

There were 2 in the hangar round that I did really like and hope to see more of. One was Connor Zwetch (singing Let Her Go) but they really only played about 10 seconds of her performance and I never saw her again so who knows if she was safe or not. I recommend going to itunes and checking her song out, though. The other person I really liked and kind of remembered from his earlier (he sang Simple Man and worked on an oil rig). His version of She Talks to Angels was fantastic and made me want to buy 10 of his cds.

I thought the whole hour would be these hangar performances so color me surprised when that was just the first 30 minutes! And with that we moved on to the single line performances. There were so many that I barely kept track and decided it would just be easier to write about my favorites. So lets talk about those folks!

Majesty York – 1,2,3,4

She originally auditioned in Atlanta and was in my Top 5 from that night for her rendition of Violet Hill, but her version of Fiest’s 1,2,3,4 was fantastic and a great way to start the line night auditions. She has a simple ease to her singing that I just adore. As for Majesty’s group of performers, I was a little upset to see Samantha Calmes get the boot but really it didn’t bother me all that much after checking out her youtube page yesterday. Majesty was most definitely the groups best performance. I just don’t see what they saw in Brandy. I mean, I shouldn’t say that. Her voice was good, there’s just something about her that really bothers me.

Spencer Lloyd – Say Something
Kenzie Hall – Can’t Hold Us

There were two performances tonight that really showed how much song choice matters. Spencer and Kenzie were people that I easily could’ve seen leave and probably wouldn’t have even remembered but tonight their song choices were so perfect that it just made me pay attention and realize how great their potential is on this show. If they don’t make it to the big show, I’ll be shocked and dismayed. Also, did anyone else get a Taylor Lautner vibe from Spencer?

Whiter teeth, and slightly less werewolf-y

Whiter teeth, and slightly less werewolf-y

I think the piano also really helped him (they are a panty melter in my book). As for Kenzie, she is just the coolest. I wanna be like her when I grow up (ooh bee doo I wanna be like yoouu oo oo). Austin Wolfe was the opposite of this for me. Her version of that Adele song Take it All, I hated it. I liked her in her original audition… I think she sang Radioactive. That was a great performance. This was not. Luckily, the judges clearly know she has a good voice so she lives to fight another round.

CJ Harris – Trouble

Is it wrong to love a performer for their smile?


…because I have two. Malaya and CJ (even if you can’t find a picture of them smiling, anywhere on the internet)

I just want to like CJ. He just looks like the nicest guy, and because he has a great voice, I’m totally cool with making that statement. I mean, his smile just oozes love. I have a very strong feeling we’ll see him in the big show. At least, I surly hope to. He has loads of appeal in every way. I should mention I was sad to see Ayla Stackhouse go in this round of folks. I did enjoy her. While I’m at it because I didn’t like anyone from her group, I was also sad to see Jesse Roach perform so badly. Was it just me or did she look like she hadn’t showered in weeks? I sure  hope she’s ok. I’d still check her out on itunes if given the opportunity. Just want you to know that Jess!

Malcolm Allen – Ready for Love

Malcolm. OH.EM.GEE Malcolm. Words don’t even do you justice. I liked you in the audition. You were my favorite of that night. But seriously, you’re magical. I don’t know if he could’ve done any better if he’d tried. He’s one that I’ll be super sadsies if I don’t see him on the big stage because while I’ve only seen him twice, he practically doubled in my lovability of him the second time around. I can only imagine what will happen when I see him again.

I also wanted to talk about Savion Wright. I couldn’t believe when he was telling that story about his brother, and when I saw the image I was floored because I never ever watch the news on TV but I was this morning because it was a icey morning and I was going in late. Anyway, I saw his brothers story on the news that morning! It’s a horrible and tragic story. I mean seriously, sad, and possibly super fucked up. I hope the FBI finds out what really happened. And that song Savion wrought didn’t even give me “sob story” vibes at all. It felt like something he had to do and I hope if nothing else it helps with his healing process. And to think this was filmed in November and I JUST heard about it in the news? I hope the story is getting the legs it deserves. But, I digress.

Let’s talk about a few more contestants.

People I liked but don’t need to delve into include but are not limited to:

Sam Woolfe – He brought his grampy again!



Dexter Roberts – I don’t recall what he sang but I liked him.

Casey Thrasher and Jesse Cline – Their looks are very unappealing to me but when I listen with my eyes shut, I like them loads. Although, I’m over Casey’s family man storyline. That can go away anytime now (though I’m sure it won’t).

Munfarid Z – I still don’t know if I see you going much further, but I’ll soak up all the minutes I get to see you because you are fun and I want to hang out with you. Tiquila, the same goes for you!

Malaaayyyyaaa – I love you. I wasn’t totally sure about your song choice but I still love you and I know I’m going to see more of you. I just know it.

People I was shocked to see go through included but were not limited to Keri Lynn Roache (how did she not go home but Ayla did??), Briston Maroney (what on earth was that version of Royals??) Alex Preston (I guess shocked might not be the word but that version of Scream and Shout… I just don’t know) and Emmanuel Zidor. I don’t know what that was. It wasn’t And I’m Telling You. 

I’ll talk about group night on the next post! All I’ll say is that I’m worried for my pink haired chickie-poo.

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