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American Idol – Top 13 – Random Thoughts from the Results Show

I wanna talk about the Idol stylists. I’m sure they’re well paid and I’m sure there’s rhyme to their reasons, but really – jean fashion? Is this the early 90s? There are 2 in particular. And they were both in the bottom 3.


I like to believe that Malaya doesn’t let the stylists even touch her when it comes to what she’ll wear (except maybe demanding she wear a particular color to match the group). Tonights choice of hanging down overalls was a lovely nod to the kris-kross era and I liked it. Well, as far as anyone can like jean-attire. But as for Kristen, that jean shirt… I mean, what was that? Bad decisions were made all around last night. Well, all but the major one.

Speaking of bad decisions, while we’re talking about that opening performance, I found it pretty hilarious that they sang Radioactive as their first group song. Fitting really, as I imagine more than half of them sang it in their auditions at some point. Something tells me that was Randy’s idea. The king of bad decisions.

I would like to talk about one thing that I really liked about the episode tonight that was new to this season. I loved seeing the contestants hanging out. The times in the van and the times at dinner. It brought kind of a top chef element to the show that I can’t say I minded. Especially since they weren’t bickering like 5 year olds or anything. That would’ve bothered me, but because they were all friendly, it was nice. The best line:


Ben is quickly working his way towards America’s most adorable. I mean Sam, come on. Step up your grampy factor or you’re gonna get moved out of the sweetheart position. Southern charm goes a long way.

The other thing I really liked about last night was the this whole tastemaker concept, I kind of loved it. What a great idea. I mean, if you’re going to have anyone perform, I think up and coming performers is a fantastic idea. And now I cannot WAIT to see who Harry picks. As far as Keith’s pick, I was pretty happy with it. I thought he was decent. Although the voice was a touch winey, but not bad. The concept on the whole though, I liked very much.

Ok so lets move into the meat of the night. First and foremost, as soon as Randy started talking, I missed Jimmy. Like, missed him so much I felt it. I missed his pointed wisdom as to the performers. And his realness about who was good and who sucked. Randy is just the most superficial person both when it comes to criticism, critiquing, just about any and all facets of the mentor position. I’ll leave it at that.

When I saw the first set of 4, I knew Malaya would be in the bottom. Part of me thought maybe she had a chance just with her following, but the other 3 had pretty stellar performances. I do feel like Malaya has somewhat of a built in vine fan base (she has a pretty loyal Kelly Baccala fan base, if nothing else). Hopefully she’d be safe over Kristen (who had BETTER be in the bottom) and whoever else the 3rd would be.

Of the second set of 4, I was pretty confused as to who would be in the bottom. I thought all of the 4 gave pretty decent performances if not mostly some of the better performances. I was kind of thinking it might be Dexter (but he was so likable I figured it was a slim chance that it was him). When it was MK, I guess I kind of knew it would be her, but it totally shouldn’t have been. I could only hope that this ignited her fan base for future performances because it wasn’t her performance that put her there so much as a lack of a fan base. Hopefully they find her.

Now, with MK in the bottom, this was the point in the show where I basically decided that if Kristen didn’t go home tonight, something like this was going to happen…


Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long to see Kristen go into the bottom 3. I only hoped that America would do the right thing and send her packing up that big hair and jean shirt, ASAP. I mean, she was the wild card after all. America didn’t want her last week, I was just hoping America still had the same opinion.

It did make me sad that Malaya said she might calm down, when asked how she might change for future performances. I never want you to calm down Malaya!



Thankfully, it was not Malaya, and all was right with the world again. Kristen was the right choice x1,000.

I feel embarrassed for the people whose profile pictures are being shown as supporters of her. I hope they’re all relatives. And why would Kristen choose to sing Adele again? It’s just a myriad of bad decisions on this girls part.

Now, lets talk more about the contest this year. I know I said I wasn’t doing it but some things have changed and I’ve had some free time open up. So I’m back on. So, because we’re now officially down to the Top 12, it’s time to make your picks! Here are the Top 12 contestants:


So make your picks and email them to me! If you know me, you know the email! You can also leave your picks as a comment here. Either is fine with me 🙂 And as always, as long as 10 people want in, we’re good to go and it’s quiz time!

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American Idol – Top 13 – You as an Artist

If you search twitter for Randy Jackson, those speaking of him use 2 particular hashtags.

#useless and #whyishestillhere

Ok I might’ve made up the second hashtag but trust me, that’s the sentiment. He’s like the weird friend that said he was leaving the party an hour ago, but now everyone is gone and he’s still in your living room. It was tonight that I really and truly realized how much I miss Jimmy Iovine. There is so much lacking in Randy that Jimmy oozed. Good advice. Wisdom. Care for those other than himself. The ability to offer more than 1 thing of advice for all the contestants (They just need to make sure they can really convey that emotion… DRINK – because yes, in case you were wondering, if you drink every time he said that last night, you’d have been drunk by 9:15).


As for the song choice tonight, I did think it was mostly full of originals! There were definitely quite a few songs I’ve never heard before which is always nice (As long as their sung well and for the most part they were). Now, as far as their ability to pick songs that define them as an artist, I thought they were pretty much dead on, with only a few misfires. My favorites three of the night were definitely (in order of appearance) – Majesty Rose, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse (and Ben Briley). I tried picking a top 3 but I really thought Ben deserved to be in the top. And so it was. Let’s talk in depth about my faves of the night and then casually mention the others, shall we?

Ben Briley – Folsom Prison Blues

Most interesting fact: How about everything was interesting! He can name every capital (anyone who knows me knows my obsession for listing things like states, presidents, capitals so I was impressed). And of course his favorite animal is a kangaroo. And ironically, I also thought that saying he was good at throwing rocks at things was an excellent thing to know about him. I guess I’m easily impressed 🙂

Is it just me or does Ben kind of have what Dexter doesn’t? It was definitely super fast but I guess maybe that’s just him making it his own? Either way, I really enjoyed it. I dare say it was the best performance to that point in the night. I’m not gonna lie, my butt was doing some moving and shaking, unlike any of the previous performances. That’s always a good thing. He has some good entertainer qualities. And it was definitely very different from Johnny Cash’s version of this performance. I kiiiinndd of liked the uptempo.

Majesty Rose – Tightrope

Most interesting fact: She’d like to make her hair bigger – who wouldn’t?

I loved when she said she’s always trying to find a balance between humility and confidence, because to me, she walks it perfectly… like, I dunno… a tightrope? hardy har har I worry that Majesty has all the little things that Malaya might be missing, which may not bode too well for my girl Malaya. Her clapping along to Majesty’s performance looked a little something like this…


No matter though. Majesty was amazing. Job very well done! And excellent song choice if I haven’t mentioned it. Even though she’s almost a little too much like Janelle Monae and I don’t want people to think of her as a copycat but I’m sure her future song choices will display her personal originality a little more.

Alex Preston – A Beautiful Mess

Most interesting fact: Poetry, hopeless romantic, coffee – those all fit his style. But liking extreme sports? Really? Bit of a surprise.

*side note Can I just say that I really liked the ambiance of Alex’s performance? That red was giving a great vibe.

So when I heard Alex’s song choice, I definitely thought it was this song, and wondered why he’d chosen it (not unlike when I heard MK’s song choice and thought it was this song). Then I realized it was a Jason Mraz song I’d never even heard of. aHA! Now, a Beautiful Mess, much better than that Beautiful Disaster before him! I know Randy said he was worried about it being sleepy but at this point, I’m just not listening to anything Randy says (like I ever did…). I thought that once again, Alex had a phenomenal performance. Perfect vibe, perfect performance. The swaying arms in the audience… I dunno… but the performance was pretty close to perfection for me. The only thing that bothered me was Harry saying it was “too introspective”. I completely disagree. I mean, well, no I don’t completely disagree. I just think it was a song that’s meant to be introspective. Long story short…


Jessica Meuse – The Crow and the Butterfly

Most interesting fact: Supernatural, obsessed with hand sanitizer – she sounds a lot like my good friend Jill.

I thought the pink in her hair was way better tonight that last week. Let that be said first. I do believe it’s different. Maybe she just did her hair differently. Who knows? I also thought it was interesting of a choice to not play guitar. I liked the rock vibe of her performance, and further understood why she didn’t go with the guitar tonight. It was a little too metal of a performance. The only thing I didn’t like about her performance was the set with the stupid butterflies in the background (Thanks Harry for agreeing with me). Keith was right. Bold but cool song choice. I agree. I think it fit her very well. It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Now, if you’d like to continue on, we can talk about the other contestants in no particular order, except I will mention that Kristen was BY FAR my least favorite performance and that is who I hope goes hope tonight.

Dexter Roberts – Aw Naw
Most interesting fact: that he took his own braces off? Eek. Aren’t those things cemented on? Yikes. Boys. 

As for his song choice, I’ve never heard of this song. I thought it was fine but didn’t really do anything great for me. I did decide his voice is a little like a slightly higher Toby Keith, which I like a lot. Being as I’d never heard the song, I wasn’t really sure if he was “making it his own” but I imagine based on Dexters previous performances, that he wasn’t. Judges seem to confirm that for me. The only thing that really bothers me about him, and currently it’s just a minor irk – he needs some help getting those marbles out of his mouth when he sings. It’s a little hard to understand him.  Also, saying that, reminds me of this.


And it really makes me want to re-watch Major League II.

Malaya Watson – Runaway Baby
Most interesting fact: Afraid of dogs? Spiders I get but don’t be scared of puppies. Why is she afraid of dogs? Poor thing.

This performance didn’t really seem to have a lot of singing. But, what it lacked in singing, it certainly made up for in energy level. It had tons of energy, which I did love. She’s just so FUN to watch. I’m a little worried she isn’t as polished vocally, as she needs to be. I’m with Harry regarding her art student quality. She’s got art student written all over her. And I was pretty confused when Ryan was telling Malaya to bring her tuba on stage. Um, because she can’t sing if she’s playing tuba? No comprende.

Kristen O’Connor – Beautiful Disaster
Most interesting fact: That she couldn’t think of 5 interesting facts about herself? I don’t even really want to know about her, so a bit of a non-issue.

Aptly named song choice. And accurate description that it was about you, my dear. Randy saying she had an amazing voice but needed to sell the emotion? Maybe he’s saying that if she had more emotion, people wouldn’t notice her major pitch problems? And she certainly didn’t convey the emotion as far as the meaning of the song, even if it’s the meaning she has for it. This just was in no way what Kelly Clarkson does with this song, and that’s a fatal blow to Mizz O’Connor I think hope.

*side note, No Harry. Randy can not help with any tune issues. You’re giving him entirely too much credit.

Darius Rucker – Radio
Most interesting fact: Well, I too hate climbing high things. Climbing in general really. Unless it’s climbing into bed. Odd though, who doesn’t like to deer hunt “that much”. What does that even mean?

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!

I found it humorous that dude picked a Hootie song because that is EXACTLY how I see him.   I also really enjoyed his cousin watching his performance. Now, as for the song choice. Not my favorite. Pretty lackluster. And I’m very intrigued if CJ’s girlfriend is actually his girlfriend, or like, his Aunt. She looks SO MUCH older than him. But back to the song. Well, actually maybe that’s why I’m focusing so much on other things. It’s not that he sang poorly, it was just a touch boring. I’m surprised JLo said it was fun. Maybe because she didn’t have anything in the audience to look at that was more entertaining?

MK Nobilette – Satisfaction
Most interesting fact: When she said “I love single ladies, the song” that made me giggle.

I really have to wonder if Randy helped her pick out the pin on her jacket. And maybe her jacket too.


Coincidence, I think not…

I was wondering what song this was, but no matter, it was an excellent song choice for her and I really liked it. I thought it was an excellent song choice. Probably one of the best of the night (and that’s saying so after seeing everyone, not just up to her). She has a bit of swagger on stage but she needs more. Or… I dunno. She needs something. I’m just not sure what that is. But I’m with Keith. The voice is there, that’s the most important thing. The swagger will come.

Gjena Irene – The Scientist
Most interesting fact: I also do a thing where I hold my ears when I’m trying to think. She should’ve said that was one of the things people should know about her, as she clearly demonstrated.

I was interested in what I would think of Gjena singing a non-original song because so far, those are the only times I’ve liked her. That being said, I did really like her performance. Randy said he helped her slow it down but to me it sounded pretty much the same tempo as normal, if not maybe faster. I will say this song was exponentially better than her Paint it Black performance and for me, at this point that’s all it needed to be.

Emily Piriz – Glitter in the Air
Most interesting fact: chef camp, cool whistler. Both very interesting points, and yes, I’m glad to know them.

I completely agreed with Jennifer that she sang a tough song beautifully. I love Pink but I really liked Emily singing Pink because I think their voices are so different that it really emphasized her talent. I did agree with Keith though, that she needs to remember to throw in some “yang” in her performance and to add the grit in her performances. I also just really liked the way he worded that. Haha. I’ll just take this moment to say that I really believe the judging to have been massively on point tonight. Even Jennifer. It’s a breath of fresh air to limit Randy to a tiny corner box that only says 2 sentences. Could I do without him, sure but if I have to see him, that’s about as much as I want to see. Emily definitely wins best dressed of the night too.

Sam Woolf – Unwell
Most interesting fact: Stepped on a sea urchin once. That is NO JOKE. Have you ever googled “sea urchin injury“?

At this point in the show was where I really started just HATING Randy. How many people can he tell to convey emotion (DRINK)? Is that the new “it was pitchy, dawg”? He certainly said it that many times. Christ. Say SOMETHING original. As for Sam’s performance, Great voice? Yes. Perfect Pitch? Sure seems so. I just thought it was


a touch snoozefest-y

Maybe it’s just because I know it’s a Matchbox 20 song? Tough to say. And secondly, where was grampy in the audience? Passed his bedtime? Lord knows this performance could’ve put him to sleep had he still been awake (me too for that matter… it was feeling every bit of the 2 hour show at this point).

Caleb Johnson – Pressure and Time
Most interesting fact: Your favorite band is Rush? Talk about “least surprising thing you could possibly say about yourself”. Was one of his things that he found a dead squirrel in a pancake?

Ok that jacket is most DEFINITELY from the Randy Jackson collection! Maybe mixed with the Steven Tyler selection? I’m not sure what was modern about this rock song. The massive fog machine didn’t help anything look modern. If anything, Jessica chose a modern rock song. Maybe Caleb just adds the Jack Black/Meatloaf vibe to all his performances? If he would be on long enough to sing a Meatloaf song, I would really appreciate that. *side note , did anyone notice how static-y his hair was at the end of the performance?

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American Idol – Top 10+3


So, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m pretty sure my voting single-handedly picked the top female contestants. And am now convinced I should’ve actually for the boys, rather than just be confident that America would agree with my opinion. That being said, it’s far easier to pick the top girls from the group, than the top boys. All the girls I voted for, made it into the Top 5 (caveat being that I didn’t vote for Emily, but I only voted for 4). As for the guys well, all I can say is that by the time the top 13 were picked, everyone I wanted to be in the top, was in the top. Were there some I kind of wish had made it? Sure. Do I really care about them? Not really.

As they read the first name from the Top 10, my reaction was something to the effect of…


Yeah. That’s right. Because I didn’t even have to spend 5 minutes of the night, worrying about my girl Malaya. And her reaction was everything. I was thrilled with the entire Top 10 for many reasons and disappointed for only 1 (that my man CJ wasn’t in the group and Caleb Johnson was).

In case you were wondering, the final 10 (of 13) looks like this:


I wasn’t sure how they’d pick the other 3 but right off the bat they alerted us it would be a sing-off. Fine by me, but I worried about the nervous singing I’d heard on girls night and that it would rear its ugly head again. The more I think about the nervous singing though, the more it bothers me. I mean, yes, I realize these kids aren’t seasoned veterans yet, but to me, a star is someone who doesn’t get phased and that, if asked to sing in front of such a large and illustrious group, they’d relish in it, rather than fear it and as a result, sing poorly. That’s not to say they’re actually bad singers, but it is to say they scare easily, and that’s not really a quality of an Idol contestant, in my opinion. That’s all to say that I’m really worried about my homeboy CJ. So, lets talk about all the sing off contestants, shall we? He was the first one chosen, after all.

CJ Harris – Bring it On Home

For me, on this 3rd night of Idol, it was pretty freaking obvious for anyone with ears and eyes that CJ needed to be in the Top 13. I mean, come on. I do like that, Pharrell style, he’s still wearing that hat. And he’s guitarless, so one way or the other, he’s performing without that guitar like Chris recommended. Would he do better? Harry thought the band and CJ screwed that up. Keith does too. I can’t disagree. It wasn’t exactly great. Or good really. Part of me still roots for contestants early on with one bad performance, but CJ, in live shows, now has one bad and one not exactly mediocre performance. Am I glad they kept him, sure. Would I have understood if they hadn’t, yeah.  

I also have to mention – what was that headband that CJ’s girlfriend was wearing? It reminds me of those gaudy headbands people put on little babies. I’ve never seen an adult wear one. Maybe they both just like real interesting head thing choices.


United in weird headwear choices.

Gjena (the J is silent) Irene – Original Song (I think?)
Gjinas name reminds me of “Ke-dollar sign-sha”. In that I call her “Je-sounds like G-na”

He means this, I'm sure!

He means this, I’m sure!

I love that she brought the piano back. This is the girl Michael Slezak fell in love with. This might have been the best performance I’ve heard this week. Actually yeah, I can’t think of any I liked more than that one, except maybe Alex Prestons. I felt like her performance was so short but so jam packed with everything the judges needed to know she was the right one to send through. It was EVERYTHING it needed to be, and then some. I knew she’d be through within the first 30 seconds, and she made me like her a lot more tonight. I’ve got high hopes for this girl if these are the performances she can continue to bring.

Spencer Lloyd – Original Song

I was surprised he chose to do an original song when he was so heavily panned the last time he sang one. I will say he’s at least singing far better than he was the night before. Still a pretty boring/uninteresting song (especially having to perform right after Gjena who so clearly shined where Spencer was left dull and lacking). I was going to say that I hope he won’t perform any more originals after that one, but now I’m just kind of glad he won’t be performing anymore, period.

Bria Anai – This is a Man’s World

I love Bria’s skirt tonight. I just have to say that first and foremost. Now, as for the performance, this is one of those “overdone” idol songs that I’m not really a fan of in the slightest but she definitely sang way better tonight than last night. That being said, her voice was a little overdone as well, to me. I’m sure she can add this to her very short list of life experiences. I think if she just packs it in and gets a little more experience, she can shine on in the future. Maybe with this show, maybe just in general. She’s got an attitude that could get her far if given the right opportunity.

Kristen O’Connor – Unconditionally

WHAT are those pants? – is literally all I wrote about Kristens performance. I really thought she was done and wouldn’t be worth writing about… I guess I was wrong but I see a lot of just…. not good-ness in her that I think will only hurt the competition. She just hasn’t impressed me and I don’t know that she will but, here’s hoping!

Of the 5 contestants, I would’ve liked G-na, CJ and Bria. I thought it would be G-na, CJ and Spencer. Honestly though, and most importantly, I’m just really happy that Emmanuel was still on that couch when all was said and done. I was  very surprised Malcolm and Briana weren’t picked. I thought I’d be more mad about them not picking Malcolm but honestly, I’m pretty pleased with the male selection (as long as they pick CJ). I knew I should’ve voted last night. It’s totally my fault CJ wasn’t a sho-in. I felt the angst in Briana’s face though. I felt the worst for her. But, hopefully she has potential elsewhere.

And now, the contestants are in the hands of America and we’re ready to get this Idol ball rolling! Bring on the live shows and voting! Mama is ready to be critical. haha.

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American Idol – Boys Oh Boys

little rascals

Much like last year was the year of the female contestant, this year has the power lying almost wholeheartedly with the male contestants. Where the ladies last night seemed nervous, dare I say stressed, the men seemed full of life (and excellent song choices). 

I had really high hopes for tonight. There were a solid 5.5 guys that I love and was extremely confident to see go through (CJ, Dexter, Malcolm, Casey, Sam, and sort of George). And then there are a SOLID 4 that I’m praying stay in those chairs as the 10 are announced (Emmanuel, Jordan, Ethan and Briston). 


I was surprised how much less Randy and his gang were featured last night. Not that they were missed by any stretch of the imagination. Has his advice ever been that great? I mean, if anything, I think that having Adam and Chris there were the most important thing. They seemed to really offer the most valuable advice. I did find it interesting though, how Chris told CJ to lose the guitar (and he didn’t) and then Adam told Spencer the same (and he did). Who knows if the tables would’ve turned as far as performances but I think that with or without the guitar, the performances of those two turned out pretty much exactly as I expected. 

With that, let us delve into the performances of the night! 

Caleb Johnson – Stay With Me

Unlike Majesty, I was less than thrilled about contestant numero uno. He wasn’t in my bottom 4, but he most definitely wasn’t in my Top 5. I feel completely indifferent about him, which I was told today, is the opposite of loving someone, and the worst opposite at that. I literally have no feelings toward him. That is all to say that after his performance, I was actually glad he went first. He was fun to watch, and picked a good song for him. So good on ya, Caleb and congrats on your in. That being said, I hope this is the last I see of you. 

CJ Harris – Shelter

Cj is almost certainly my #1 pick (although Malcolm is still a close second, and he’s still just tied with Malaya) All that is to say that at the very least, I’m thrilled he’s safe. For now. I love the song he choice though somewhat hate the song/performer (Ray LaMontagne that is) and I think it was a great pick for him. And I don’t care what Daughtry said, I think the guitar was the right way to go. Just seeing him smile and hearing him sing, makes me happy. Also, I love his hat. But he was giving be a bit of an “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” vibe. But really, are things that remind you of George Clooney a bad thing?


Emmanuel Zidor – Best of My Love

“Emmanuel, I Zidor you” Really JLo? A second chance? Where were all the freaking second chances for the ladies? YOU ARE THE WORST! 

I knew my high from CJ getting through wouldn’t last. I could.not.believe. Emmanuel was picked. I don’t know if Vote for the Worst is still a website but they are going to be ALL over this guy. I just do not see what the judges see in him (or what kind of ridiculous powers of persuasion JLo possesses). I mean yes, the guy has attitude. But can he sing? I just don’t really know. This song certainly proved nothing to me. He seems like a crowd pleaser, and nerves most certainly did not get the best of him (does he have any fear? I mean, why would you when you’re getting praise shoveled upon you by Jennifer?).  Harry is very correct – stay in your lane, stay in control, if you want to succeed. But please let this be the last I ever see you. 

Sam Woolf – Babylon

I really enjoy Sam. I think he’s one of the most… what’s the word… professional? I think professional is good. He’s very professional about his music and he seems very serious about winning this thing. He certainly has the look and the musicality which translates to the ability. One thing I worry about with Sam is that he’ll be a ballad singer. I do prefer the more exciting singers. I thought this was a good choice for him, but I just worry he’s going to start boring me eventually. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in my top 5, mostly because of grampy, but I just worry I won’t like him in the long run. Only time will tell though. Don’t be too boring, Sammy boy! And look at your audience. That always helps 🙂 

George Lovett – Grenade

Song choice is crucial. I don’t think this was the right song choice for George and to be honest the whole performance was a little flat. Uninteresting. Not his best, if you will. The guy has a great voice on him. He has a ton of potential floating around, I just don’t think he’s got the mojo to make it through tomorrows cuts, unfortunately for him. I just think nerves got the best of him and that’s something I hope he’ll learn to develop and be able to move past (maybe next season) 

Dexter Roberts – This Ol’ Boy

I love Dexter and he’s just one of those guys, like CJ, that you knew would do well. I do not love that choice of shirt, but everything else about him, I love. So I can take not liking the shirt (what are those stylists for, anyway?). I think Keith is ready to bring him on tour with him. And he should. I do agree with a lot of the criticism of folks saying he needs to do more to make the song his own, but I think he’ll have a few weeks to work on that. 

Alex Preston – Volcano

Alex Preston must have got word that I was super on the fence about being a fan of his. But the boy took notes and came back with a lot to offer. His band-geekness for one. I do love anyone who wants to learn new instruments, and is ultimately talented enough to play them. That is definitely something I’m a fan of. And then he picks a Damien Rice song? Man this guy really wants to be in my Top 5! The only thing he maybe should’ve noted was that Phillip Phillips holds the “Volcano” performance of a lifetime, for me personally. All that being said, I think the only thing he could’ve done better was to be hotter (sorry but Phillip Phillips win that contest hands down). I understand that’s out of his control. Haha. That was mean. I do enjoy this, and him. Three Cheers for Alex, you have won me over! Even though you make a weird chipmunk face when you sing.

Malcolm Allen –What was this song? I don’t really know. Sorry 🙂 

I had a feeling Malcolm would be the last one picked. Ala Malaya. I’m ok with him being 8th though so that I don’t have to worry. With his selection, my top 3 were totally safe, and I was a happy girl!


I thought his song choice was pretty good but again I worry about the ballads. I do think he sang it well but I worry. He reminds me a lot of Burnell who wasn’t my favorite and those are the things that worry me. I’m with JLo that I wanted a little more from the performance, but to be honest, I wasn’t watching so much as listening (as often I try to do), and vocally, he sounded great to me. 

Ben Briley – Soulshine

I had a feeling he’d be in because like, why go through making America pick, only to vote him off the next day, right? I actually kind of forgot about him but I definitely think he probably should have been in my Top 5. I just don’t feel like I’ve heard much from him. It’s funny to me how my Top 5 are changing or maybe just expanding to a Top 7? with the performances tonight. Picking an Allman Brothers song was a good choice for him (and for getting me to like him). And as far as my favorite Harry line of the night – “That is Windsor Castle around your neck”. Oh Harry 🙂 

Spencer Lloyd – Love Don’t Die

Well, I wasn’t going to say I was upset they picked him so much as surprised. I just really thought it would be Casey or maybe Maurice. All I can say about his performance is this…

this concerns me

Harry was right. He was not good. But good on ya, Judges. For picking him and ruining the chances of what are probably many other legit good singers! Let’s just talk about how much he looks like Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing NY, shall we?


And with that, we move on to tonight and see which 5 girls and boys are safe, and which 3 the judges save. All I can say is that I hope the judges all pick boys. And, I hope JLo’s pick is NOT Emmanuel! 


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American Idol – It Wasn’t Their Night

haters to the left

In case you were wondering, that’s me, on the left.

We learned (well, I learned) yesterday morning that last nights and tonights performances, before a verse was uttered, 5 contestants of each sex, would be cut by the judges. If I’m being honest, which I am, it is kind of infuriating that the judges will be cutting 5 right off the bat (although I’d later find out it was kind of the opposite). I mean, some of these contestants haven’t really been seen/heard since their audition, and a minor 30 second stint here and there. But I guess, better to not get too attached to anyone they’re going to cut. Right? The fact is, I’m already attached to the ones I’m going to be attached to **cough cough** MALAYA **cough cough**

Right as we heard how they’d pick the 10, I was feeling bad for the 5 that wouldn’t be picked. Oh to not be picked on national television. Honestly though, by the time we were down to a Top 8, I felt like I was just too nervous about who was going to be picked as the final 2, to even care about the performances of the 8th and 9th contestants. Sorry Emily and MK! My problem was, I had picked a solid 4 that I had decided I really wanted to see go through, and by the 7th performer, only 2 had been selected (Majesty and Jessica). So I got super scared! What would this season be without Malaya? Without Kenzie? I guess I’m left with no choice but to find out, as far as Kenzie is concerned. Although, I do think she’ll benefit from a year or two more of experience. That being said, I think half the contestants from last night, will benefit from that as well, and I can only hope they’re sent packing tonight. Yes, I’m looking at you Marielle and Bria.

So let’s talk about this Dawg House. And more specifically their house band, Randy Jackson and the Non-Denominational Spiritual Advisers.

change you

Truer words were never spoken, Miley!

The doghouse was full of experts. Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Vocal coaches, stylists, movement coaches, and… non-denominational spiritual advisors? Really? What does that even mean? Spiritual advisers? No reasons to fail?  That’s clearly a blatant lie after seeing tonights performances! If anything, you’re just placing that much more pressure on “who they need to be” that they are losing focus on who they are and themselves as performers! I do think that Daughtry and Adam offered sage advice but as far as a one Randy Jackson, let’s just leave it to the twitter comments. That’s all I can handle at this moment.

awkward alumni

That about sums it up.

And now, the talent. Let’s chat. I do think it was smart of the judges to remind everyone how nerve-wracking these performances would be. To not know until moments before you’ll have to perform, that you’re going to. I mean, even if you have the confidence to believe you’re going through, that 3 minutes or however long it takes before you actually get to singing have just got to make you more nervous than EVER! So I understand the judges taking up for the contestants poor performances tonight. I’ll just hope that we won’t see the real deal until the Top 13 are chosen.

Majesty Rose – Happy

I’m glad Majesty was the first performer of the night for many reasons.
1. Majesty has this smile while she sings and I just love it.
2. Not only is she a great singer but she just bring so much fun to her performance. Was this the best song for her to sing? I don’t know. I don’t think it totally showcased her voice, but it was fun and showed her personality, and I think this early on, the personality is more of what people remember.
3. It has got to take some balls to go FIRST on the first night. Live. Anyone would have a little trouble but I didn’t feel nerves got the best of her and I see success in her future!

Kristin O’Connor – Turning Tables

I’m not going to lie, I was a little miffed to see Kristin called because she just isn’t in my personal Top 5 favorites. But I hadn’t heard her really sing anything either (another reason I was a little surprised she was picked). When I heard her sing Adele, I realized why she wasn’t on my radar. All I can say is that I bet JLo fought for her, and not Harry.

Briana Oakley – Warrior

And with Briana, I was happy again. Sort of.  I liked that she picked a song I’d never heard. I thought she was the first one to pick a song that truly showcased her voice, but I don’t think her voice shined like it has in past performances. I do think that going after Kristin helped her a lot. She doesn’t really bring me in to her performance, but her voice is amazing. And girl broke it down at the end, so way to go Briana! It did throw me off when Keith said she reminded him of Irene Cara. Flashdance, Irene Cara? Maybe… Now I want to hear her sing Flashdance!

Jena Irene – Paint it Black
“Hope I don’t disappoint you” “Yeah, lets hope so”


I wanted to like Jena because Michael Slezak likes her so much… but I think that little bit between her and Daughtry were telling. When I heard her singing the stones to Chris, no me gusta… then she sang it live and um… can you just stick to the piano performances (at least next time) because it’s just so much better with piano. And your original song was really good, so I hope they let you do that again. I was surprised so many people were clapping and not just giving her blank stares. And personally, she drives me crazy. Mostly because of her name. It’s Gee-na. GRRRR. Also, in unrelated stylist news, I don’t know how I feel about that choker  she’s wearing. What are these stylists doing here friends? Is Randy the stylist too? 

Bria Anai – Wrong Side of a Love Song

I like Bria. She’s fun like Majesty. When she said “My mom says I dress like an ‘appropriate Rihanna'” (Randy reads that as “less sexy”. Um, she’s 16, assface). I loved Bria’s look tonight and I WANT THOSE PANTS. Well, leggings. Whatever they are, I want them. And as for Bria, dear child, it was not your best performance, but this has been no ones best performances. I did like her performance, but the singing part I wasn’t so sure about. I was in agreement with Harry that it was a touch shouty, but it wasn’t so bad that I really noticed (much). Maybe because nothing has really stood out with the previous performances.

And then the next point in the show came and I just kept thinking…

everything getting shittier

Marielle Sanders – Roar

I like that she loves being different but no one has been compared more to other singers, than Marielle. And by singers, I mean Miley. Adam is a good mentor for her though. Marielles version of Roar just sounded like yelling, not singing.



I was not a fan at ALL. Katy Perry is a singer. Believe it or not, Katy can sing. Marielle, not so much. The only enjoyable part of this performance was when she almost fell. “You’re supposed to knock us off of our feet”I think at this point, Harry is thinking – what did Randy do to these girls? Why is he ruining them? Randy historically ruins female performers. I feel that’s a proven fact.

side note – I do not know what singing in the pocket is. What is that?

Jessica Meuse – Drink a Beer

It was nice to see Chris say that her voice was better than her guitar playing. I think that’s a compliment. I thought Jessica was truly my first favorite of the night. Bias? Probably. I did think it was kind of a “mail it in” song choice. I thought she could’ve been a little more original, as she has been SO original so far. But she did pick one of the first songs/performances of the night that I really liked, and sang it well. I mean, I like the song Roar. I like Paint it Black.  I did not like either of those performances. She’s the true star of all the performances so far.

Emily Piriz – Paris Ooh La La
“That’s a touchy subject Harry” “Literally”

I liked Emily’s performance but at this point, I was just mad that some of my favorites still weren’t picked and there were only 2 more contestants. Sorry Emily, but I’m distracted.

frustrated kimrichards

What other girls are they going to select?? I’m getting nervous!

You were good though. I did enjoy your performance. Harry is such a dad. I liked her performance. It was ok. I also liked her defending her position to sing the song. BUT, she’s not a sexy performer so in that regard I thought it was a little disingenuous.

MK Nobilette – All of Me

I really like MK (Emkay?). I did want her to be in the Top 10. I’m not sure if she’s in my Top 5 but she is definitely deserving of a Top 10. And I don’t think it was so much her singing, as her moms crying in the stands, but I did have an emotional response to her performance. HOWEVER, you know what I was thinking. The whole time.


If Malaya Watson isn’t the next name called, so help me god!

And then…

Malaya Watson – Some Stevie Wonder song*
*that I couldn’t hear because I was too excited and jumping around.**
**Ok I wasn’t jumping around but I was excited!

Did I scream? Yes. Did I shout? Yes. Do I love her? YES! Did she perform as well as I would’ve expected her to? Your damn right she did. Everyone thinks she’s weird. All my friends and husband included, but I can’t hear the negativity. The judges know what’s up, and so do I. Malaya, you were picked for a reason, and to perform last? The judges want you! THEY WANT YOU!

ryan-lochte-in love

And now we move on to the boys tonight. I have a lot of very high hopes for them. And by them, I mean CJ Harris, Malcolm Allen and Dexter Roberts. And Sam “I love your grampy” Woolf

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American Idol – Moving Towards the Top 15

Well folks, we blinked and what was a crowd of 200 has been narrowed down to 30*

How right was I with the selection? Well prior to Hollywood week, the following contestants I loved, made it through:

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 3.59.45 PM


Then with the 3-in-1 night, a few were added to my favorites list!

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 8.03.52 PM


I can’t say group night brought out any of my favorites, if anything, I started honing in on who I didn’t like, which was only reinforced last week. In determining the final 30, I made my final list of favorites which added the following some to my list, then crossed out some that I’m definitely already happy to send packing back to their respective homes.

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 8.06.26 PM

It’s hard to definitively narrow it down to a top 15, that’s why it’s nice to have the judges decide this last round to get down to 15. See, then if someone I liked goes home, it’s totally the judges fault. Not America’s fault. It’s much easier to blame three people I can look at, than millions of faceless voters. Basically, what the above chart shows, is that as long as these 12 contestants make it in, it doesn’t really bother me who the other 3 will be.  I’m sure I won’t get all 12 that I’m hoping for, but a girl can dream


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American Idol – Top 30(+1)

Tonight held a few mixed emotions for me. There were people cut that surprised me, there were people cut without even being shown, that really surprised me, and then there were people kept that just straight up shocked me!


I just have to say that yes, I am extremely empathetic towards Savion’s story. Having your brother die so tragically, and suddenly, and going onto compete, I mean come on…


And then, to keep Ethan, Jordan and Briston (and if we’re including night one, Emmanuel)???? I mean come on. Way to just punch me right in the gut. RIGHT IN THE F-BOMB GUT. You could have easily cut any one of those guys to keep Savion. But no. Alas. As for people they didn’t even show getting cut. I’d love to know what happened to a one, Munfarid Zaidi, Paisley Van Patten (maybe some kind of conflict with recording contracts?), etc. etc. etc. You could’ve at least stuck them in a montage of no’s. Give me one last chance to grieve their loss on the show. Oh well. You can’t dwell in the anger, so shall we move on to last night and what we did see?

Let’s first talk about how I was like, 25% right with regards to CJ and Casey.  I said they were both good enough to keep. Turns out they wouldn’t be the “America’s Vote” contestants, they were just straight on through! If that’s the reason I’m going to be wrong, I’m totally cool with it.

I did like how more than once tonight they just let both the contestants in. Specifically when it came to this pairing and Briana and Brandy’s. I did think the pairings were a touch different tonight than last night only because last night, I felt like the pairs were very similar contestants, where tonight, I didn’t really see any similarities between Briana and Brandy, or Austin and Sandie. Frankly, I don’t even remember ever seeing Sandie, but I digress. I still had a favorite in all the pairings tonight (CJ, Briana and Austin) but I was happy that Brandy and Casey both got through. I actually liked Casey a lot more hearing him this final time, than any time prior to last night.

Ok so let’s just talk briefly about my favorites of the night. Marrialle, you can wait over there in the corner. And Jena, I do like you, but…


you need to stop complaining about people for not pronouncing your name correctly, and go complain to your mother for spelling your name wrong. In what language does Jen- makes a gee sound? None. The answer is none. If you wanted your name to be pronounced like it sounds, it sould’ve been spelt Gina, or Jeana.

Anyway, I had what seemed like an excessive amount of girl favorites from the bunch of yes votes. Majesty, Briana, Brandy and Kenzie. Not in that order, and definitely not based on their last performances (in the case of Majesty and Kenzie). Let’s talk about my favorite of the night/competition of these 4 girls.


Thy name is Briana.

I didn’t like Briana last year, and I didn’t like her in her audition this year, but all the times I’ve seen her since then, have been lovely. She’s definitely growing on me (although Majesty and Kenzie are still worth looking out for). One thing I should say about Kenzie, and why I think she’s secretly the sleeper, is that she’s adorable. People want to like her and I think ultimately that might keep her longer than she’s worth it… maybe not though. Time will tell.

As for the guys, it’s funny with them. It’s more like I had an excessive amount of least favorites. See, I think that of the picks the judges made, I’m most pleased with the women, but I think the guys have the better singers. Tonight didn’t have as many of my male favorites, as last nights.

In fact, it had only one, and he’s not officially in yet. But just so the world knows, I voted for a one Ben Briley all 50 of the times I was allowed to on Idol’s new “Super vote” thing they’re doing. I don’t know what that means, but I used it, and I hope he’s safe. As for every other male performance tonight, they were all terrible and yes, even since writing the earlier paragraphs, I’m still pissed about Savion making it when the rest of these fools got in. It should’ve at least been between Savion and Ben, for the final spot.

I’ll also mention about Caleb, that he’s another I liked with my eyes closed, but was it super telling or not, that something like, over 60% in the vote during the commercial break, thought Caleb was going packing. The group I chat with thinks it’s because he isn’t as attractive as the other contestants. To them I say, look at some of other less attractive contestants, they’re the ones doing the worst right now, so it’s not like America is really wrong in this scenario. I will say that of the people we heard perform tonight, Caleb was the best singer of all of them, by far. I don’t think that’s saying much though, when I think the rest of them need to hit the road.

And now, I have to decide who of these 30 I want in my top 15. It’s going to be a touch decision. I probably already have a solid 8 picked, but those last 7 will be difficult.

Finally, please watch this.

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American Idol – Terrible and Amazing, All at the Same Time

Honestly the terribleness is so minimal this season, so the headline is a little deceiving, But, trust me…


Yes that’s right. Tonight, we saw our first glimpse of the dawg. For better or worse. It made sense that the cool kids got up when he got there, and JLo stayed to hang with him. She’s just nice to everyone. It’s a proven fact. Last night was no exception.

I actually noticed a little formula with Mizz Lopez. You see, anytime she got to deliver the good news, she’d do the exact same fake-out every time. EVERY.STINKING.TIME. It would always start with the whole “you know, we have to pick a lot of people, and it’s so hard picking them and it was just so tough with you… but you’re through!” It got to the point where you could tell exactly who they’d keep and who they’d say no to. I mean, I suppose it’s better to trick someone who did get in, than those that didn’t, but do you have no other trick up your cheetah print sleeves?

I digress. Actually, no I don’t. Let me just get out one more little gripe! I feel like, at this point in the show, this round specifically – guitars and original songs. The thing is, both of those factors are GREAT for the live show. However for this round specifically, maybe just the voice, and a song we know, and can better use to judge you, would be the smarter move? I mean, from the judges perspective. I did like Jillian’s explanation, that she wanted to show she can write songs, so that if she becomes the winner and pop star, she can write her own music. The thing was, the only person with a good original song last night, was Jessica Meuse. Furthermore, I was a touch worried about Jessica because she’s only sung original songs. What would she sing if she had to sing something written by someone else (answer – Simple Man, and it would be SUPER good).

So, let’s talk about who we saw make it through.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 4.11.03 PM

So of the contestants that were saved and the ones that were shown the door, I was relatively happy with the overall decisions. Let’s just mention the contestants I probably wouldn’t have put through – Hi Jordan Brisbane and Emmanuel Zidor!  …okmovingon.. What I liked about tonight was that of the favorites I mentioned prior to Hollywood Week, the ones that made it this far, were for the most part, shown succeeding tonight (Jessica and Malaya). As for the guys, a lot of the big guys were referenced as well (Sam and Malcolm).

So speaking of my favorites, lets talk about my favorites from tonight!

First and foremost…



I mean, need I say more? I felt like I was just pacing hoping that she’d make it. Especially after her rocky start. I didn’t really notice the key not meshing, but once it was corrected, Malaya really stood out, she soared, once again. I’m not gonna lie, I am a fan to the nth degree. I want everything for her. And she took an awkward situation, and really stood out. The TUBA PLAYER is IN (and I couldn’t be happier). Girl, I will vote for you as many times as is humanly possible. No thanks needed.

Next up in my list of favorite females, is a one Jessica Meuse. Let’s first briefly talk about that sing off. I totally understood the two Jess’ going together. They’re a very similar package, so it makes sense to only have one of them.

In this scenario, Jessica is the Zoolander. Even though he lost that walk off.

In this scenario, Jessica is the Zoolander. Even though he lost that walk off.

The sing off was… interesting. I’m not sure that part was necessary but in the case of the Jess’, I was happy to hear it because I got to hear Jessica sing a song not written by her, and she was still amazeballs. It only re-affirmed that I’d choose her over Jess, even though I still think Jess is good. I really hope she finds a place to land, musically (that maybe involves itunes so I can buy some of her music). I do have to say that of the 3 “sing off groups” this was the only tolerable one. I don’t think the right choice was made in the Andrina/Leah pairing, though I still like Andrina, and as far as CJ and Casey, why was that even necessary? Really friends. I need to know. Yes, they should both be through. Will they both be through? (see that * I put up by the “alleged 31st contestant”).

As for the guys, the “favorite” was a much harder title to obtain. I suppose that of the 9 we saw go through, I was a fan of 3 of them. Those three would be Sam, Dexter and my boy, Malcolm Allen.

Lets start with Sam “my grampy is adorable” Woolf.


I could tear up all over again!

Sam, your grampa is ah-dorable. Do I love him more than you? A little. I’ll also say your original song was the second best of the night. I do hate a sob story, but I understand his reasoning to bring it up. I just hope that it’s not a central part of his time on the show. I do hope his grampa is an integral part, though!

And then there’s Dexter. I didn’t even need to hear Sam perform again to know I wanted him through. There was some quote about “all hat, not cattle” but clearly that isn’t the case with Dexter. Dexter, you’re fantastic. Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. Sorry, I think I was just trying to Beetlejuice him into my living room.

Saving the best for last (that’s all around favorite, btdubs), Malcolm Allen. When I heard him singing, I knew immediately that it was Malcolm. Interesting that Harry asked if he’s marketable? To me, he’s got a Drake quality. Actually, maybe even more of a John Legend quality? I was always curious how much of a factor that is (just based on folks like Taylor Hicks or Ruben Studdard… maybe it’s more of a factor since then)? I think John Legend is certainly marketable, so I’d say he’s safe. I did feel bad that it didn’t seem like he had any family there with him. Would’ve been nice to come out to someone other than Ryan, right?

Now let’s just talk about a couple other folks before I close up shop (for the next few hours anyway)…

Jillian Jensen – She looked so much prettier in her performance look than her “talking to the judges” look. She has a Jerseylicious look going on, that for me was way less natural than what we’ve seen from her prior to. But she has the matching cheetah print with JLo, so maybe she was onto something.

George Lovett  – I’ve liked all of his performances that I remember but I just didn’t know if he stood out enough in the competition. Glad to see he did.

Emmanuel Zidor – I get the vibes of Joshua Ledet and he who must not be named(or those that should not be named) in all the wrong ways. Contestants like him scare me. I was hoping the judges would remember group night and shut it down, but alas. I knew as soon as I saw JLo giving her schpiel, that he’d be through. Let’s just hope he’s in the first in line when cuts start in the live show.

And with that, we move onto the LAST night of Hollywood week, shockingly quick! Can’t wait to see who those last 15 contestants are! Hoping to see Majesty Rose, Munfarid, Jena Asciutto, Savion Wright, and pretty much the rest of Team Loud and Fierce!

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American Idol – Group Night Means Wine Night


This is why I watch American Idol. Wine is especially necessary on group night. It’s the only night of Idol that having a good buzz going into it, is highly recommended. Why? Well, ugh, where do I begin… the teenagers, the tears, the mothers, it just all adds up to a headache when not paired with a good buzz.


The love/hate I have with group night stems mostly from the annoying personalities of some of these kids and usually more so, their helicopter parents. I mean look, the entire UK thinks she’s one of the worst reality TV moms although I’d beg to differ. I’ve seen Toddlers and Tiaras.


The saving grace of tonight was that it was far less drama than usual. No one threw up, no one fell off stage, there was far less pleading. Most of all, the show was only an hour long. Had this been 2 hours of group night I don’t know what I would’ve done. So with that, let’s talk about some groups of the evening!

Group 01 - Three More Days

Group 01 – Three Mo’ Days

David Oliver Willis – Serina Joi Crowe – Tony Foster, Jr.
Too Close

Here’s the thing about group night… if you’re not great, you risk your position when you perform with people who are. David and Serina were amazing with their performances and it just made Tony forgettable. I almost just forgot his name when writing that he was forgettable, that’s how bad it was. I didn’t realize Serina Joi was back. I remember her from what I think was last year? Investigating blogs past, it turns out she and David were given the boot on the last night of Hollywood week, so they’ve at least made it as far as they did last year.

The Backstreet Cowboys

The Backstreet Cowboys

Ben Briley – Casey Thrasher – Dexter Roberts
I Want it That Way

Unlike forgettable Tony, as soon as I heard the next group was Ben, Dexter and Casey, I knew exactly which three contestants they were talking about. It’s a good sign for them if I’m already remembering their names. As far as their actual performances, I thought Dexter was lovely, Casey was showing a bit of why I don’t think he’ll make it through the next round, and Ben, dear Ben, stop with the runs. It was just too much for me. I do like you so that is why I hope you just take this advice, so I don’t end up hating you.

Next was a montage of three groups of which the standouts for me were Paula Hunt and Andrina Brogden (singing Done). I thought it was great because it was so different than both of their respective auditions, so I  think it bodes well for future performances. Another person I owe some love to is Briana Oakley. I’ve never been a big fan of hers (last year or this). She was more of a “take her or leave her” contestant. However, her version of Royals, was amazing. I liked it more than I like Lorde singing it, that’s for sure! With the montage, I was a little mad that I didn’t get to see Kenzie Hall’s group but all three in her group (Brandy Neelly and Emily Piriz included) have already been featured once this week so maybe that’s why they chose not to highlight them anymore?

Shady Spencers Group

Shady Spencers Group

Spencer Lloyd – Megan Miller – Alyssa Siebken
Best I Ever Had

Was it just me or did Alyssa look defeated as she walked on the stage? Maybe she thought she was safe after Megan’s screw up (I certainly was surprised Megan was safe, but even with a screw up, girl can sing so good on the judges for allowing her a chance that they don’t give all screw ups). Spencer really brought the shade though. Picking a song that only you know, and not helping your fellow performers? Shady boots, Spencer. But, classic group night move. I did like how Keith pointed out that the Group Rounds bring out the people who know how to shine amidst the craziness (or something to that effect)

At this point in the review, I’d like to take a personal moment of silence for the performances that could’ve been…

Tiquila Wilson, I really hope this isn’t the last I see of you. I don’t really follow the gospel charts but I hope your name is on them one day!


Bye Tiquila

I will say that Harry “quitting” shortly after, was a good way to break the ice, within the slew of nos. I can’t say there was anyone that I was upset to see leave from the montage of no votes.

Group 06 - Freedom Breathers

Group CJ (and other people perform also)

Matthew Hamel – CJ Harris – Caleb Johnson – Tyler Ahlgren
Too Close

This was a great song for CJ, and I’m sure Caleb thought it was a great song for himself, as well. As for Tyler and Matthew… I was hoping that Matthew was a surefire goner after his little tiff with Jessica because we’ve seen her perform and we know she’s amazing, so it was super hard for me to believe Matthew was anywhere close to even good. I also don’t feel like I even heard Tyler. All I could do was look at his bizarre facial expressions (see above). He forgot the words anyway and that was more than enough icing on the “send him home” cake. I thought CJ was amazing as usual and that’s all I need to say about him at this moment because I really need to talk about Caleb. All I could think of looking at Caleb was this…


And, it should be noted that this is not any kind of compliment. His “act” reminds me of my least favorite aspects of Jack Black performances. And really it’s just the hair that reminds me of PSH. Matthew was the worst though. “Pretty sure I killed it”? Really Matthew? Were you just referring to your singing career?

Team Clarity

Team Clarity

Munfarid Zaidi – Jena Asciutto – Allie Odom – Sikenya Thompson 
Too Close

It was at this point in the show where I was contemplating how many times I could hear the song Too Close, and wondering how small the list of eligible songs actually was? That said, this was my favorite, of the 3 groups who we’ve heard sing this song. I really couldn’t decide how much I hated Sikenya and her illness (and how she reminds me so much of Fantasia) but I did like Munfarid a ton more, for sticking up for his girl. Good on ya, Munfarid. Jena, I didn’t forget about you. You’re really starting to force me to remember you! Good job girl.

Group 09 - Savion JohnFox Madelyn RyanClark

Don’t Cry for John, Argentina

Savion Wright – John Fox – Madelyn Patterson – Ryan Clark

It was hard to hear this version after hearing Briana sing Royals, but this one wasn’t terrible. It was harder watching Savion cry when his friend got the boot. I just can’t imagine his life right now. I feel so bad for him. Honestly, that’s all I could think about through this whole performance.

Jessica Meuse – Nica Neshae – Stephanie Hanvey – Cara Watson
Single Ladies

This is all I have to say about this performance.


Anytime someone from the Jersey Shore is making sense, you know it's crazytown up in here.

Anytime someone from the Jersey Shore is making sense, you know it’s crazytown up in here. Also who would’ve thought they’d have an alternate definition of STD?

Terrica CurryCarmen Delgina – Emmanuel Zidor
Say My Name

All I have to say about this group is that they should’ve all gone home, but I’ll accept that at least Carmen “Nepotism” Delgina did.

And now, let’s talk about my favorite group (which really caught me by surprise) 

Group 12 - Loud and Fierce

You is Loud, You is Fierce, You is Amazing

Team Loud and Fierce
Christina Collins – Olivia Diamond – Queen Bulls – Malaya Watson 
I Want You Back

Ok with a contestant in your group with the name Queen Bulls, how was that expected to be a bad performance? I was worried that Mizz Diamond was going to ruin it for everyone but I had hopes with Malaya being there and my hopes were not at all dashed! Phew! Even annoying Olivia Diamond was actually really good. Queen and Malaya were my faves though. Malaya above and beyond all 3 girls. Her voice just SOARED above the other three girls. Maybe that’s the real reason that Mizz Diamond was all pissy? Because she was worried Malaya would shine bright like a diamond? You did Malaya!

And with that, there are 77 individual performances to narrow it down to 30? I thought they said they had to get it down to 50 but who knows! Either way, some cuts are coming next week! Good luck to everyone!




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American Idol – 3 Nights in 1

There was a lot to take in last night. The Hangar was sooo intense. You could feel/hear the nervousness in every single performance. If anything, I thought this round was created solely to remedy all of JLo’s bad decisions deciding yes votes.


All told, I’m assuming the hangar probably had ¼ of the contestants, performing. Based on looking back and seeing how many people got 2 out of 3 votes, it didn’t seem like many, so I think a quarter is a safe bet. My guess is of that 50 or so, we probably lost what – 30? I mean, those busses hold probably 50 people at least, but it definitely wasn’t full, what with all the luggage that I’m sure the contestants brought.

I must not have been paying that close attention to who was even on the bus because I just kind of figured, why get too attached to these folks that are clearly going home (I saw the nervous girl so I knew that bus was a goner and I don’t know how anyone else on that bus thought any differently when they saw her). I read that Tristan Langley was a Bus 1-er which was a little upsetting but I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be making it to the live show anyway so I feel like it wasn’t as big a deal that they ousted him sooner than later.

There were 2 in the hangar round that I did really like and hope to see more of. One was Connor Zwetch (singing Let Her Go) but they really only played about 10 seconds of her performance and I never saw her again so who knows if she was safe or not. I recommend going to itunes and checking her song out, though. The other person I really liked and kind of remembered from his earlier (he sang Simple Man and worked on an oil rig). His version of She Talks to Angels was fantastic and made me want to buy 10 of his cds.

I thought the whole hour would be these hangar performances so color me surprised when that was just the first 30 minutes! And with that we moved on to the single line performances. There were so many that I barely kept track and decided it would just be easier to write about my favorites. So lets talk about those folks!

Majesty York – 1,2,3,4

She originally auditioned in Atlanta and was in my Top 5 from that night for her rendition of Violet Hill, but her version of Fiest’s 1,2,3,4 was fantastic and a great way to start the line night auditions. She has a simple ease to her singing that I just adore. As for Majesty’s group of performers, I was a little upset to see Samantha Calmes get the boot but really it didn’t bother me all that much after checking out her youtube page yesterday. Majesty was most definitely the groups best performance. I just don’t see what they saw in Brandy. I mean, I shouldn’t say that. Her voice was good, there’s just something about her that really bothers me.

Spencer Lloyd – Say Something
Kenzie Hall – Can’t Hold Us

There were two performances tonight that really showed how much song choice matters. Spencer and Kenzie were people that I easily could’ve seen leave and probably wouldn’t have even remembered but tonight their song choices were so perfect that it just made me pay attention and realize how great their potential is on this show. If they don’t make it to the big show, I’ll be shocked and dismayed. Also, did anyone else get a Taylor Lautner vibe from Spencer?

Whiter teeth, and slightly less werewolf-y

Whiter teeth, and slightly less werewolf-y

I think the piano also really helped him (they are a panty melter in my book). As for Kenzie, she is just the coolest. I wanna be like her when I grow up (ooh bee doo I wanna be like yoouu oo oo). Austin Wolfe was the opposite of this for me. Her version of that Adele song Take it All, I hated it. I liked her in her original audition… I think she sang Radioactive. That was a great performance. This was not. Luckily, the judges clearly know she has a good voice so she lives to fight another round.

CJ Harris – Trouble

Is it wrong to love a performer for their smile?


…because I have two. Malaya and CJ (even if you can’t find a picture of them smiling, anywhere on the internet)

I just want to like CJ. He just looks like the nicest guy, and because he has a great voice, I’m totally cool with making that statement. I mean, his smile just oozes love. I have a very strong feeling we’ll see him in the big show. At least, I surly hope to. He has loads of appeal in every way. I should mention I was sad to see Ayla Stackhouse go in this round of folks. I did enjoy her. While I’m at it because I didn’t like anyone from her group, I was also sad to see Jesse Roach perform so badly. Was it just me or did she look like she hadn’t showered in weeks? I sure  hope she’s ok. I’d still check her out on itunes if given the opportunity. Just want you to know that Jess!

Malcolm Allen – Ready for Love

Malcolm. OH.EM.GEE Malcolm. Words don’t even do you justice. I liked you in the audition. You were my favorite of that night. But seriously, you’re magical. I don’t know if he could’ve done any better if he’d tried. He’s one that I’ll be super sadsies if I don’t see him on the big stage because while I’ve only seen him twice, he practically doubled in my lovability of him the second time around. I can only imagine what will happen when I see him again.

I also wanted to talk about Savion Wright. I couldn’t believe when he was telling that story about his brother, and when I saw the image I was floored because I never ever watch the news on TV but I was this morning because it was a icey morning and I was going in late. Anyway, I saw his brothers story on the news that morning! It’s a horrible and tragic story. I mean seriously, sad, and possibly super fucked up. I hope the FBI finds out what really happened. And that song Savion wrought didn’t even give me “sob story” vibes at all. It felt like something he had to do and I hope if nothing else it helps with his healing process. And to think this was filmed in November and I JUST heard about it in the news? I hope the story is getting the legs it deserves. But, I digress.

Let’s talk about a few more contestants.

People I liked but don’t need to delve into include but are not limited to:

Sam Woolfe – He brought his grampy again!



Dexter Roberts – I don’t recall what he sang but I liked him.

Casey Thrasher and Jesse Cline – Their looks are very unappealing to me but when I listen with my eyes shut, I like them loads. Although, I’m over Casey’s family man storyline. That can go away anytime now (though I’m sure it won’t).

Munfarid Z – I still don’t know if I see you going much further, but I’ll soak up all the minutes I get to see you because you are fun and I want to hang out with you. Tiquila, the same goes for you!

Malaaayyyyaaa – I love you. I wasn’t totally sure about your song choice but I still love you and I know I’m going to see more of you. I just know it.

People I was shocked to see go through included but were not limited to Keri Lynn Roache (how did she not go home but Ayla did??), Briston Maroney (what on earth was that version of Royals??) Alex Preston (I guess shocked might not be the word but that version of Scream and Shout… I just don’t know) and Emmanuel Zidor. I don’t know what that was. It wasn’t And I’m Telling You. 

I’ll talk about group night on the next post! All I’ll say is that I’m worried for my pink haired chickie-poo.

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