American Idol – Doin’ it For Detroit

Here Ye! Here Ye! Let it be known that Detroit was the first time this season where I thought, “This may just be the next American Idol”. Sorry Boston, Austin and San Francisco. While you all had some good talent, Detroit really brought it this season. I did a very rudimentary search of Idol Contestants from Detroit and couldn’t find anything noteworthy so I’m going to ask the question – could this be the first time someone from Detroit cracks the Top 10? I sure hope so!  

I will say, that I this is as much of Motown as I’d like to see this season. Good grief that is one of the WORST theme nights for me! It’s one thing to have people sing some Motown on a night dedicated to some other theme/singer… That’s fine. But to have a whole night is just beyond anything I’d want this season (and yet it seems to be the MOST common theme throughout seasons. Go figure).

I also have to add that I thought this was the funniest of the nights so far. Harry and Keith must have had a lot of down time these two days. All the out takes were hilarious. Most notably, Harry ripping on Jennifer for not knowing who Deltalina is (I don’t know who she is either but that’s just because I’m loyal to my Southwest rewards card).

“It’s for people who fly commercial: You wouldn’t know, Jennifer. When
I’m not on the Greyhound, I occasionally fly coach on Delta!”

 Nice job pretending you’re poor though Harry. You’re probably still making millions off the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack!

The other best part of the Harry/Keith night of comedy was Harry “auditioning”. And Keith signing his leg. It bothers me the blurred it out. I mean, is his signature that private or did he just write something hilariously offensive on Harry’s leg? I like to believe the latter!

My only issue with the night, and really this is somewhat minor in the grand scheme of things, was how many times this episode, where it looked like Harry wasn’t really feeling the contestant, and yet, through they went to Hollywood with his OK. I don’t understand that. What happened to Harsh Harry? To my count, it happened no less than 5 times. The beauty queen (Khristian D’avis) with the mystery accent and possible mental stability issues (was  I the only one that saw that as a possibility?) Oh, also, she reminds me how I’m totally with Keith on the not listening piece, when you’re being given criticism. There was also that three pack of contestants including one named Symphony (really?) that all made it through even with Harry calling out the weird thing Symphony did with her voice. I thought it was totally going to be a montage of no’s! Oh and finally, Eric Gordon whose performance I already forget but his creepiness is still very fresh in my mind. He just gave me this weird “I may kill you, I may not” vibe.


There were definitely people that I thought wouldn’t make it through but am ok with it because I do think I’d like to hear more of them than what I heard tonight (Jade, who sang the Amy Winehouse song, and Ronny Osmond aka Ethan Harris who sounded 12 but claims to be 20). Either way, of all these “should’ve been no’s but weren’t” I think they’ll all be lucky to make it through Hollywood week, but good luck to you either way. I’m ok with it if I see you again.

Now as for my tops this week, again, it was hard to narrow it down to a 5 (plus a super favorite) but I have done it (with honorable mentions to Maurice with the cute bebes, and Ayla Stackhouse). And actually, I truly couldn’t decide my super favorite this week because there were two talents that were SO different but so amazing for different reasons. Thusly, I have 4 likes, and 2 faves.


Paris Primeau – The House of the Rising Sun

I really liked Paris and was a little miffed she got bunched with another girl (who was also good). Maybe she doesn’t have the story to really fill out a segment like some of the other contestants did, and maybe she wasn’t really fantastic but just sang a song I really like, really well? Either way, she made it in to my top 4.

Hailey Reinhart Melanie Porras – Fever

Hey Hailey Reinhart. I mean Melanie. I mean wow was there a resemblance or WHAT? Not just in looks but voice too. As soon as she started singing I just thought – JLo you better let her through just for how shitty she was to Hailey! And then I got scared when she made her sing another song and seemed like maybe she’d be shitty to Melanie too. But then all of the sudden, curveball! JLo likes her? And thinks she could be recording records? Well color me surprised!  (One person also said she had those “early Mariah curls” which I could also kind of see)

Hailenie Perrhart

Hailenie Perrhart

Jared White – Waiting on the World to Change

I don’t know if I missed part of this guys performance while typing or something but I didn’t recognize him until he was already holding a golden ticket and Keith was playing the guitar while he sang, but I really liked him a lot. I didn’t have a clue what his name was, I just wrote down “Guy singing while Keith plays guitar is awesome”. I stick with that opinion.

Black Miley (Marrielle) – Grenade

They showed this girl in the first episode right? I’m pretty certain it was (yes, twitter has confirmed). I really liked Marrielle. She’s got a good look, a great voice and seems fun. I mean, calling her Black Miley is in no way a diss on my part. I think Miley actually has a great voice (I’ll wait for the haters to quiet down now). I only kind of wish she’d sang a Miley song to be honest.

And now, for my most favorite of the night, and who I desperately hope I get to see a LOT more of!


Sydney Alterbridge – Loving You



She not only HIT every note, she killed it. I mean truly. You killed it girl. There’s nothing else to say except Harry, you’re probably in the doghouse after announcing how bad your wife is at singing this song. Haha. Sydney definitely has the best voice of anyone I’ve heard this season. She’s a stunner and most definitely one to look out for!


Malaya Watson – Ain’t No Way

I knew I was going to like this girl immediately. Goofy band nerds always grab at my heartstrings.


That being said, beyond her story, she personally held my attention quite well with her voice. It should also be noted that I kept seeing on twitter that this chick is all over vine.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.15.59 PM

I am NOT all over vine (unless Buzzfeed is trying to show me something awesome) so I had to go check her out… she’s worth it. So check her out folks! Guess it’s good that she already has a bit of a following. That’ll probably help her if she does happen to make it into the Top 13 or whatever they narrow it down to this season.

And that’s it! Hopefully tonight will be equally exciting!

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