American Idol – SLC Loves Adele

Salt Lake City LOVES Adele and Weird Names.

Was it just me or were there an ABUNDANCE of Adele songs tonight? I mean, no problems here since most of them were sung very well (it’s only bad Adele that makes my ears hurt). As for the weird names, I blame the Utah. I did feel kind of bad for the girl whose last name was something similar to “Awful”(spelled, Offill)… poor girl. And Tequila?

“How’d you get a name like that?”
“I got nothing to do with it. My mom named me that”

What they lacked in name choices, they made up for in song choices! I can’t tell you how many of my favorite songs were performed tonight! When You Say Nothing At All (an all time fave. It wasn’t bad when Scotty and Lauren performed it either!), Valerie (an all time Glee cover fave. I LOVE YOU SANTANA), You Can’t Always Get What You Want (definitely my favorite Rolling Stones song)! I felt like I was listening to an itunes playlist tonight (minus a little Damian Rice and Deathcab for Cutie)!

I also thought there were an abundance of very young kids this time, which was borderline infuriating. I mean, yes, young people try out for Idol all the time and do relatively well. It’s more that this season, I thought they were getting better about telling kids that they just needed more time and experience performing, and gave them good advice, along with an “It’s a no this time, but come back in future seasons when you’re a little older”. It’s good advice for the most part, and for the most part I thought Harry held fast on that position. HOWEVER, I really thought they were wrong on MANY people who they both chose, and dismissed. For example, a one, Johnny Newcomb(-er).  How were they going to let this kid through and not that girl Jessica Bassett?



I thought he was ok. But when JLo said yes and threw it to Keith saying, “Go ahead, crush this kids dreams” and Keith responded that if you have a real dream, it’s uncrushable… I thought that would lead to a no. It should’ve led to a no, but instead, this kid gets a trip to Hollywood (And probably a quick trip home after that). Oh well. If this is all I have to complain about, I really can’t complain.

I’ll say that for the abundance of performances we got to see tonight, it wasn’t hard for me AT ALL to pick a Top 5 and favorite (ok fine, I have one honorable mention! Deal with it)


Kenzie Hall – I’m Going to Find Another You

I hate John Mayer and his songs… but if she could sing all John Mayer songs… I’d be totally ok with that! She has a fun attitude while she sings, I dug her huge guitar that kind of looked like it was about to swallow her up. Even her look was like, almost a female John Mayer (but with better hair).

Paisley Van Patten – When the Lights Go Down

Do people just know all my favorite songs? I didn’t love that she’s already had a record deal, and seemed to let it fall apart, but addiction will do that, so I can’t hate her for that. At least she’s learned and grown, I guess. (Carly Smithson vibe anyone?) I also didn’t love that “her fiancé left her” storyline. But, all that aside, it’s not hard to tell AT ALL how she had a record deal before! Her voice was stunning. Her Cher impression was just the icing on the cake (especially willing to mock herself about possibly being on the blooper real). She was just fantastic… I just don’t know if I’m going to like her as a person. That’s not important at this point though.

CJ Harris – Soul Shine

I could tell by his smile that I just KNEW I was going to like him. I agreed with the criticism I got, but you could just tell, he’s just so damn likeable. My friend Jess that was watching with me thought he reminded her of the lead singer of Blessed Union of Souls and we agreed, he should’ve done an encore and performed “I Believe” I still liked his song choice though. And I just liked him. I really liked him. He gives me a kind of friendly, Darius Rucker vibe.

Tequila Wilson – Someone Like You”


Harry Does Too!

Tequila brings back that “Take me to church” line that so many judges have said in seasons past. She’s very powerful and hopefully she doesn’t go on those forever long runs like that guy from two seasons ago whose name I completely blocked from my memory because I hated him so much. All I remember is that maybe his name started with a J? I’ll give Tiquila the benefit of the doubt though.

Kassandra Castaneda – Chasing Pavement

I thought Kassandra had a beautiful voice. I didn’t really notice all the runs that Harry was talking about but I think that for me, I don’t notice them as much when I really like the singer, and I really liked this girl. I called her my favorite of the night, but technically, I started the episode when CJ Harris was on and re-watched the beginning afterwards so she was only my favorite until I started re-watching. She’s still great though and I’m happy she’s through! I was mad Harry said no, but I was happy Harry said he’d call Jay.  I mean, he’s right. He could be hot. Hahaha.

And now for my favorite…



Samantha Calmes – From Birth (Original Song)

In all honesty, I know I should’ve picked Paisley as my favorite because she’s genuinely the best singer I saw… but I can’t. I just loved Samantha. Both her original song, and when she sang the Jeffersons theme song (I’ve mentioned before my love of original song choices, unlike any love I may have for the fanny pack… although she carries her well). My problem with her actual original song was that it was a little “talky” so I was glad she also sang the Jeffersons song. And she gives me that smoky Crystal Bowersox vibe which I LOVE. She’s still one of my all time favorite performers from Idol.  I hope she makes it through, fanny pack and all! Is there like, a Celebs with Fanny Packs tumblr? Because I think there needs to be. Wow… google and you shall receive!

Honorable Mention goes to a one Dexter Roberts (I Like to Drive) I liked that he picked a song by an Idol alum (Casey James). You know I’d like a guy that trains dogs, right? I like him. I need to see more of him before I fully decide, but I like him.

I should also mention, not honorably because I don’t think she really deserved the ticket, Carmen Delgina (Tainted Love) I don’t think she was bad, but I think she got through because JLo wanted to meet her dad… which I think is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how cool your dad is. Visually, she reminded me of another idol with a famous father, a one, Jordan Sparks! Although, when I google imaged Jordan, I think that much less than I did when I just thought that looking at Carmen. So, I digress.

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