American Idol – It’s Hangar Time!

You’ve seen the headlines! Two Weeks, 30 survive… although I’ve heard it’s actually 31 – not really sure who’s right but with a judge like Jennifer, I have to imagine it’s 31 ’cause girl just couldn’t narrow it down anymore.

So, as we prepare for Hollywood week, I thought I’d look at some of the standouts, and talk about how the next week or two is shaping up, audition wise! There are definitely changes afoot!

Before we talk about people who are still on the show, I just first want to mention one that didn’t even get a golden ticket! Jessica Bassett. She didn’t make it to Hollywood on American Idol. She did one better! She made it on Ellen!! I’m so glad someone recognized that girl was straight up SNUBBED!

As for standouts, what I did was look at my favorites, and the favorites of the two other blogs I read. Then see how many that was and maybe talk about them! So, here’s how it breakdown:

Of the 12 winners we saw from Boston, there was only one that we all agreed on, and thy name is Sam Woolf, who performed “Lego House”. The same can be said for Detroit, where we only agreed on Melanie Porras, and Atlanta, where the only person we all agreed on was a one, Jessica Meuse with her self penned “Blue Eyed Lie” (she was everyone but my favorite and that’s really only because I was wooed by Lauren Ogden). Tessa Kate from Omaha who sang “Folsom Prison Blues”, and Jesse Roach from Austin who sang “Do Ya” did make the top of all of our collective lists! These girls are pretty similar too, so that’s interesting. The only guy named a collective favorite, was from night one: Malcolm Allen who sang “Superstition”. Interesting that 4 of the 6 nights produced the same stand out favorite for all of us. Omaha and Austin were where we agreed the most, with 3 people that stood out to all of us, Tessa, obviously, Tyler Marshall (Proud Mary) and Paula Hunt (All I Could Do Was Cry) in Omaha, and Jesse Roach, Malcolm Allen and Munfarid Zaidi (Crazy for You) in Austin.

And then there was Salt Lake City and San Francisco, where the three of us didn’t agree on anyone! I think for SLC, it has more to do with the fact that there were the most people to chose from! As for San Fran, well, I guess they just all sucked, or that we just couldn’t agree. Haha. Who knows.

So, lets delve into our agreed upon favorites!

Sam Woolf

I personally liked this guy for 2 reasons. He sang a song I’d never heard of but now love, and also, he had an adorable grampa (instant winner in my book). After doing a little research about Sammy Sam, I found that this guy knows how to promote himself. He’s all over the internets. He’s on twitter where he’s got a solid 8,919 followers, he also has his own website and on youtube he’s got his Ed Sheeran cover, some other fellas, and some original music. He’s got a song called The Same that’s pretty decent but 4 minutes long. Listen to Billy Joel buddy, cut it down to 3:05. He’s also from Bradenton, FL where one of my oldest/best friends lives! So, I mean, obvious bonus. He’s also going to Berklee’s College of Music for a 5 week class, so I mean, he’s clearly got some kind of skills going on.

Malcolm Allen (Day 1 favorite)

I liked this guy because of his quirky attitude (he played air guitar because he didn’t bring a guitar). I also liked his haircut. What’s funny about googling around for Malcolm Allen, there are a lot of rich looking old people named Malcolm Allen.


Luckily, I was able to find his twitter and youtube pages! His youtube page is a touch less formal than Sam Woolfs, but I love his cover of the Family Guy theme song!  He also has a ton of gospel music if you’re into that kind of thing.

Munfarid Zaidi

I guess as a pre-med student, he’s not super into creating a youtube page (and really, if he makes it through Hollywood Week, I may be a little shocked), but his twitter is the best of all of these folks. Why? Well…




Yup. I’m a fan of his.

Jesse Roach (Day 2 favorite)

If you didn’t like Jesse and her audition, well, we don’t need to be friends anyway. She was the one that reminded me of Carly Smithson and I loved her for that. Jesse, like Sam, has a big online presence, since her job is performing! She’s not a babe in high school like half the contestants! She’s on twitter and has a youtube page with mostly original music! I love it when their youtube channel has more originals than covers. Shows some real musical chops. Here’s a song called “He’s the Rock”.

Melanie Porras

I don’t foresee Melanie making it tooooo far, because JLo only hates one type of person, and it’s the person that reminds her of Hailey Reinhart. So Melanie, consider this me, pimping you out. Melanie is definitely on twitter, and LOVES twitter. Ironically, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even have a twitter account until her time with Idol. She’s got like, 174 tweets, and 22 of those are from the last 24 hours (of me writing this post. Who knows what she has now). I think it’s safe to say she’s a newbie… She is following 2,000 people though so at least she’s committed. Maybe every single person she auditioned with? As for youtube, the first thing I saw was that she’s a fan of this guy, so clearly, she has good taste. As for her, she only has one video, for a song called Hey Boy and it’s pretty adorable, just like her.

Jessica Meuse 

Jess was the girl I thought might be too cool for school. And according to Jess’ tagline on twitter, Dragons are f****** real, so it seems I was correct. Is there anything else you need to know about her? Oh also, her boyfriend is adorable. I also learned that she tried out for The Voice but they never aired her audition. Kind of surprising. As for youtube, girls got TONS of original music (and a few covers mixed in) and it’s all really good! She gives me a Kacey Musgraves vibe (one of my new favorite country singers) as far as her songwriting. She’s definitely edgier in the sound of her voice though. One of her songs, “Wash Me Down” actually has almost 250K views! Blue Eyed Lie, her Idol audition song, only has 5K. Here’s my favorite cover she’s done

Tyler Marshall

So Tyler is on twitter and what I found there was kind of… weird? He’s got a link to a picture on Instagram and the caption reads:

“Proud Mary” by #tinaturner . Harry said happy guy! But pple don’t know what’s behind my smile and my story. I have been talked about and miss understood,miss treated ,lied on, bullied,mess over by friends I thought was my best friends From a little child til my high school years. Things got so bad that almost killed myself but if it wasn’t for the voice of God and my thoughts of other pple that loves me and that’s here for me then I would not be here. That’s why I sing the way I do and through it all I’m still here and with a smile!! No matter how far I go on this show God gets the glory and someone was touch by my voice and I still won’t give up on my DREAMS NOOO MATTER WHAT!! 😃 #powerful #life #thehappyguy #idol #journeytoidol #idoljourney #thisisreal #americanidol #truth #mylife #yaaasssss #omaha #nebraska #mytime #myseason @americanidol @iamtylo

Makes me think Mr. Marshall isn’t making it through to the Hollywood performances. As for youtube well, to be honest, there were too many Tyler Marshalls for me to find him  but I’m sure he’s there somewhere. He does have a fun tumblr page as well that’s worth checking out. Makes it seem like he’s more into fashion than music.

Paula Hunt

Maybe true to her air force ways, she doesn’t have a twitter page. She’s probably too busy saving the world with music. I’m ok with that. And while she doesn’t have a twitter page, the @USAFEBAND and @AFBandoftheWest are doing a fair amount of hype for her, so that’s all that really matters!

Tess Kate (Day 6 favorite)

As with most things in life, JLo and I agreed to disagree on the caliber of Tessa’s voice. JLo said she sounded like a chipmunk.


I still loved her. And I always will! At least until I forget her… but it hasn’t happened yet. She does have a youtube page but I’ll have to say, click if you dare… it’s not her best.

I also wanted to mention the favorites I had that weren’t the favorites of the blogs I read.

Samantha Calmes, Lauren Ogburn, and my tie night, Malaya Watson and Sydney Arterbridge! We’ll just talk briefly because this is getting long and I only have an hourlong lunchbreak!

Malaya – Malaya was my girl! She might still be my favorite of all the contestants just based on her band nerdiness. Of course she’s on twitter modeling her sweet braces and winning smile, and as we all remember she’s pretty much famous on vine. Her youtube though, that’s basically just a longer version of her vine, and just as exciting!! This girl just has STAR power to me and I really hope I see her in the Top 30! She also plays piano so… um… I think I need to marry this girl.

Samantha – I found her on youtube and it was like she was a different person. If I could rescind my love, I think I might. I just don’t know about her but judge for yourself. We’ll see if she makes it through to the 30.

Lauren – She’s on twitter and youtube and I like her on both. But I worry about all the plan making she’s doing on twitter. Makes me think she is making plans because girl is not gonna be on Idol. Whomp whomp. Fingers still crossed for her!

Sydney – First let me apologize that I spelled her name wrong. It’s Arterbridge, not Alterbridge. I hope she stands out in the Hollywood auditions, as she did in her regular audition. Her youtube page has performances going back to age 8!

And with that, I’m super excited for tonight and the airline hanger! Fun things should be happening tonight. I heard a little birdie dropped that the people competing in the hanger, will be everyone that didn’t get all 3 judges “YES”. I think that’s a great idea! Give the kids who got the full approval the pass and let the judges decide how worthy the 2 star kids really are! EXCITING!!

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