American Idol – Home of the Seacrest

Was it just me or was the best part of American Idol tonight, a one Momma Seacrest?


I can’t help how much I love that Ryan is a mommas boy. I also liked how the opening was all the contestants being woken up by their mothers.

Idol finally gave me the gift I’ve been asking for since what feels like 2 seasons ago. A 1 hour episode! It was so refreshing to watch a great hour of television and still go to bed at a normal hour! Not to mention, they packed A LOT in that hour!


Was it just me or was that one of the most jam packed hours of awesome singing? There were so many contestants that I LOVED. Ok, well there were at least 3 that I loved, but that’s a lot in one hour! So lets talk about them. Oh and here’s a warning, I’m going to need to talk about my top 5 and favorite, and then also some others. It’s just necessary tonight. And I have a whole extra hour anyway so why not, right? Ok…. so my favorites.


Majesty Rose – Violet Hill

As far as “contestants with flowers in their hair” go, this chick was my favorite. She had some kind of peacefulness about her that I just loved. I don’t tend to love Coldplay but I really liked her singing Coldplay. She’s a girl that makes you just want to close your eyes and listen. I think Harry put it well when he said she had a quiet elegance. Or how Keith talked about how the quieter she got the more he leaned in, I loved that. And I totally agree.

Chris Medina – Chasing Pavement

Well, obviously this guy is going to be great.

Well, obviously this guy is going to be great.

Can more contestants bring dogs to auditions? I think it’s easy to tell a singer based on what dogs they love 🙂 Can Bubby come to Hollywood too? Please? I loved this entire audition. I liked Harry asking if he knew the song “I have a small plastic bag and a towelette” and when he said he had a wet spot in his pants but not from the dog. Oh Harry, you may have dad humor, but I appreciate dad humor. Oh also, there was a Chris Medina that was on Idol already, right? I’m not making that up? Ok good, I’m not.

Jessica Meuse – Blue Eyed Lie (original)

This chick was a tough decision for me because I really like her, but I just don’t think she’s Idol material. She’s an original. She’s too cool for school.

images (1)

Do I think she deserved to be famous? Yes. Do I think she should’ve tried out for Idol? Not particularly. She almost seemed too cool for Idol. **sidenote: Did anyone else think, when she described how the town got it’s name, that they were going to say they won some kind of WWE town naming competition or something. I mean, it’s Alabama after all.

Jordan Brisbane – When I Were Your Man

You’re 15? Really kid? I mean Jordan. JORDAN. He’s so adorable, his voice is amazing, he cooks. What’s not to like about him? You DO have what it takes to shut American Idol down.I love him so much. You may not win but you are freaking AMAZING. I agree with Harry that he’ll only get better, but I still think he’s great now. Unfortunately for him I do not think he’ll make it passed Hollywood, but if he’s smart enough to come back in a few years, he’ll do big things. 

Bria Anai – One and Only

I like her. She’s young and she feels young, but her voice is great. I like her look, glitterly lips and all. I do worry when un-famous people already have momagers (or dagents, thanks Harry). It makes me worry for them in a Lindsay/Justin kind of way. Hopefully she has a good head on her shoulders. And same as with Jordan, you’re 15. Come on, see what you’ve got, and then maybe come back in a few years when you’re really ready.

Now, super favorite of the night goes tooooooooo…


Lauren Ogburn – Fancy

Ok so really, I have to say that when I saw her look I was like…


I was waiting for her to say she was a Duck Dynasty fan with that American Flag bandana. She didn’t, which made me a little happier, but Harry is totally right. DITCH THE ACCESSORIES. But seriously, how I really felt about her?


I love Reba and that was a perfect song choice for Lauren. She’s exactly what I want a winner from Atlanta to be, both vocally and attitude wise. I love the harsher sounding female country singers and thusly, I really hope she goes far in this competition because I REALLY just want to like her. I like her a lot. She was like a mix of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood in the best possible way to me.

Now, some honorable mentions/people I just need to say something about:

Jesse Cline – Honorable Mention. You’re quirky in a Blues Traveler/Casey Abrams way and I have secret hopes that you know how to play the harmonica. Also, remember when I said the guitar was getting old, he made me forget that I was getting over the guitar.

Sam Burchfield – Honorable Mention. Ok so you all know I LOVE an original song choice. And quirky tall guys. And guitar players. So obviously this guy fills a lot of requirements. I see what Harry is saying about the character thing of his performance. I still like him though. Maybe he won’t make it past Hollywood week, but I’m glad I got to see him! He’s definitely worthy of the second chance, if for nothing else to prove he doesn’t have to play a character to be a good singer.

Ben Briley – Brother Gumbo is one of the greatest nicknames ever and I know you don’t like it but if you stay on the show, I need that to stick.

Nica Nishae – I thought she was actually really bad, personally. and reminded me of a cross between Porsha from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (the girl who didn’t know what the underground railroad was even though her grandfather was a Civil Rights pioneer) and this chick I used to see on the Soup all the time from Flava of Love… this girl…


She’s terrifying, basically.

So with that, we move on to the 5th round of Auditions and so far the only thing I can say is…


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