American Idol – Omaha Good Not Great

Omaha, you were good but I don’t know if you were great. There were one or two real big stand-outs but it was almost difficult picking a top 5 for me. In fact, there were really only a Top 3 for me, and definitely a clear favorite of the night. I think I wrote with most of my reviews tonight that they were good, but they won’t make it through Hollywood (as  you’ll see, below).

Where SLC night, I didn’t agree with a lot of Harrys no’s, I agreed with most of them tonight. I thought he was very on point, as is mostly the case for him to date. I can only hope that his no’s have more emphasis when they get to this infamous “Hanger”. Didn’t some other competition have a Hanger? I feel like maybe Project Runway was in a Hanger once. Or maybe it was America’s Next Top Model? God I watch too much Reality TV. Haha.

Anyway, lets get to the talent. I want to talk about my favorites, and mention a few others. Like I said before ,I only had a Top 3 this time. It should be 2 and a half though, the reason can be summed up in one word. Eyebrows. Anyway, let’s go.


Madison Walker – Before He Cheats

Here’s the thing with Madison, I really liked her. I thought she had a great look, and a great voice. The thing though, was her version of Before He Cheats. It was like really good karaoke. There was nothing original to it, there was nothing unique that made it her own. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad thing, I just think that, if she does make it to the big show, I’m going to be really bored with her. So, I guess we’ll have to see if she even makes it to big show, and then we’ll worry about her!

CJ Jones – Stand By Me

This guy was so good. He’s one of those guys I have to close my eyes to like (because his eyebrow was driving me CRAZY)!! And I loved how Harry said, “I’m just gonna stand by you” and then CJ starts in with “Stand By Me”. Was that perfect or what? I think Harry’s schtick only added to the performance. It was really good. I do NOT like his eyebrows though and in the long run, if he doesn’t fix that I’m going to perpetually hate him. I hope he fixes his eyebrow though because I do want to like him.


Paula Hunt – All I Could Do Was Cry

There are a lot of reasons to like Paula beyond her musical inclinations. She sings for the US Air Force, and she sings for her Mom who has MS and can’t sing anymore. Is she a good person or what? She’s clearly got karma points out the WAZOO! I was really happy that she was in fact, a really good singer. I figured she would be because I’ve heard a few military ensembles and they’ve always been very good, but I was still happy that she was. I hope we get to see more of her, but I do worry about her look and if that will affect anything for her going forward. That’s always something she can work on though!

And then there was my favorite, who really, should be everyones favorite (especially of the night) because she’s amazeballs…



Tessa Kate – Folsom Prison Blues

The long and the short of it, is that I loved Tessa. I looooooove you. She has everything for me. Great look, great sound, great song choice, great attitude. She’s officially a triple threat. I REALLY liked her. My fangirl crush is in full effect after her performance. I am worried, after hearing JLo say she sounded like a chipmunk (DISAGREEEEEEE. ANGRY FACE!!!).


And now some random thoughts.

Quaid Edwards – A Change is Gonna Come – So Mr. Quaids mom knows Keith. I could tell the way he was listening to Harry that they would say yes out of principle for listening to the criticism. I don’t know how much I actually liked him. I mean, it could go either way really. I agreed with all their criticism so in that regard, I just felt like they’d give him a “come back” especially with all the comments about how green he was. But as Harry said, he liked that shade of green (color me surprised).

Tyler freakin’ Gurwitz – Set Fire to the Rain – I would never have voted for Tyler in a million years. And I was a little furious that Harry ended up saying yes. I mean Tyler… Tyler. Your life is on the line. You’ve been singing for 10 freaking years, and you know NO other songs than a single Adele song that came out two years ago? I hate him on that principle alone. And for his nose ring. Have fun on that plane ride buddy. If I ever see you again, it’ll be  too soon.

Me watching Tyler

Me, after Harry gave Tyler his gold ticket…

Tyler “Blue Pants guy” Marshall – Proud Mary – I really liked this guy, actually. Both his super tiny pants, (everybodys talkin’ bout my tight pants) and his voice. Do I think he’ll go far? Probably not. Would I be ok if he did make it to the live shows? TOTALLY!

 Andrina Brogden – Halo – I really like her look. And I want her dress.

And now we move on to Hollywood week! I can’t believe the Auditions are done. I feel like they used to go on for a solid 3 weeks. This has just been 2, right? I’m not losing my mind? Yes, I am. It’s been 3 weeks. Jesus time, move a little slower for once! As for how many people are going to Hollywood, or at least, an airport hanger somewhere in the vicinity of Hollywood, here are the stats:

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 9.42.24 PM

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